Top 3 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes This Year

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In the very spirit of the ‘what were they wearing’ philosophy we all treasure and guide our after-fancy-events days, I scrolled up and down the interwebs for your delight and scooped the best Halloween Costumes this year our a-z-listers wore!

Of course as I’m writing about this, it’s my top 3 so you’re more than welcome to broaden my views, expand my Halloween horizons with your favorite famous spooky looks. As we’re already in November, I’ll waste no more precious time and kick off 2013 Best Halloween Costumes:

{3} Iggy Azalea as Cruella DeVil:

Iggy Azalea Halloween costume Cruella DeVil

spooky? Sure, for toddlers and PETA. Funny? Not so much. Was it a good disguise? Technically, yes. Did it suit her? Not from where I stand. But I reserved the 3rd position for Iggy because I liked her getting under the character’s skin. It wasn’t a shallow one. She had a car ready, a dog, even her performance’s outfit was DeVil-esque. (it all happened at the Vevo Halloween party in London)

best Halloween costume Iggy Azalea Cruella

Halloween costume Cruella Iggy Azalea

{2} Ellen De Generes as Nicky Minaj:

Best Halloween costume Ellen as Nicki Minaj

spooky? For the Fashion Police, perhaps. Funny? Mother of All Pumpkins: YES! Was it a good disguise? Technically, and in every other way, yes! Did it suit her? Awkwardly no, but it suited us for sure! I have her assigned on the 2nd position because I couldn’t give her the 1st (and scrolling down, you’ll see why). But I love Ellen to pieces and her way of being funny and brilliant at the same time is something I treasure wholeheartedly! Plus: my way of seeing Halloween is always on the fun side more than on the spooky side.

It’s just who I am. A funny gal at heart. I’m just having trouble putting it into words!

{1} Kids In Fashion Costumes: spooky? On a spooky scale from 1 to 5, this ranges at -300. Funny? Perfectly funny for every fashion loving individual out there! Was it a good disguise? From tips to lil’toes and back again, definitely yes!

Kids fashion costumes Grace Coddington OhHappyDay

I placed this as my first preference in this year’s top Halloween costumes not because they were worn by the famous red carpet worthy celebrities but because the idea is so heartmelting and the execution is just flawless. We have Jordan Ferney from Oh Happy Day to thank for this. She carried out this project with her friends Fergi Johnson and Sarah from Modern Kids much to our delight and entertainment.

Kids fashion costumes Anna Wintour OhHappyDay

The kids are so serious and so involved, the images are so focused and simple, I can’t help but love these costumes to bits!

More: who’s having most fun on Halloween? Kids. Yes.

Who’s qualified to imagine and carve out character looks for Halloween? Fashion designers and magazine editors, yes.

Who’s more adequate to take fashion pictures, the casual way, if not the legendary Bill Cunningham who was also impersonated in this series? I’m really stoked about these and they deserve the first position on each and every Halloween Costumes top.

Kids fashion costumes Bill Cunningham OhHappyDay

Kids fashion costumes ALT Iris Apfel OhHappyDay

Who did I left out of this? Heidi Klum with her old lady thingie. Tasteless. And it really lack the ‘fun’ luster to make it worthy.Too bad about the impeccable technological aspects of the costumes (i.e. the prosthetic and the makeup team)

Heidi Klum Halloween costume old lady

I also disregarded all the other models who, by professional deformation, think of costume role playing as yet another opportunity to put on some SM/red light district outfits (no harm intended, I’m just trying to play with the right diplomatic words in order to capture the exact idea suggested by their looks). Angels (Beyonce) or Manga gals (Natasha Poly – wait.. when did she give birth and got all slim again? uhmmm), catladies (Miranda Kerr) just left me indifferent.

Beyonce Halloween costume angel

models Halloween costume Miranda Kerr cat Natasha Poly manga

Too much cliché or too much risqué. Who’s having fun anymore?

Oh, wait… the kids are…
(all images hail from the stars’ respective social media accounts)

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