5 Stars Go From Dark Hair To Blond Hair This Fall

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So have you heard the last one about Johnny Depp? Johnny Depp has blond hair now! I may have been under the weather recently due to a nasty stomach flu (last night it was the first night sans throwing up or whatnot in the last 5 days!) but coming back to my internet senses also meant a lot of surprises. Johnny Depp made a very unexpected change of look by dying his hair blond and introduced his new look to the world while presenting Christopher Lee with the British Film Institute fellowship award last night.

It may be a case of bonding or blending into couple’s character like we’ve seen others do before him (Brad Pitt anyone?) or simply just another role demanding few adjustments. We’ll find out soon enough, I guess. But let’s take a step back and see who else is getting blond hair this fall:

Johnny Depp blond hair vs dark hair

(just a minor detail: Johnny Depp’s lady love, Amber Heard, is getting darker and darker locks since they worked together in 2011 at The Rum Diary whereas Depp himself has had blond highlights no further than 2010.)

Johnny Depp hair color change

Johnny Depp with new girlfriend Amber Heard

{2} Kim Kardashian: When Depp made the rounds of the interwebs with his new hair, so did Kim Kardashian, another famous brunette gone blonde made the news with her engagement to Kanye (she had already premiered her lighter locks during Paris Fashion Week).

Kim Kardashian blonde hair vs dark hair

{3} Sofia Vergara: yet another blonde gone brunette while trying to get her way into stardomness and back to blonde now (at the peak of her fame). She was also making headlines waves this week because she keeps on firing her stylists.

Sofia Vergara blonde hair vs dark hair

{4} Selma Blair recently showed off her new light do, going from dark hair to blond hair – that too, may be for a new movie role.

Selma Blair blonde hair vs dark hair

{5} Beyonce treated us with a little picture of her bee-hind at the beach, holding her precious little one and wearing significantly longer and lighter locks than what she had us used to lately. So it’s safe to say that Beyonce is definitely going (long) blonde too. Last we reported on her hair, it was in August, when she treated us all with instapics of her natural hair.

Beyonce blonde hair vs dark hair

Normally, upon the arrival of the colder season, all the ladies turn their heads toward auburn, dark shades of hair dye. What we seem to be on right now, is a trend involving lighter locks. I know Johnny Depp isn’t exactly your ordinary trendsetter but think Sofia Vergara and Kim Kardashian – they surely have some info we haven’t heard of. Especially Kimmy who seems to be designer’s new darling… So first is first: whose your favorite new Blond Lady (that’s right, I’m leaving Johnny out of this)?
And do you think we should consider this as the debut of the fall new hair trend? (images courtesy the stars respective instagram accounts, imdbdotcom)

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#1 Appollonia on 10.22.13 at 10:05 am

Ah, nice new layout. :)

Sorry, I say what I like to say. That’s me. I stick to Johnny. I don’t care about these women at all. Well, okay, an exception for Sofia then. She’s far more pretty with dark hair. Femine and s*xier too. Shame!
Johnny looks horrible imo. Grey, washed out. Hopes he get over his mid-life-cisis real soon. He is not that cool as I always thought he was. He’s just like so many other men when they reach that particular age. Real cool guys don’t care they just move on.

In case Johnny’s blond look is a part for a character in a new movie then it’s different and I apologise…….

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