20 Inspiring Ideas For Casual Fall Outfits

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If you’re scouting the wide alleys of the fashion interwebs for outfits inspiration every day, every season, every year, this is a stop you have to make to get your looks straight.

You can’t get any more into fall than this. It’s the very peak of fall, from here on, the only destination I look forward to is Christmas. However, until that ho-ho-holiday’s time dangles its shine and bells all around me, I’d like to take a moment and focus on fall. On fall outfits. Because, honestly, I need some inspiration there! So join me on the comforting road to casual gorgeousness among fallen leaves and cinnamon smell.

As you’ve seen me year after year, I tend to favor denim and all those wonderful comfy looks that makes a quality casual, relaxed but also fashionable getup. And each season, fall included, I get high doses of inspiration from jeans-based outfits, funky seasonal accessories and unexpectedly cool mix&match throws.

{1} The retro denim look: essentially flared and floor-length jeans make your legs look fairly endless, keep your lovely toes away from the cold but will also wipe the wet streets while doing so. Careful about the weather, choose this outfit wisely on windy or sunny, dry days and store it away when it rains (or snows). I personally favor a pair of wide legged flared jeans at this point.

Inspiring fall outfits Retro Denim Look

{2} The camel coat look: nothing spills fall better than a camel coat. In the long or in the short, the camel coat is the equivalent for the little black dress in one’s closet: yes, everybody has it and so do you. Because it makes you skin look lovely, because it’s comfy and subtle and it’s a real challenge to make it look different from all the others. I honestly have a weakness for my camel trench coat I will wear till I tear!

Inspiring fall outfits Camel Coat look

{3} The tartan/plaid look: there are so many connotation to the simple gesture of wearing tartan printed outfits, you wouldn’t believe it! For instance: did you know that, characteristic to the Scottish warrior clans, the tartan print had specific colors varying from one clan to the other? Or: did you know that wearing tartan in the 70s was considered a rebellious act? I wouldn’t go as far as suggest you a particular way to wear your plaid print, but I know you will include tartan in your fall outfit palette, just as I do. Don’t overdress yourself in tartan. Be gentle and subtle, it works better – and safer – when it comes to this particular motif! I for one vote for a scarf or a layered look with tartan underneath…

Inspiring fall outfits Tartan Plaid look

{4} The vest: wearing a vest during the cold months is something I treasure so dearly, I wouldn’t see my fall going by without imagining at least one vested outfit combo. Is it the same for you? I’m partial to this item because of its hybrid value and undeniable wearing comfort. The thermal factor it brings into the weather equation is sometimes more important than the fashion overall result. Utilitarian or fancy, the vest is a must in all layered fall looks!

Inspiring fall outfits The Vest look

{5} The elbow patch nerdy look: if I started talking about the vest, next is the elbow patch! How absolutely charming, against-the-trends and above-times is that elbow patch? You don’t even need to have something to patch, the patch is a statement nowadays. A statement of working hours, of nerdy desks, care and attention. For your look, for the environment. Elbow patched knitwear make for some charming outfit choices during the cold months!

Inspiring fall outfits Elbow Patch Nerdy look

Now these are just a few of my fall outfit references with a lot of image support to help you find a thread of inspiration. I’d love to know what your fall staples are, so please don’t be shy, let’s dissect our outfits! (all the images included in this story were handpicked during long hours of pinteresting browsing. Should you recognize any of them or should you know the author, please help me out with names/links, I’d be more than happy to include the proper credits! Thank you!)

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