Casual Star Style: Gwen Stefani Dr Martens Boots, Converse Sneakers

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Beyond the obvious self branding that a celebrity practices incessantly, we’re always curious to see what our famous ones are wearing. Because, you know, they’re coveted by so many brands, they have endless possibilities and affordability so what they wear must be good, right?

I’m not one to dress like the famous ones because I do like my own personal style to remain my own, but I do keep some references in mind when I’m considering this or that look, this or that brand. I know you must have read the title already (duh!) but try and pretend you haven’t: when you say ‘Gwen Stefani’s shoes’ what comes to mind?
(for me it’s edgy, unusual with a rock’n’roll twist, definitely wedges and very high platform heels)

Gwen Stefani casual shoes Dr Martens Converse

But in countless occasions, Gwen Stefani has been photographed wearing either flat sandals or low top All Star Converse sneakers and Dr Martens boots. Surprised? I know I was! I mean.. Gwen Stefani wearing Converse? Come on? Where’s her Kawaii spirit in all that Chuck Taylo traditional lacewear?

And Dr Martens? We know she’s married to a British rock star (Gavin Rossdale – in case you were hiding under a rock, in complete and utter denial about her happy marriage life), but is that really pretext enough for Gwen Stefani to wear the quintessential British boot, Dr Martens? It seems so, at least from her perspective as she’s been photographed on more than one occasion with doc martens boots: the Diza twin buckle heeled boot that goes around for $160 and the Spike 8 eyelet boot with black studded upper priced at $350.

Dr Martens boots worn by Gwen Stefani

As for her Chuck Taylor All Star Converse? It’s just your regular $50 pair of low canvas starred sneakers.

Gwen Stefani sneakers Converse Chuck Taylor All Star

While her all outfits seem to go on the comfy but edgy side and (at least some of) her brands du choix are more than affordable, I’d say Gwen Stefani is just like us and her style is very approachable and wearable. I wrote this story because one of my dear readers approached me the other day and asked me about Gwen’s engineer boots. I was pretty surprised to observe and conclude about Gwen Stefani’s wardrobe habits so I decided to turn what would’ve been a simple answer into an entire story. Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as I did! (all the pictures included here came from zimbiodotcom and the brands’ respective websites)

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#1 Appollonia on 08.27.13 at 8:47 am

I LOVE Gwen’s style.

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