The Girl From ‘Blurred Lines’ Video Photographed For CR Fashion Book Fall 2013

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Remember Thicke’s Blurred Lines? Among the many reasons that brought the controversy upon Pharrell and Thicke’s song and video, Emily Ratajkowski was one of the main motifs to like or dislike it (at least the video).

But much like another modern fashion days icon, Kate Upton, Emily is also the new magazines darling following her dancing in that video. Somewhere along the ‘blurred lines’, pole dancing has reached the stage of art and it’s now casting a ‘celebrity’ spotlight on girls who normally wouldn’t have made it further than Swimsuit Illustrated. The aesthetic value of these young ladies doesn’t go deeper than their bra size, their pout volume or their bouncing dancing moves.

Talking about Carine Roitfeld’s movie earlier reminded me that I had seen a snippet of her CR Fashion Book Fall 2013, a Bruce Weber pictorial with Karlie Kloss and our girl Emily Ratajkowski.

the girl from Thicke Blurred Lines fashion pictorial

Much like Kate Upton, Emily is trying her hand in fashion after being lifted by fashion magazines at a higher rank than ‘the girl’ from the promiscuous dancey video went viral on YouTube. And if Carine Roitfeld’s influence means anything for her career, Emily, although measuring a modest 5’7”, could make it in fashion. After all, size isn’t always that important, right? So what if she’s not tall? She’s compensating with her curves and her vicious pout.

Emily Ratajkowski photographed by Bruce Weber CR Fashion Book

Don’t be surprised to find her doing all sorts of pictorials next as Carine will most likely shove her on many publications thirsty throats: money is king and Emily has extreme appeal with a certain segment of the audience. Plus Carine was running short of busty young ladies to cast in her typically scandalous and provocative photo-scenarios. What disappoints me, from a certain perspective, is the need for this type of girls. The need for this aesthetically particular girls in high fashion.

Emily Ratajkowski Karlie Kloss by Bruce Weber CR Fashion Book

A couple of years ago, we had Victoria’s Secret Angels provocative appeal that kept them out of haute catwalks and pretentious fashion magazines. Now that Kate Upton has crossed the Vogue threshold, is seems the door is wide open for all. And thus protruded Emily. What should we do with her?

Emily Ratajkowski Karlie Kloss Carine CR Fashion Book Pictorial

Karlie Kloss kissing Emily Ratajkowski CR Fashion Book

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#1 Appollonia on 10.10.13 at 9:55 am

Really, this is hot? Karlie kissing ‘the new girl’? Yawn….and the guys are obvisiously gay.

Sorry, hardly watched the video. Liked the melody at first but the lyrics? Thank you. And I’m not prudish.
Why do people point their finger at Miley Cyrus and worse, they can not stop, while this is kind of shoots are so common? Because to me these pics look so common….

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