What Ruined My Fashion Week

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I was quietly minding my amateur critic business when, all of a sudden, Fashion Week turned into some kind of boxing ring! What’s going on, people? Why the tension? Why does everybody snap over a show review, over a front row seat?

It totally ruined the Fashion Week spirit for me. That’s why I’ve been going so slow on Fashion Shows (read: stopped altogether) lately. Oscar de la Renta got into a fight with Cathy Horyn (over her calling him a hot dog) while some PR people got into some physical fights for front row seats at Zac Posen’s show.

Really? It’s that what Fashion Week is all about now? I thought seating Front Row was so yesterday and that the freedom of speech was something we settled hundred of years ago with the First Amendment!

Fashion Week tents

To me, Fashion Week is pretty much like Christmas. Fashion – wise. Because, as an outsider, I’m still blessed with the innocence of believing in designers original inspiration. In fashion as art and not a commercial extension of heavy studies on various social groups. I have the same naivety as a child opening his Christmas Gift, each time I see pictures / streaming of a new Fashion Show. I get enthusiastic about the perspective, about the approach, about the show in itself.

I know I choose to live like that because I’m one of those optimists who loves making surprises for her loved ones, who thinks Christmas is a great pretext for exchanging gifts and getting together, who can’t sit through a Pixar movie without crying her heart out, who gets misty over a rainbow in the sky (and the list could go on and on)!

I deliberately choose a basic wardrobe to be more challenged and creative when it comes to putting outfits together. I voluntarily choose the freedom of amateur criticism because I don’t want to be bound by this and that commercial tie. Please, give me my Fashion Christmas back and hold your anger to yourself!


#1 Riana on 09.17.12 at 10:38 am

What has happen to real style? And do not ever let fighting “dogs” about something so silly ruin your “Christmas” fun. It is your fun not theirs! ;)

Oh, I had such bad mood today until I found out at the end of the afternoon that my very much desired coat of the Femme Selected collection A/W 12/13 has arrived in my fave shop. I made a phonecall and they save it in my size for me so tomorrow I am going to try it out!! Keeps fingers crossed it looks and fits good. Now if that ain’t a sort of Christmas Fashion for you…..? Lol, the lovely owner recognised my voice and also my desire for that coat :)) <3

#2 ana on 09.17.12 at 1:41 pm

I agree with Riana. Don´t allow their huge egos to ruin your fantasy!
Besides, after tomorrow, they will all be “friends” again. Remember when Ines de la Fressange and Claudia Schiffer fell from Lagerfeld´s glory ? Now they are in love again…

#3 Riana on 09.17.12 at 3:12 pm

I remember that very well ana :D

ana, since your memory is so good (and you know a lot!) what designer was it that didn’t invite Cathy Horyn anymore because he didn’t like a review written by her. And later on she sat front row again. All good. Yes, I have had my Cathy Horyn period. :)

#4 ana on 09.17.12 at 3:46 pm

Mr. Giorgio Armani.

Cathy is the one of the best out there.

#5 Diyana on 09.17.12 at 4:09 pm

This is Christmas time for me too,

I already said to my friends.

If for any chance you don’t hear about me, it’s because I’m busy opening my gifts.
Some I like, some are to improve. I love the idea and curiosity to check out what they did this time, try to find the inspiration.

Forget the front row people, as amateur we will just enjoy our Christmas and no fight.

Even if we don’t agree how NOT good is the new Ralph Lauren collection (wink).

#6 Riana on 09.17.12 at 4:11 pm

Mr. Giorgio Armani it was!

Cathy is certainly one of the best. I have read her pieces for years with a lot of pleasure. Sometimes it happened she changed my view, my ‘verdict’ :”>

Gracias :)

#7 Riana on 09.17.12 at 4:19 pm

Ah, Diyana….we were typing at the same time.

What beautiful end of busy Monday with downs and ups. Yes, in that order.

I saw some pieces of Ralph Lauren posted by Kpriss which I liked a lot. I will watch the show later.

Goodnight :)

#8 kpriss on 09.17.12 at 8:58 pm

ah, girls! Thank you so much! I felt so much disappointment and .. like the veil was taken from my eyes, against my wanting so. Left cheek to cheek with the egomonsters ,I had chills down my spine. I questioned myself and my simple tastes.

You’re helping me recover and get on my Christmas unwrapping! (mwuah!)

Ah, fashion people! They change with every new season!

Diyana let’s agree to disagree: it can only get creative after that! Ralph Lauren was the absolute epitome of commercial fashion. His eighties inspired models combined with his star status made him raise above the fashion crowd and obtain all those overwhelmingly good reviews (if I had to objectively choose, I’d always choose Carolina Herrera for she’s always true to the same timeless, elegant values).

And Anna Sui for joyfulness of fashion living!

oh, and Riana: keep us posted about that coat! I can only imagine the joy of putting on a new coat, one you dreamed of and suits you! Christmas indeed! :X

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