Uma Thurman’s Red Carpet Snow Boots Vs. Mariah Carey’s Aspen High Heels Boots

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Not since the fabulous days of Brooke Shields carelessly walking the Red Carpet with a pair of pink Crocs shoes have I witnessed such a mismatch from a famous gorgeous lady attending an official event!

Brooke would most definitely approve such a look, I’m certain, but by fashion standards, Uma Thurman was deeply wrong in pairing her spring daisies printed red dress with a Sorel snow boots! In almost any occasion, but especially for an event such as the Tibet House US Benefit Auction hosted by NY’s Christie’s Auction House.

Uma Thurman Red Carpet snow boots Sorel

famous stars wearing Sorel snow boots

January Jones, Elle MacPherson and Gwen Stefani are also fans of Sorel Winter Boots

The Canadian brand famous for its comfortable winter footwear has many fans among the celebrities and normal people alike for everyone unanimously dislikes cold toes. The Sorel Shila NM boots worn by Uma are inspired by Inuit traditional cold weather footwear and are available in two colors – the Turkish Coffee Uma chose and Goat, a light, sand-like suede upper.

Sorel Shila winter boots worn by Uma Thurman

Sorel Shila Winter boots as worn by Uma Thurman

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Sorel Shila suede urban winter boots

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! And to think Uma is one of Zac Posen’s Red Carpet darlings – I’m guessing he didn’t recommend this look?

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Uma Thurman fashion disaster New York Christies

Uma Thurman unglamorous appearance at Christie’s charity event in New York with shearling shapeless coat and Sorel boots

Fashion balance must be restored somehow, somewhere, thus I’d like to keep in mind Uma Thurman’s look (despite her red maxi dress qualifying her at a Desperately Unstylish Housewife title) and think that somewhere up on the Colorado’s Aspen select heights, Mariah Carey decided to brave the snow in a pair of towering high heels!

Mariah Carey high heels boots Fendi

Mariah Carey braving the snow in high platform boots in Aspen

Out and about, keeping herself protected from the cold with a lovely butter coat, Mariah opted for high heeled suede platform boots from Fendi I couldn’t personally walk in on a non-slippery surface without fear of falling apart. But the Diva is showing us how it’s done, walking through the snow in 5” (13cm) high heels!

Fendi suede platform boots as worn by Mariah Carey

Fendi suede platform boots as worn by Mariah Carey

And to think that Uma chose to walk indoors in New York on flat snow boots almost makes it mission impossible to believe Mariah’s audacity!

Mariah Carey boots Aspen with twins

Mariah Carey looks like a true Diva out with her kids in Aspen!


#1 Appollonia on 12.22.13 at 11:22 am

Good on Uma! At least it’s not boring as red carpets have become…… The boots look fine in combination with her jacket. After all it was not a glam or a fashion hit-or-miss show but a Tibet charity event.

#2 Ellington on 12.24.13 at 8:18 pm

Sorels are way warm, stylish, comfy and Canadian!
We know how to combine warmth, practicality and style. ; )
I love Uma’s boots and the other Sorels on display.
Mariah is NEVER without her heels and they suit her.
Her twins are adorable. : )


#3 kpriss on 12.25.13 at 2:32 am

I secretly wish next year’s Santa would bring us lotta snow and a couple of Sorel boots! Coincidentally, just a day before I was drooling allover these very boots worn by Uma! how fancy is that? <3

Merry Christmas everyone!
thank you Ellington! <3

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