Brooke Shields Pink Crocs Disaster

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I guess I was right then… Sneakers will soon be the perfect match for the evening gown.

I only speculated this early on, but Brooke Shields is definitely taking things to the next level with her arrival at a restaurant wearing a pink evening dress with matching disastrous pink crocs. From now on, I’ll try to hold my tongue when it comes to predicting bad fashion moves! Just take a look and say is this the beginning of a nightmare?

Brooke Shields Pink Crocs
(photos via dailymail)


#1 Caro Townsend on 06.01.08 at 6:07 pm

I’d love it if it was the beginning of (especially women) “celebrities” saying “F**k off, I’m going to wear what I’m comfortable in instead of looking like either a torture victim or a porn shoot.”

#2 Adriana on 06.02.08 at 4:47 am

@ Caro Towsend, hmm, now I’m thinking that’s an interesting view qand I would love to see more and celebs being their selves and don’t care. But at the same time I agree with the editor ‘grrrrrrr…….’
Maybe Brook’s feet or back did hurt or whatever she could have chosen the more ‘elegant crocs’…..

#3 kpriss on 06.02.08 at 2:11 pm

Oh, don’t tell me crocs are the only comfortable footwear around!? It would be a great trend, indeed, getting over all that glitzy-ness and “get real” and honest with your bone structure (and with the rest of the world)… but if so, than some kind of medical-shoes were more suited. (that aside, I’m not too crazy about the dress either!)

#4 Adriana on 06.02.08 at 3:07 pm

kpriss, noooo, I didn’t mean crocs are the only comfortable footwear around! I was just a bit ironic.
I do still treasure my comfortable shoes from Portugal which I have for ages and they are out of fashion these days but they are still more elegant and even cute. Cute depends on the colour. My body is always so pleased when I wear them.

Brook’s whole look is strange as if she grabbed some things out off her closet and forgot to take a look in the mirror.

#5 rubiene on 08.11.08 at 11:20 pm

THIS PICTURE MUST HAVE TAKEN DURING HER PROGRESS TREATMENT OF FOOT SURGERY SHE HAD TWO MONTHS AGO BECAUSE OF WEARING HIGH HEELS AND DANCING ON STAGE BROADWAY. guys. i have worn high heels and loving it but after three or four hours on it. i could not wait to take them off. IT’S PAINFUL AND VERY HARD TO WALK. so try not to judge women for not pleasing any human eyes to look good all the time. it’s not simple to walk in heels or beuitufl shoes sometimes. Try them.LOL

#6 Kristi Gilleland on 12.03.08 at 9:05 pm

I think there’s a level of meanness to this criticism of her, considering she just had foot surgery.

My podiatrist told me after my own surgery not to wear ANYTHING but Crocs.

I had read in Star that she had also had foot surgery.


#7 Julie on 11.02.10 at 10:23 am

If she had a foot surgery, i understand her completely with wearing crocs. Her dress i awfull, no excuses…

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