5 Black Magic Sneakers You Need In Your Life!

A short, yet powerful love story for black sneakers took my heart by storm. Each time I make a fixation for a ‘fashion’ item, I search and search until I find the exact rendition of my dreams and then I stop and stare in complete and utter admiration until my admiration slowly fades into a need. To own and wear.

Today I’d like you to join me in staring. Perhaps get more ideas from you? Although this one is about night-black sneakers (Halloween oblige), I do confess I have just as strong obsession for grey and beige sneakers. However, should you search for these colors, you’ll easily notice they’re very rare. Especially the ones I wish for: solid grey or solid beige ones with no visible logo and matching soles (all grey, all beige respectively).

black sneakers

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Confessions Of A Fashion Pretender

Should I send a message to my younger self, it would be: ‘Stop pretending! Live for and with yourself! Each and every day!’. My days of uncertainty agony have passed. My years of pathologic doubt are behind me. I only live for myself now. Finally!

That is not to say that I live alone! Au contraire! I’m happily married to the love of my life, we raise four madly restless, amazing children together and our suburban life includes a beautiful, loving, joyful dog always running on our wild green lawn, a parrot we found in our front yard a year ago and his lovely parrot girlfriend bought less than a month ago. I could go on, but I promised myself this one would be about fashion. Sort of…

fashion life quote

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Makeup & More Revealing Stories!

As we approach Halloween, the entire world is getting ready for a drastic (borderline creepy) makeover. Preparations and expectations for a night’s worth of adrenaline and showing off – makes sense, right?

Starting off this late October Monday with a round-up of the Internet’s most revealing stories you should or could read while sipping a cup of coffee (pumpkin spiced latte yum! <3 ) or a nice hot tea, snuggling in your favorite sweater and comfy boots or hot slippers! Let’s go:
Beyonce dressed up as XMen’s Storm for Ciara’s Birthday Party. Quite becoming as the birthday girl slipped in Cat Woman’s shiny suit for the night at her Batman/Boyfriend’s arm!

superheroes halloween costumes beyonce as storm ciara cat woman

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Dare To Wear Iryna Limanska’s Clay Flowers Jewelry?

As Fall is setting in, the beautiful flimsy flower crowns get to rest waiting for next Spring. That gives us plenty of time to restock our floral headwear drawer and our summer jewelry box!

Today I’ll show you my latest find: in a beautiful Ukrainian corner of Paradise, Iryna Limanska is shaping cold clay in fairy-tale-esques flowers and figurines, jewelry and décor objects. Beautiful, delicate, artistic, her creations enchanted my inner bohemian enough so I can present you her work and ask my favorite question when it comes to indie designers: Dare To Wear?

Dare to Wear flowers jewelry by Iryna Limanska

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What They Wear In Sicario: Emily Blunt, Benicio Del Toro

A rather uneasy movie (which makes it closer to reality than many others), Denis Villeneuve’s Sicario has enrolled a handful of extremely talented actors. Among them, Emily Blunt is not only the sole female main character of the movie (and one of the very few women who appear in this motion flick) but also a particularly interesting one.

She’s been on a strong-woman-part spree, something that also suits her and the industry. She may lack Demi Moore’s unspeakable appeal, but Emily Blunt sure is today’s action movie shero! Enough with the brushing already, I’m sure we’ll see more of her in the future – I wanted to emphasize the surprise appearance of a brand I hold dearly in my wardrobe and my preferences – Palladium. Emily Blunt’s Sicario character, Kate Macer, is wearing Palladium Baggy boots!

Sicario movie yellow poster

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Spring Summer 2016 Festival Chic With Saint Laurent

Wellies may be in our permanent wardrobe rotation come fall, however, few of us actually see the rubber boots on Saint Laurent’s runway. Hedi Slimane came up with a collection torn from the Glastonbury landscape circa early 2000. Suspended in a the muddy temporal loop, Slimane’s Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2016 collection is an epic blast from the not so distant fashion past!

Looks we’d see Kate Moss wear or on the backs of some rock royalty offspring born and fed with the silver spoon who isn’t afraid of dirt trashing a silk sequined embroidered dress. Hedi Slimane’s collections are the perfect example for fashion snobs mimicking authenticity and taking uniqueness pre-styled right off the store rack.

Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2016 collection highlights

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Rihanna’s Puma Fenty Creepers Sold Out In Hours

Rihanna may seem on a slower pace, musically speaking, but nothing stops that pretty head from banking every chance she gets! Her latest fashion foray with Puma seems to be making quite the waves worldwide as her recently released Puma Fenty sneakers sold out in more or less 3 hours after the launch!

Part of what is believed to be a more extensive range, the Puma Fenty Creepers were released in three colors, all suede, with a thick crèpe sole on September 25th with a price tag of (only -_-) $120. Three hours later, all online stocks were sold out and the shoes were overpriced-ly ($180)available on eBay.

Rihanna Fenty Puma Creepers sold out  online

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Catwalk Vs Editorial-Style Fashion Shows

Fashion Week season, oh how I love thee! The multitude of catwalk presentations, the spontaneous gatherings of fashion luminaries on the streets of New York, London, Milan, Paris! The gazillion inspiring street style photography! It’s like a shot of fashion adrenaline to live on for months!

How much of this fashion is just for the show, though? A couple of years ago, getting an invite for a Fashion Show was glorious while the Front Row was the fashionista’s ultimate candy shop (even worth fist fighting for). Now that more and more fashion shows have adopted the live streaming and street style photography is worthy for a Vogue column, how do fashion shows keep their edge intact?

catwalk dolce gabbana ss16 fashion show

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