10 Christmas Gifts For Fashionistas

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Time is closing in and you’ll need to organize your Christmas gifts list as well as you can so here’s why I thought I’d give you a helping hand to optimize. Save precious time and ease your mind by choosing what you like from the list!

What you’ll find below: gifts ideas and tips for the girl who’s so passionate about fashion, it would really be a headache just thinking about getting her the right present, let alone make an entire list of fashionista-approved gifts! Inspired and on a budget, the gifts list below can bring a smile on anyone’s face, make the giving season a truly bright and loving one!

Let’s roll the list now:

{1} Framed Brand Shopping Bags

while this may sound completely and utterly crazy, a true Fashionista knows and appreciates the worth of a Fashion Brand at an art level, thus making a simple shopping bag a sign of reference on her Fashion trophy wall!

christmas gift ideas for fashionistas

Where to get it: if you know how to carefully disguise your true purpose, ask the Fashionista in question for her brand shopping bags she surely has saved and stacked in her wardrobe! Then go ahead and have them framed nicely and wrap them for the big day! If she doesn’t have the shopping bags anymore or you just can’t think of a reasonable white like to get her to give them to you, visit the brands stores and find a sensitive soul to help you out!

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How much: you can get them for free from the Fashionista in cause, from ebay or… from a merciful soul working in a designer store. Basically, it’s only the frames that’ll cost you and you can get really cheap, good looking ones from ikea.

Christmas gifts for fashionistas framed shopping bags

nothing more suitable for a Fashionista than a full framed Trophy Wall: shopping taxidermy!

{2} Designer Candles

can make a really stylish and effortless gift to tuck under Fashionista’s tree. They even come fragrance-scented so if you know your Fashionista’s favorite perfume, you may get her the exact scented candle as well!

Where to get it: nordstrom.

How much: depending on the brand/scent, these could go even over $100/candle. So be careful what your Fashionista loves…

christmas gifts for fashionistas scented candle Bvlgari

Bvlgari Eau Parfumee au The Blanc scented candle

christmas gifts for fashionistas scented candle Oscar de la Renta

Oscar de la Renta Something Blue scented candle

{3} Designer Makeup

unless you’re going in blind, chances are you’ll be helping your Fashionista replenish her beauty case with the beauty necessaire: mascara, khol crayons, foundation, lipstick, eye shadow or beauty crèmes, there’s really a lot to choose from and put under the Christmas tree.

Where to get it: ysl, chanel.

How much: depending on the brand and the product, you can find a lot of goodies under $50!

christmas gifts for fashionistas designer makeup YSL beaute

makeup YSL Beauty – from left to right – Baby Doll mascara, Golden Gloss Trio Holiday lip gloss, the legendary Touche Eclat

christmas gifts for fashionistas designer makeup Chanel eyes makeup

makeup Le Volume de Chanel mascara and eye shadow palette Les 4 Ombres Smoky Eyes

christmas gifts for fashionistas designer makeup Chanel makeup

makeup Chanel Les 4 Ombres Seduction and red lipstick Rouge Allure Velvet 317

{4} Designer Nail Polish

no, this doesn’t fall under the ‘makeup’ category! Nail polish deserves a category on its own!

Where to get it: ulta, brands online stores (mentioned above).

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How much: depending on how many pretty bottles you’re willing to buy, this will cost anywhere between $50-and-you-name-it!

christmas gifts for fashionistas designer luxury nail polish

designer Nail Polish from Chanel Rouge Rubis and YSL Beaute La Laque Couture Fuchsia Cubiste

christmas gifts for fashionistas nail polish

or better, yet: an entire Christmas Tree made of nail polish bottles!

{5} Designer Small Leather Goods

this particular gift is universally appealing and many fashion brands depend on their small accessories to make the entire brand’s financial report a blooming one! A phone cover, an iPad sleeve, a makeup case, a wallet, belt or a pair of leather gloves are highly brand-effective in the eyes of a Fashionista!

Where to get it: hermes, mulberry.

How much: depending on the item and the brand, a small leather good purchase can have a three or four-figures price tag. It’s really up to your budget and generosity.

christmas gifts for fashionistas designer small leather goods

small leather goods from Mulberry: an iPad sleeve and a cuff; card holder from Hermes

{6} Designer Key Rings

much like the small leather goods, the key rings can have a symbolic fashion worth and also an interesting addition to a fashionista’s bag (which is most likely a designer bag as well).

Where to get it: hermes, mulberry.

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How much: depending on the item and the label, a key ring is definitely a three-figures purchase.

christmas gifts for fashionistas designer key rings hermes mulberry

lovely leather key rings from Hermes (left) and Mulberry (right)

{7} Designer Socks

a fun gift for a fun loving Fashionista! Funky socks with a designer label can be just as enchanting as they are season-appropriate! Especially since wearing visible socks with shoes/boots makes a very personal style statement!

Where to get it: nordstrom.

How much: depending on the brand, these go anywhere from $50-200.

christmas gifts for fashionistas designer socks baroque kate spade

funny and fancy socks from Baroque (left) and Kate Spade (right)

{8} Designer Perfumes

need I say more? Perhaps just that you’ll need references from the Fashionista herself in order to make the inspired acquisition!

Where to get it: ulta.

How much: depending on the size, the brand and the edition (eau de toilette/EDT or eau de parfum).

Christmas gifts for fashionistas designer luxury perfumes

{9} Designer Scarves

if you’re feeling generous, you can get a designer scarf. One that’s easily recognizable, to make the most effect.

Where to get it: burberry

See also: Hermes scarves turned into pillowcases!

How much: depending on the brand, these would definitely be a three-figure gift!

christmas gifts for fashionistas designer scarf burberry

$575 Burberry scarf

{10} Designer Books

also known as fashion coffee table books – these are as exquisite as they are priceless and timeless. Books about Dior, Louboutin, Chanel, McQueen, Lagerfeld and so many others, fashion/style guides on almost anything and everything in and out of your closet are available for every taste!

Where to get it: amazon.

How much: depending on the cover finish (although I think a hard cover is de rigueur in this case), a fashion book is usually under $200/each.

Christmas gifts for fashionistas fashion books

This is just a general guide to help you through the style constellations surrounding a fashionista. However, some of the points above are genderless and, should you know any fashion passionate guy, he would most definitely appreciate some of the gifts included in this list (save for the polish and makeup. Maybe.)

All the images included here belong to the respective brands visible in the pictures. I only wrote this guide with the best, honest intentions in mind, hoping to help you choose the right gift for the fashion loving ladies in your life. It’s that special time of the year when giving produces just as much satisfaction as receiving gifts, so don’t hold back on season’s joys!

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