Dare To Wear Iryna Limanska’s Clay Flowers Jewelry?

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As Fall is setting in, the beautiful flimsy flower crowns get to rest waiting for next Spring. That gives us plenty of time to restock our floral headwear drawer and our summer jewelry box!

Today I’ll show you my latest find: in a beautiful Ukrainian corner of Paradise, Iryna Limanska is shaping cold clay in fairy-tale-esques flowers and figurines, jewelry and décor objects. Beautiful, delicate, artistic, her creations enchanted my inner bohemian enough so I can present you her work and ask my favorite question when it comes to indie designers: Dare To Wear?

Dare to Wear flowers jewelry by Iryna Limanska

I know there are pro and cons when it comes to wearing flower crowns, but regardless of what fashion trends predict or propose, flower crowns have been around ever since real flowers existed. Girls love putting flowers in their hair and I think we should always listen to our heart and practice what we love and not what others tell us. I would definitely wear my flower crows if it makes me feel happy: happy inside, gorgeous outside, that’s what I teach my little girl.

flower ring necklace Iryna Limanska

Iryna Limanska’s creations make me happy – the beautiful, strong colors, the nature motifs and down-to-earth appeal soothe my inner troubled fashionista. All those trends, season after season – how about we take a moment to smell the roses? Look at all the beautiful gifts nature generously offers us each second, each season!

beautiful flowers crown Iryna Limanska

Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to freeze a flower in time and carry it tucked behind the ear every day we feel like it? A tiny rose, a delicate iris… Until we find a way to do that, I say yes to flower crowns and flower necklaces, flower rings and flower bracelets! I craft and wear my own fabric flowers because I’m not gifted with clay. Iryna’s hands carve tiny wonders in cold clay and the best I can do is tell her creations’ story. A beautiful, romantic, bohemian tale about nature and the beauty that surrounds us each moment!

fruits and flowers headband Iryna Limanska

I fully realize that not many agree with me and that’s ok too! If you feel flower crowns are obsolete (should we say flowers are obsolete too?) and that spikes and thorns are more empowering and contemporary that’s perfectly fine! Don’t hold it against me, though, the day when you won’t be able to take a flowers crown down from your tresses ^_^ and don’t say I didn’t warn you! (you can find Iryna’s beautiful creations in her boutique here)

headbands flowers natural Iryna Limanska

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flowers earrings necklace

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clay flower jewelry Iryna Limanska

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flower jewelry clay colorful Iryna Limanska


#1 martinajc on 11.29.15 at 7:25 pm

Ok I’m probably over looking it but if its not in my face yelling and screaming. I see so many things I want… where do I find prices and where do I go to buy????

#2 kpriss on 12.02.15 at 6:27 am

She has an online boutique (the address in my last paragraph). I’m so happy you like them!

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