7 Ways To Look Chic And Keep Warm During The Cold Season!

Braving the cold and keeping a fashionable look has always been a problem for me as my inner summer child only loves warm, sunny weather and summer outfits!

So if you’re having the same cold-season issues as me, let’s make this an opportunity to share and discuss chic but warm looks to get us through the winter chilling weather, style-chin up!

I’ll tell you mine, don’t forget to tell me yours in the comments section!

7 ways to keep warm and look stylish cold weather

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5 Simple Tips For Gorgeous Winter Nails

If you’re looking for simple tips on how to turn your nails winter-gorgeous without spending too much $ or time, this is your must-read stop! I’ve been doing my nails for years, also I’ve been keeping an eye out for the latest beauty news and I’m in measure to give you my personal tips&tricks for awesome winter nails with minimum effort!

What you’ll find below: simple tricks for saving loads of time and money while obtaining the best nails results. No brands, just general outlines from personal experience!
Time is of the essence, as always, so let’s get to it!

{1} Healthy Winter Nails

whenever you take out that lip balm, put some lip balm around your cuticles as well! That is if you don’t have cuticles oil already! Use cuticle oil (or plain olive oil/coconut oil) three times a day and you’ll see magic right under your eyes! beauty is a matter of attention and dedication, just like everything else. Give attention to your nails and they’ll give back beauty! (I swear by ‘less is more’ and my beauty products have double duties: my lipstick doubles as cheek tint and my clear, un-fragranced lip balm doubles as emergency cuticle oil!)

5 simple tips for gorgeous nails

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Hunger Games Fashion: Effie Trinket Dresses From Alexander McQueen

If you’re partial to the fashion worth of certain movies, you should definitely try watching Hunger Games. Eventually try re-watching it while focusing only on the fashion! It deserves a lot of attention!

There’s something about the Hollywood movie industry that can be summarized in just a couple of ideas about fashion, usually out of context, character-oriented and flabbergasting. As if, in the handful of scenes of a movie, the character in question has to throw everything in the game, fashion-wise and in any other way.

Take Elizabeth Banks’ Hunger Games character, Effie Trinket for instance – her Capitol fashion is beyond outstanding: it’s downright outrageous!

Hunger Games fashion Effie Trinket McQueen butterfly dress

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Anniversary Playmate Kate Moss By Mert And Marcus

Playboy marks its 60th anniversary with a tasteful cover featuring Kate Moss as photographed by Mert Allas and Marcus Piggot. A duo widely known and appreciated mainly in fashion circles. Not to mention the legendary British Model, Kate Moss, who, although used to posing more or less clothed, is the first time on the cover of the bunny-eared American Magazine for men.

Just as a throwback, below you have Kate’s cover and, at right, Playboy’s first-ever cover, from 1953, with none the other but America’s darling, Marilyn Monroe. Also dressed in black and looking fairly glamorous against a neutral black and white background, Marilyn’s cover is a hard act to follow for Moss.

Playboy magazine 60th anniversary issue cover first cover

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3 Ways To Wear Summer Dresses During The Cold Season

I’m a girly girl. Every now and then. And as such, I’m always unprepared to leave my frilly girly summer dresses behind when the cold season arrives. For those of you who heard me praise summer frilly flowery dresses before, this sure is far from being a surprise: I still wear my summer dresses during the fall and winter cold seasons. Do you?

Some obvious changes to make in your outfits in order to ‘winterize’ are: adding boots to your everyday getup, making thighs and or/leggings a daily outfit routine, matching chunky scarves, mittens, gloves, legwarmers and or/hats to your look.

Beyond the minor personal details described above, here’s my simple 3-way how-to trick summer dresses into fall/winter outfits:

{1} Summer Dress with Leather Jacket

is a classic combo, a celebrity favorite but also a fashion-specialists wardrobe staple. Wearing a very feminine frilly dress (long or short) with a leather jacket is a stylish gesture that strengthens the apparently fragile outfit and shows off your rebel side, your inner punk.

how to wear long summer dress in winter leather jacket

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Ciara And Katy Perry Imitating Beyonce

Have you seen Ciara’s latest GQ pictorial? Then perhaps you noticed Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume ads?

Well, if you’ve seen Beyonce’s Mrs Carter tour teasers and GQ cover respectively, you’ve seen Ciara’s and Katy Perry’s as well. Imitation is not only the most sincere form of flattery but also the new way to advertise in the entertaining business.

And to think that some people really strive to find new, original, surprising pitches to better promote their products or their talents, when a simple copy-cat work seems to be enough these days!

Katy Perry Ciara imitating Beyonce

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Red Carpet Nails 2013 AMAs

Care for some beauty inspiration? Or just admire what out famous love for their nails? Many of you already know I’m really passionate about nails and nail polish, so it was only natural I had an eye out for the lovely manis on the 2013 American Music Awards Red Carpet!

Much like the dresses, the 2013 AMAs nails were all about dark shades. The long or the short version of the nails needed serious dark glam to match the evening’s code. There wasn’t too much nail art to begin with, but I did select a couple of fancy manicures to drool over:

Kesha’s AMAs nails

she had some seriously sparkly digits there! Clearly not her natural nails, Kesha’s stiletto nails had several accent features on her black nails: the square studded line on the little finger nail, the gold shimmer on the index finger and the heavy glitter and rhinestones on the ring finger nail.

During her performance, Kesha switched the black nails with red nails, keeping the sparkling accents.

Kesha nails 2013 AMAs

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2013 AMAs Red Carpet Dresses: Black And White

Do you take inspiration from the Red Carpet events for your day-to-day outfits? Or are you simply entertained by the myriad of stars putting their best glitz-and-glam interpretation on Red Carpet display?

The 2013 American Music Awards ceremonies were held last night at the oh-so-famous Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles. Music stars and movie stars, everyone was there, trying to outshine and outperform the next entertainer. As always, I’m trying to enjoy the show in full, stepping back a little and looking for the wider perspective. And the Red Carpet take on the evening dresses focused on black and white.

Black and white is the new black, if you will! I’ve rarely seen such a monochromatic sartorial display when preparing my Red Carpet reports! So let’s get to it, hit the jump!

Black Dresses

alphabetically: Alicia Silverstone who was dressed in Nicole Miller black dress with golden details, Ciara in black J Mendel dress, Heidi Klum in black Marchesa fringed dress, heavily accessorized with Lorraine Schwartz jewelry.

2013 AMAs Red Carpet Alicia Silverstone Nicole Miller black gold dress

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