Dare To Wear Modern Contemporary Jewelry Tap By Todd Pownell?

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In the ever-growing industrialization and uniformization of our society, some people can still bring a breath of fresh air. A pinch of originality in a sea of dull similarities. Tap Jewelry by Todd Pownell is one of those oasis of new, interesting and special!

Handmade jewelry for both men and women designed and crafted by Todd, his wife Debra and their talented and dedicated team: this is what I want you to look at today! And after you’ve gone through the pieces I proposed in this story, I’d like you to give me your take, express your feelings about Tap by Todd Pownell!

amazing modern ring Tap by Todd Pownell

Respect. Is what I’m trying to express and cultivate every day. In every aspect of my life. It is what I look for and appreciate in every fashion find I come across. And you’ve read me, over the years, dealing with the implications of this respect in all the manifestations of fashion and lifestyle.

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Tap by Todd Pownell is one of those small enterprises made with and from the heart. Respect and consideration for the materials and for the design process are braided together with utmost attention and dedication in a ‘green’ studio where Todd and his wife, Debra, along with their team strive to tame metals and stones in a creativity storm.

modern industrial ring Todd Pownell

Todd also believes in ethical mining and sourcing of the metals and other materials used in the jewelry crafting process. Social and environmental responsibility, an active membership in the Ethical Metalsmiths organization, these are just a few of the reasons that convinced me to take a closer look at Tap by Todd Pownell (scroll down for 12 more images).

Todd Pownell and his Tap Jewelry team

(from top to bottom, left to right) Todd Pownell, his wife Debra, and the talented Tap Jewelry team

Aesthetic pleasure was the first reason, I admit! While I’m a girly girl at heart, only swearing on pink and glitter, I am a woman of my time, a wife and a mother, a wild social being who only finds balance and peace in her crib, with her family. Going back to the source, trying to be better every day is what makes life beautiful for me. Imperfections and scars carved me as I am today and I value the roughness and implacable dourness, the unimaginable fragility and endless sensitivity of the human soul.

All this I found in Todd Pownell’s creations.

Modern contemporary bracelets Tap Todd Pownell

All this made me respect and really admire the jewelry in Todd Pownell’s Tap collections. Earrings and necklaces, rings and wedding bands, it’s all there, in a virtual drawer suspended in time and space, like waiting for some Middle Earth Hobbit to fight and protect, dream and cherish every sparkle, every facet.

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Modern contemporary rings Tap Todd Pownell

modern contamporary necklace by Todd Pownell

necklace by Todd Pownell

contemporary industrial earrings Tap by Todd Pownell

original earrings Tap by Todd Pownell

modern earrings Tap by Todd Pownell

modern contemporary ringsTap by Todd Pownell

modern contemporary rings for men Tap by Todd Pownell

modern contemporary rings for her and him Tap by Todd Pownell

unusual rings Tap by Todd Pownell

modern contemporary different rings Tap by Todd Pownell

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