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As we approach Halloween, the entire world is getting ready for a drastic (borderline creepy) makeover. Preparations and expectations for a night’s worth of adrenaline and showing off – makes sense, right?

Starting off this late October Monday with a round-up of the Internet’s most revealing stories you should or could read while sipping a cup of coffee (pumpkin spiced latte yum! <3 ) or a nice hot tea, snuggling in your favorite sweater and comfy boots or hot slippers! Let’s go: Beyonce dressed up as XMen’s Storm for Ciara’s Birthday Party. Quite becoming as the birthday girl slipped in Cat Woman’s shiny suit for the night at her Batman/Boyfriend’s arm!

superheroes halloween costumes beyonce as storm ciara cat woman

CK One happened 22 years ago (wow – really?). Calvin Klein is aiming at the new generation with CK2, its ‘new gender-free fragrance that celebrates the endless possibilities of modern connections between two people’ for the ‘new generation that values authenticity and fluidity in their everyday lives’. Well, I guess that’s alright, every generation is the ‘new generation’ – is that suppose to mean that every perfume is a ‘new perfume’ also? Feels so…upside down!

first CK one perfume CK perfume today

Apple is also struggling to explain what’s different about their new iPhone6S. So much that they hired Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx to advertise for Siri!…ahem the new 6 S!

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…wait! There’s more: actress/journalist/designer/fashionista Chloe Sevigny and a random pile of clothes were also hired to prove the trendsetting power of Apple Watch!

It all makes sense as long as ATP’s No 1 Novak Djokovic is presenting MTV’s EMA 2015 award for best hip hop act:

With trick or treat less than a week away, it may be useful to know the latest in dentistry suggesting that getting a filling may damage nearby (healthy) teeth… Should we suspect Jamie Oliver sticking his Sugar Rush campaign in-between Dentistry Journal’s lines?

While we’re at it: there are (still) hidden chemicals in your nail polish (this time it’s OPI, Sally Hansen and Wet’n Wild)! TPHP (triphenyl phosphate) allegedly entering our bodies via the nail bed potentially attacking blood and peripheral nervous system causing minor changes in blood enzymes, which have lead to muscle weak, and paralysis in animals. It may also be useful to know that our nails are dead so unless you paint your skin or eat the polish, TPHP shouldn’t be able to enter our bodies…

more chemicals traced in nail polish opi

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Message in a bottle, huh? You’d be delighted to know that if dentists won’t mess your teeth or polish won’t weaken your muscles, fortune cookies may take care of at least one of the above! Fellissimo is baking fortune cookies with toys hidden inside! Be careful as the ‘Hide and Seek Kitty Candy‘ might leave you shorter than its $20 price tag though..

toy cat hidden in fortune cookie

It’s difficult to say if hiding toys in fortune cookies is good or bad just as well as hiring children with disabilities to model for clothing ads! Time will tell, I guess!

target ad campaign girl with disabilities

Closing up with this Shisheido makeup advertising campaign – the motto is ‘Makeup makes everybody cute’.

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