Spring Summer 2016 Festival Chic With Saint Laurent

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Wellies may be in our permanent wardrobe rotation come fall, however, few of us actually see the rubber boots on Saint Laurent’s runway. Hedi Slimane came up with a collection torn from the Glastonbury landscape circa early 2000. Suspended in a the muddy temporal loop, Slimane’s Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2016 collection is an epic blast from the not so distant fashion past!

Looks we’d see Kate Moss wear or on the backs of some rock royalty offspring born and fed with the silver spoon who isn’t afraid of dirt trashing a silk sequined embroidered dress. Hedi Slimane’s collections are the perfect example for fashion snobs mimicking authenticity and taking uniqueness pre-styled right off the store rack.

Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2016 collection highlights

Saint Laurent SS16 collection fringe dress Kate Moss copycat

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Saint Laurent SS16 dress Kate Moss copycat

I loved these looks on Kate, I totally love them now as well! Seeing them on the catwalk makes it all kinds of weird for me, though. Like someone stole the Moon and put it on a museum pedestal. I’m fully aware of how brave Hedi Slimane may be in the eyes of some, but to me he looks more and more like an agile hawk always on the prowl for the most original yet popular idea among the streetstylers.

Kate Moss style wardrobe throughout the years

A sequined slipdress with delicate tulle hem under a kitschy bomber jacket or a camouflage hunting jacket – geez! how didn’t I think of that? an oversized turtleneck sweater hiding the evening dress, gowns that are too destructured to even worry about the next morning’s fit when you have enough hangover on your plate already… A white tux borrowed to cover a wild dress on the way back home through puddles and wind – luckily the tiara is still in place to testify the princess you’ve been last night… you get the ‘groundbreaking’ idea!

Hedi Slimane SL Spring Summer 16 fashion show

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Saint Laurent SS16 by Hedi Slimane looks

So did Hedi. Buyers are drooling over this ‘new’ collection, reviewers are penning endless flattering columns, fashionistas are printing the ink out of the new catwalk models to pin pretty mood boards, daydreaming about Saint Laurent.

Hedi Slimane Saint Laurent SS16 collection

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Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane SS16 collection

Yet another proof – if needed- that old is new again, that old is never too old, one fashionista’s trash is another’s treasure! You name it, Saint Laurent as restyled by Hedi Slimane it’s along those lines. He’s definitely banking. And crushing our fashion democracy dreams along the way under a nice façade of ‘loose’ laid back casual rock chic style. Are you buying it? more importantly yet: did you buy any of Kate Moss’ collection for Topshop? because it’s really what Hedi’s Saint Laurent SS16 fashion show is all about! (images styledotcom)

Saint Laurent SS sandals fashion show

Where do you stand: Catwalk vs. Editorial-like Fashion Shows?

Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2016 rubber boots

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