Haute Couture Details: Valentino Spring Summer 2016

I did say something about the Valentino maison and its in-house designers success earlier, haven’t I (when we discussed Dior HC)? That is if you all recovered well after the Super Bowl halftime regal with Coldplay, Bruno Mars and Queen Beyonce!

So if you came back to your senses – after all, even Beyonce herself almost fell during her performance, why wouldn’t you feel dazzled (now that I brought it up, how about Gaga’s National Anthem, huh? I was floored)? how about you sit back, relax and have some Haute Couture Details, then? From the Valentino Spring Summer 2016 Collection!

details Haute Couture Valentino Spring 2016

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Changing The World One Image At The Time: Lego, Barbie & More!

Struggling with body image and self esteem is an issue long transgressing our ‘generation’. If our parents and grandparents would rely on image to pioneer advertising, today everything is about image. Because everything is about advertising.

Just look at the buzz created around the Super Bowl ads! You rarely get an answer if you ask about the Denver Broncos’s quarterback (that would be Peyton Manning, if anyone’s wondering) or even about who’s facing who in the Super Bowl 50 (Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos)! Ask about who’s starring in Bud’s Super Bowl Ads and you’ll get tons of answers and details! Regardless of the occasion, ads rule the world. Consequently, image rules the world (you thought it was ‘girls’, huh? ^_^).

image is

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Haute Couture Spring Summer 2016 Details: Dior

Talking about Giambattista Valli and linking him to Dior (hypothetically and visually) demanded a short review of the Haute Couture details in the Spring Summer 2016 Christian Dior collection (with a short advertorial intermission and a quick Red Carpet gazing in-between).

The usual flowers, the usual layering and the usual palette, dare I say déja-vu, reign over the Couture catwalk at the Dior maison this Spring. The beads and the sequins magically shaping flowers and insects peaking from under skirts and sleeves, like nature trying to free itself from within the sartorial shapes.

Haute Couture Summer 2016 Dior details

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Cesare Paciotti SS16 Ads: Alessandra Ambrosio Is Penelope Cruz Lookalike!

It may be the ridiculously rippling effect ‘Zoolander 2’ has on us and on every media ever since the news broke out about its release. After all, January 2016 US Vogue’s cover was held by an Oscar contender who swept every award so far (Alicia Vikander) so February’s cover highlight is Zoolander in a tight embrace with Penelope Cruz.

Long introduction? It’s a long lasting effect, what can you do? Thing is, Cesare Paciotti unveiled its Spring Summer 2016 ad campaign with Alessia Ambrosio and Justice Joslin as photographed by Mariano Vivanco. And although the titled sat nicely above the images, making it impossible to be mistaken about the lady within, I couldn’t help but notice the uncanny resemblance with Penelope Cruz!

Penelope Cruz Alessandra Ambrosio Cesare Paciotti SS16 ad campaign

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2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet Tops And Flops

They say we shouldn’t ignore the 2016 SAG Awards Red Carpet as our beloved celebrities might take some sartorial risks as the event is not very highlighted in the media… Everywhere there’s a Red Carpet, there’ll be plenty of media, methinks, but let’s stop for a moment and look at the SAG dresses!

The mandatory length was floor sweeping with the occasional leg slit but overall safe, borderline boring looks. To my greatest surprise, Alicia Vikander made yet another smart style move, as counseled by her model-turned-stylist Victoria Sekrier. A Louis Vuitton sequined patchwork dress. Beautiful choice, beautiful lady, crossing my fingers for the Oscars night!

2016 SAG awards Red Carpet

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Haute Couture Spring 2016 Details: Giambattista Valli

Ever so often we’re looking at endless catwalks, countless fashion shows, compressed fashion weeks or dull Red Carpets but rarely do we capture the spark and the essence that is Haute Couture.

It’s always in the details. The tiniest stitches, the smallest sequins and the shiniest beads. There lies the very magic of Haute Couture. As the Spring 2016 Couture Week has kicked in and the internet isn’t shy in sharing images from the defiles, I’d like you to take a moment and admire the wonderful details in Giambattista Valli’s Spring 2016 HC collection (if you want to see larger images, click on the ‘gallery’ thumbnail up on the right).

Haute Couture Spring 2016 Giambattista Valli

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How To Shop Sales The Smart Way!

Or how I keep sane in a sales madness! I’ve been prophesying lately about the wonders of Stylefrizz’ new orientation. Yes, less is more. But don’t you suddenly feel like you need so much just to keep it simple?

Like.. an entirely new wardrobe? An entirely new home décor layout? A new bag, at least a new pair of shoes and definitely a new office chair? Not to mention a new hairdo! And when all these happen in the middle of the sales season, how do you keep focus and think about ‘less’ when you want so much more? Here, I’ll go first: I’ll tell you how I try to keep sane and try to shop right and then you tell me how you do it and we compare notes and methods and come up with a really functional one, k?

how to shop sales the smart way

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2016 Critics Choice Awards Washed Out Red Carpet

When did this happened and why did we let it? When I initially saw the Golden Globes Red Carpet defile backsplash in that pale aqua color, I thought it wasn’t important. But then it happened again, a week later, for the 2016 edition of the Critics Choice Awards: aqua ‘red carpet’? Seriously?

After all, who isn’t expecting for the Oscars to be just as pale (pun intended)? Like you were so rightfully observing: the awards season just isn’t what it used to be! I thought I’d better let this event slide, that’’s how disappointed I was with the pale-ness of it all! My idea is perfectly illustrated by Leslie Mann in her Monique Lhuillier ombre dress (scroll down to see it)!

2016 critics choice awards red carpet

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