10 Affordable Sequined Party Dresses For Special Occasions

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Need valuable party dress counseling for the season? Here you’ll find a bunch of ideas with respect for classic taste and reasonable budget just in time to help you decide upon a lovely party dress! Today we’ll review the sequined options!

Because – you know what they say – diamonds are a girl’s best friend! And if you can’t have diamonds, always take glitter instead! Glittery sequined dresses for your consideration today, 10 gorgeous gowns, all under $100! Sounds unbelievable, doesn’t it? Let’s roll them options!

10 affordable sequined party dresses

{1} Striped sequined black maxi dress

all that glitz tastefully embedded in a handful of horizontal stripes for just $25! Bring it on, yes!

Who can wear it: ladies who are confident and proud of their curves but also those who weren’t blessed with a curvaceous body but love their dresses on the maxi side.

Where can you wear it: for that night out when you want to look special but not too obvious, for that work party where you have to look nice but not too much, for that great party where you’ll also add meaningful accessories to glam it up even more!

affordable party sequined dress black stripes

the Showstopper maxi dress is available through Forever21.com

{2} Ombre sequined white hippie dress

this is one of the trendiest looks you can get for just $54! The draped waist and the loose fit will help you not only look your best but also feel wonderfully free and comfy!

Who can wear it: any body type with considerable appreciation for boho style.

Where can you wear it: for that night out when you’ll be wearing your faithful leather jacket to balance the hippie look, for that work cocktail when you’ll just want to look lovely and trendy but not draw too much attention, for that big party you’re waiting for where you’ll dance all night without worrying about a too-tight, too-short dress!

affordable party sequined dress white hippie

the Woven sequin dress by Romeo&Juliet Couture is available through metroparkusa.com

{3} Teal lace sequined retro dress

your fashion loyalty will always lie on the Mad Men camp, so you know you need this classic $55 gown!

Who can wear it: anyone who wants to feel gorgeous, feminine and slightly retro!

Where can you wear it: for that classy evening out with a timeless coat and a lovely pair of kitten heels, for that work party where you’ll blend it with effortless elegance and impeccable taste, for that wonderful party where you’ll amp up your fashion game with a silver skinny belt and matching silver pumps!

affordable party sequined dress teal lace

the Just Dazzle Me Dress is available through modcloth.com

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{4} Sequined black see through mini dress

a daring look for a daring trends follower at only $61!

Who can wear it: anyone with a neck for the latest trends, anyone who isn’t afraid of showing a bit of leg but also anyone with imagination and taste who can add a pair of thighs or leather/leggings and spin this mini dress in an entirely new look!

Where can you wear it: for the night out when you’ll wear over the knee socks to keep you warm, for that work party when you’ll wear it with a shiny pair of leather or like-leather leggings and a gorgeous pair of black patent pumps, for that great party when you’ll dance the night away wearing pretty much the same thing as you did for the work party, except you’ll be having your rock-attitude boots, studded and chained for an edgy take!

affordable party sequined dress teal lace

the Beat Goes On Dress by Keepsake is available through revolveclothing.com

{5} Sequined loose dress

I fell head over heels with this gorgeous blue sequined dress! All that classic elegance with a wonderful twist – have you seen the see-through back? Loose gorgeousness for only $74!

Who can wear it: literally anyone who wants to look and feel amazing!

Where can you wear it: everywhere, anywhere you need to make an impression with the littlest effort! Amp it up with fancy pumps or rock it away with grunge-y boots! Either way, you’ll be just fabulous!

affordable party sequined dress blue asymmetrical

the Multi Sequin Smock Dress by Asos is available through asos.com

{6} Sequined flowers white dress

a timeless design and a white sequined top with gorgeous flowers and a simple white skirt for $76!

Who can wear it: anyone who favors classic dresses and timeless elegance.

Where can you wear it: for any and all special occasions, except for a wedding where you’re not the bride, but a guest! You can wear it with a more festive suit jacket with silver metallic inserts and matching pumps for a work party or a formal cocktail or a nice wool knitted bolero for a special party.

affordable party sequined dress white flowers top

the Flower Sequin Babydoll Dress from TFNC is available through asos.com

{7} Sequined see through mini dress

what a precious dress to wear any time, anywhere for just $78!

Who can wear it: there’s one big disadvantage with this gown as really curvaceous bodies won’t feel too comfortable in such a tight fit, but other than that, it’s a very delicate, feminine gown that’ll dress the tall or the petite sizes with the same elegance!

Where can you wear it: just as before, I carefully picked these dresses to match all occasions, versatile and suitable for more than just one special occasion. Investments, that’s how I like to consider the dresses on this list!

affordable party sequined short dress cream see through

Intimately Starry Slip sold through freepeople.com

{8} Sequined little black dress

essentially elegant and chic, this $81 lbd is something you’d want to keep in your wardrobe as an all-seasons-occasion dress!

Who can wear it: this construction is meant to flatter any body type and it also fits gorgeously for even the most conservative ladies out there!

Where can you wear it: for any and all special occasions, this sequined lbd is highly adaptable and versatile, appropriate for accessorizing at will if you feel like it and the situation demands it (classic pumps or wedges for classic occasions, feisty jewelry and colorful belts and shoes for more playful occasions)

affordable party sequined dress black

the Little Mistress Lace and Sequin Black Dress with Pleat Skirt is available through asos.com

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{9} Gold sequined halter dress

a simple solution for many special occasions, this $99 dress can be recycled for a multitude of social events and is highly adaptable!

Who can wear it: again, one of those flatter-any-body-type construction, the A-shaped dress with a youthful spin (the halter back) is a lovely addition to your party wardrobe!

Where can you wear it: yes, again, for any and all special occasions in any season! Wear it with a simple, black elegant tailored jacket, a knitted cape, a black leather jacket or a knitted loose cardigan, adapt your footwear and wear less jewelry for the dress is already shiny enough!

affordable party sequined dress gold on black

the Women’s Racer Back Sequin Dress by Adrianna Papell is available through amazon.com

{10} Sequined layered mesh dress

I know, but it’s actually the same dress in two different colors! I wanted you to see both options before taking your pick. If you can – I couldn’t! I can’t choose just one, so maybe you’ll be stronger than me?

Who can wear it: any body type and almost any age (if accessorized properly) can pull this $78 slip dress with great elegance!

Where can you wear it: from work parties to weddings, Christmas dinners and fancy or casual cocktails, this type of dress can take you anywhere looking all chic and gorgeous! You already have two outfit options in the image, so I trust you read the above and already know the ‘amp up or rock up’ options!

affordable party sequined sheer dress

the Starry Night Slip in black or ivory is available through freepeople.com

Either one of the dresses won’t be enough without a smile! So wear your dress confidently, be kind and smile! Wherever you may go, your smile will bring the sunshine in, regardless of the temperatures outside!

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(all the images above come from the respective stores and the correspondent prices were valid at the time of publishing this story. All the opinions expressed above are mine only, written with the utmost honesty, respect and consideration for everyone reading these lines, with no specific relation with the stores selling the items described above! Have a wonderful party!)


#1 Diyana on 12.09.13 at 11:59 am

they look really cheap!

#2 Ellington on 12.14.13 at 1:57 pm

Nice choices!
I love the blue sequin frock from asos.com .
That is my favourite! : )

#3 kpriss on 12.15.13 at 10:07 am

@Ellington! it was my favorite too! <3

@Diyana it was meant to be an 'affordable' assortment. I was disappointed with pieces from Gap's most fashionable designer collections (or H&M's), let alone a $50 frock! ;)

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