40 Models Winter Street Style Outfits For Inspiration!

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If you’re taking advantage of the last days of Christmas shopping, better take good care of your outfit – make it stylish but warm! Here’s a handful of ideas from our lovely models!

For years now, street style fashion has become a second catwalk everyone’s watching eager to get inspiration from the off-duty looks of models. An entire army of fashion paparazzi – also known as street fashion photographers – awaits outside the fashion show venues just to catch the models and capture their looks on camera.

street fashion photographers crowd

On the other hand, the entire fashion population is just as eager to go through models off-duty looks to get that backstage fashion professional laid back air… So let’s see what ideas we, mere fashmortals, can steal from models’ outfits, more specifically, how do models keep warm during the cold season with over 45 off-duty looks from 2009 to present days!

models street style winter outfit inspiration

models like Alana Zimmer, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Nadja Bender, Aymeline Valade and Sigrid Agren off-duty looks will inspire your winter style!

{1} Fur Coats

whether real or fake, there’s no telling. What’s for certain is that models sure love their furry flocky coats with pants, with dresses, skirts or shorts!

models off duty winter looks fur coats

how funky are those colored fur coats on Abbey Lee Kershaw and Lindsey Wixson?

how models wear fur coats

Maryna Linchuk street style fur coats

Maryna Linchuk sure loves her fur coats!

model street style fur coat

Liu Wen off duty look fur coat

Liu Wen looks lovely and smart casual with her short fur coat!

{2} Leather Jackets

fall or winter, even during some unfriendly spring days, every model has worn (at least once) a rugged, rock’n roll leather jacket. The more worn out it looks, the better!

models winter street style leather jacket

models off duty winter outfit leather jacket

{3} Oversized Cardigans/Sweaters

they’re an all-seasons wardrobe staple! Like an old, trusted blankie, the oversized cardi can be an emergency wardrobe solution for no-imagination days.

models off duty style long cardi

models off duty style cardigan

Ming Xi (left) and Fei Fei Sun (right) look lovely and cozy in their cardigans!

{4} Scarves

there’s no limit of fabric, length, print or color when it comes to wearing a scarf. Although there’s currently an infinity rage (the infinity scarf is a circular scarf that you roll around your neck), any noticeable scarf is a perfect model-like accent for any outfit!

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models street style scarf

models favorite long knit scarf

don’t you just love long knitted scarves? Carmen Kass and Melodie Monrose sure do!

models outfit scarf

Few general guidelines so you can effortlessly pull off that off-duty model look:

When in doubt, wear vintage!

vintage wear is just as precious as designer wear. Combining labels and no-name rugged out items is a must!

models street style vintage

Hanne Gaby Odiele (left) has a very unique, eclectic vintage style!

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When in doubt, wear black!

no outfit can capture the mystery and the drama of an entire wardrobe than an all-black look! (also slims you down to your best model self!)

models off duty black outfits

models favorite outfit color black

When in doubt, wear a hat/hood!

the larger, the better – the purpose being to hide your face from all those nosy street fashion photographers, biensur (shhh! we won’t tell anyone that you actually had a bad hair day doubled by a nasty hangover!)

models off duty looks hats

model street style hat slouchy parka

When in doubt, wear biker boots!

with anything from shorts to lace dresses! And you don’t even have to buckle up or fasten the zipper closure! Just wear them like you put them on, that’s how you can spot a careless attitude (also by the stumbled walk).

models street style boots

Anja Rubik and Barbara Palvin off-duty looks finished with biker-style black boots

When in doubt, wear denim!

the’re just no limit to the utilitarian magic of denim! A good old fashion blue jeans wash or darker denim work just as great for all types of looks!

models casual look jeans

nothing beats the good ol’ blue jeans: Liu Wen, Ataui Deng and Karlie Kloss know that!

models casual look denim

boyfriend jeans look so good on Andreea Diaconu

When in doubt, wear something slouchy!

There’s no point in wearing super skinny jeans/pants if your physical frame isn’t on the ‘stick-thin’ side. Contrary to what you may think, it will only make you look fuller. However, should you opt for something two sizes up your regular size, then you’ll make a perfect slouchy-looking, slim impression! Models know better!

models off duty outfit slouchy

models off duty outfit elegant

(all the images included in this story were handpicked from public domain and carefully assembled by yours truly! Many thanks go to Ryosuke Sato, stockholm-streetstyle and Grazia. Should you know the owner of any of the photographs, please let me know in the comments section so I can properly credit them! Thank you!)


#1 Ellington on 12.21.13 at 3:04 pm

I like some of their clothing choices. : )
It is nice to see that they are not so much into trends but focus on style and what they seem to like to wear.

#2 kpriss on 12.21.13 at 3:12 pm

then again, they’re hardly at the age to know right from wrong, let alone good from bad outfit choices. They have so much access to fancy clothing and they’re exposed to fashion firsthand that it’s hard to let their style go unnoticed…

#3 Appollonia on 12.28.13 at 12:29 pm

It doesn’t matter if they get it right or know what’s right or wrong due to rules set by today’s fashion trend ‘dictators’. What I see is a style mix of four, five decades. I see a lot of myself and some friends here. The difference is we sewed our own clothes or found it at thrift stores or flea markets. So I just love a lot of what I see here above. :)

Ahhh……can not help it to feel proud!! ;) :D

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