10 Christmas Gifts For Hipsters!

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If you’ve checked out almost everyone on your list and already got them the gifts you thought they’ll love, there’s still someone left who’s … special! Isn’t there? Someone who either has it all, seen it all or done it all, someone who’s so quirky in every aspect that one might go ahead and call him/her a hipster! If hipster wouldn’t be so last season.

But for Christmas, anything goes! So here’s a quick guide with Christmas gifts for the hipsters, the quirky ones, the eco-conscious ones, the social-involved ones, all those who need extra special attention when choosing a gift! However, any of them would love:

10 Christmas Gifts for Hipsters

{1} Quirky Funny Socks

everyone loves a pair of funny socks, right? So you’ve got your glam socks for hipster fashion ladies, the notebook socks for quirky geeks, the polka dots tights (I know, they’re not technically socks, but I couldn’t resist, really! They’re so pretty!) and the eco-conscious natural fiber socks.

Funny Funky tights for hipsters

Who can wear them: well… anyone? They’re not just for the hipsters or the quirky ones! Everyone loves a bit of footwear fun!

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Where can you get them: stores specialized in hosiery and eco-conscious trade oriented stores.

Funky socks for hipsters

{2} Quirky tie (for him) or scarf (for her)

accessories make the difference. And the fun! A fun scarf/tie is just a perfect way to spice up one’s look in a very careful, considerate but cheeky way.

Christmas gifts quirky scarf for hipsters

Who can wear them: necktie and bow tie fans, quirky people and panda bears (wink). Practically anyone who loves a good way to accessorize and keep smart at the same time.

Where can you get them: obviously not the department store! Try etsy for the best results (stores like kimfinityscarves and escherpe)

Christmas gifts quirky ties for Hipster men

{3} Different sunglasses

you don’t really expect a hipster to wear aviators, don’t you? A fancy pair of sunglasses (more or less) from Linda Farrow would be better! Jeremy Scott’s hands sunglasses or Alexander Wang’s fabric sunglasses would really make an impression!

Unusual Sunglasses Jeremy Scott

really unique sunglasses designed by Jeremy Scott for Mia Farrow

Who can wear them: the very bold and brave ones!

Where can you get them: Linda Farrow online shop.

Christmas gifts for Hipsters unusual sunglasses Mia Farrow

unique sunglasses design by Alexander Wang (left) and Jeremy Scott (right) for Mia Farrow

{4} Anything ombre!

seriously! Anything! It comes with a gradient on, it’s great! Ombre tights, ombre scarves, ombre neck ties. Gradient is too big to disappear!

Christmas gifts for Hipsters Ombre Tights

ombre tights available on etsy, virivee

Who can wear it: depending on the item, but pretty much anyone with an eye out for non-industrialized fashion.

Where can you get them: as always, etsy is the best resource.

Christmas gifts for Hipsters Ombre Tshirt scarf

ombre scarf available on etsy, texturable

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{5} Nerdy Sweaters

the potentially weirdest sweaters or tshirts can make wonderful additions to any hipster/geek/quirky wardrobe!

Christmas gifts for hipsters nerdy winter sweaters

Who can wear them: anyone wanting to look cool but keep warm!

Where can you get them: practically anywhere, but etsy’s better for the quirkiest finds!

{6} Message printed or cool printed tshirts

there’s something absolutely cool and always fancy about message tshirts! The hipsterverse is full of hidden special messages, so think of something funny or something too-cool-to-read.

Christmas gifts for Hipsters printed Tshirts

Who can wear them: anyone. Who’s a hipster. Or a geek. Or an impossibly quirky person.

Where to get them: practically any print shop. Bring your desired print or choose from their catalog, but be extra careful about the design! Hipsters have picky tastes.

Message printed Tshirt

{8} Unusual jewelry

a set of moon and star jewelry, a very original but festive looking necklace or a bracelet made of guitar strings? Or perhaps a pair of earrings shaped like cookies or a pair of hoops made of recycled newspaper? If you want to go fail-proof on that one, look for jewelry made out of wood! Rings or necklaces, pendants or earrings, wood is good!

really unusually beautiful necklace

Tammy Tiranasar beautiful beaded necklace

Who can wear them: those who have a fine appreciation for upbeat and contemporary, unlike any other accessories, jewelry can make the most subtle or loudest impression. Totally on hipsteralley!

unusual bracelet recycled guitar strings

recycled guitar strings from sparrowc

Where to get them: etsy?

hipster necklaces wood

hipster-worthy necklaces from Guillemette

Christmas gifts for hipsters unusual jewelry

the cookie earrings came from mousemarket, the leaved shaped earrings come from Joyo and the recyled paper earrings come from thefairtradestore

{9} Small leather bag

either for a man’s toiletries or a fancy leather lunch bag, an unusual iPad case, something symbolic but meaningful enough in the hipsterverse!

Christmas gifts for hipsters leather vanity

Who can wear them: anyone with attention for details.

Where can you get them: need I say more? Etsy, biensur!

Hipster lunch bag phone pouch

{10} Random quirky gift

this could be anything from a constellations umbrella to a pair of oven mitts with the NASA logo for a Gravity moment or a pair of festive paper dolls ornaments! A couple of wine bottles dressed up for Christmas or a useful gadget from a media store or a cool wall poster.

Hipster Christmas Santa Poster

a wonderful Christmas poster capturing the Xmas spirit of a true Hipster from etsy

Hipster paper dolls Christmas gifts

special paper doll Christmas ornaments from Jordan Grace Owens

perfect Christmas gift wrapped bottles

unbelievable Harry Potter phone case

unique Christmas gifts Nasa oven mittens starry umbrella

(all the images included in this post were handpicked from public domain and carefully assembled by yours truly for inspiration purposes only! Should you know the rightful owner of any of the images, please let me know so I can properly credit them! I hope I’ve been a little bit helpful in clearing out the fog around the Hipster mystery! Or at least that you had fun! Either way, share your thoughts in the comments section below!)


#1 Ellington on 12.21.13 at 3:08 pm

I do like some of the items like very wintery sweaters and the funky tights but I avoid hipsters.
They seem to try to hard to be cool.

#2 kpriss on 12.21.13 at 3:10 pm

and they somehow know it all like … yesterday!

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