Uma Thurman’s Red Carpet Snow Boots Vs. Mariah Carey’s Aspen High Heels Boots

Not since the fabulous days of Brooke Shields carelessly walking the Red Carpet with a pair of pink Crocs shoes have I witnessed such a mismatch from a famous gorgeous lady attending an official event!

Brooke would most definitely approve such a look, I’m certain, but by fashion standards, Uma Thurman was deeply wrong in pairing her spring daisies printed red dress with a Sorel snow boots! In almost any occasion, but especially for an event such as the Tibet House US Benefit Auction hosted by NY’s Christie’s Auction House.

Uma Thurman Red Carpet snow boots Sorel

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10 Christmas Gifts For Hipsters!

If you’ve checked out almost everyone on your list and already got them the gifts you thought they’ll love, there’s still someone left who’s … special! Isn’t there? Someone who either has it all, seen it all or done it all, someone who’s so quirky in every aspect that one might go ahead and call him/her a hipster! If hipster wouldn’t be so last season.

But for Christmas, anything goes! So here’s a quick guide with Christmas gifts for the hipsters, the quirky ones, the eco-conscious ones, the social-involved ones, all those who need extra special attention when choosing a gift! However, any of them would love:

10 Christmas Gifts for Hipsters

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40 Models Winter Street Style Outfits For Inspiration!

If you’re taking advantage of the last days of Christmas shopping, better take good care of your outfit – make it stylish but warm! Here’s a handful of ideas from our lovely models!

For years now, street style fashion has become a second catwalk everyone’s watching eager to get inspiration from the off-duty looks of models. An entire army of fashion paparazzi – also known as street fashion photographers – awaits outside the fashion show venues just to catch the models and capture their looks on camera.

street fashion photographers crowd

On the other hand, the entire fashion population is just as eager to go through models off-duty looks to get that backstage fashion professional laid back air… So let’s see what ideas we, mere fashmortals, can steal from models’ outfits, more specifically, how do models keep warm during the cold season with over 45 off-duty looks from 2009 to present days!

models street style winter outfit inspiration

models like Alana Zimmer, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Nadja Bender, Aymeline Valade and Sigrid Agren off-duty looks will inspire your winter style!

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12 Famous Men In Various Ad Campaigns

The end of the year calls for reviews and all sorts of collections. The ’12 days of Christmas’ type. This is one of those rare occasions when fine, famous men can be found in the same place!

The commercial reach and the charismatic appeal these famous men hold in their power, unreservedly unleashed on the worldwide audience.

Fashion brands and beauty giants, famous beverages or watch labels, more or less expected collaborations you’d see your favorite male stars in:

12 famous charismatic men unexpected ad campaigns

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3 Most Important Fashion And Entertainment News This Week

Did you have time to catch up with the latest happening in entertainment in fashion this week? My schedule was so packed, I had to sift through everything and I thought maybe others like me would enjoy my top 3 news-of-the-week roundup!

{1} Beyonce Launched a New Album!

Most important, most unexpected, most dazzling drop of the year! Every other artist (think Lady Gaga or Katy Perry) made such a glorious fuss of their new albums and associated artwork (videos, album covers) while Queen Bee just released her ‘Beyonce’ album on iTunes. (dang!)

Beyonce new album surprise release

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Dare To Wear Modern Contemporary Jewelry Tap By Todd Pownell?

In the ever-growing industrialization and uniformization of our society, some people can still bring a breath of fresh air. A pinch of originality in a sea of dull similarities. Tap Jewelry by Todd Pownell is one of those oasis of new, interesting and special!

Handmade jewelry for both men and women designed and crafted by Todd, his wife Debra and their talented and dedicated team: this is what I want you to look at today! And after you’ve gone through the pieces I proposed in this story, I’d like you to give me your take, express your feelings about Tap by Todd Pownell!

amazing modern ring Tap by Todd Pownell

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10 Christmas Gifts For Fashionistas

Time is closing in and you’ll need to organize your Christmas gifts list as well as you can so here’s why I thought I’d give you a helping hand to optimize. Save precious time and ease your mind by choosing what you like from the list!

What you’ll find below: gifts ideas and tips for the girl who’s so passionate about fashion, it would really be a headache just thinking about getting her the right present, let alone make an entire list of fashionista-approved gifts! Inspired and on a budget, the gifts list below can bring a smile on anyone’s face, make the giving season a truly bright and loving one!

Let’s roll the list now:

{1} Framed Brand Shopping Bags

while this may sound completely and utterly crazy, a true Fashionista knows and appreciates the worth of a Fashion Brand at an art level, thus making a simple shopping bag a sign of reference on her Fashion trophy wall!

christmas gift ideas for fashionistas

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10 Affordable Sequined Party Dresses For Special Occasions

Need valuable party dress counseling for the season? Here you’ll find a bunch of ideas with respect for classic taste and reasonable budget just in time to help you decide upon a lovely party dress! Today we’ll review the sequined options!

Because – you know what they say – diamonds are a girl’s best friend! And if you can’t have diamonds, always take glitter instead! Glittery sequined dresses for your consideration today, 10 gorgeous gowns, all under $100! Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Let’s roll them options!

10 affordable sequined party dresses

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