How To Get Kate Moss Perfect Festival Look In 5 Easy Steps!

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Brace yourselves ladies, this may just be the Kate Moss day! I just came across a topic of interest for my inner summer festival fan so I didn’t think twice about bringing to you as well. Because, you know, it’s summer, it’s festival time, and Kate Rock’n’Roll Moss is our ever fashionable festival goer icon. Before all the Alexa Chungs and the Daisy Lowes of the world, there was Kate Moss. So here’s her 5 commandments for a perfectly fashionable summer festival look:

{1} Distressed jeans cutoffs – I did an entire story on how to choose the right Daisy Dukes look yesterday, so head on here to choose your type! now hit the jump to find out four more style guides from Kate Moss!

Kate Moss summer festival style

{2} Beach hair with salt spray – if this is the first time you’ve heard about it, I’ll walk you through the entire process of obtaining that perfectly beach-y, tousled, wavy summer hair without having one teensy tiny toe actually touching the beach! How to obtain your own beach hair spray: combine ordinary kitchen sea salt in about 8oz water, olive oil or coconut oil in a spray bottle and spray into your damp hair. You can add scented essential oils for a more refined scent but basically, it’s all in the salt!

{3} Multi use cosmetics – Kate Moss recommends using a cheek and lip stain for a lovely, quick look update and a bit of eyeliner to accentuate the look.

Kate Moss summer festival hair makeup

{4} Self tanning lotion – for a quick summer halo with the tanning lotion of your choice. Stay away from tanning beds if you want a lovely sunkissed skin, not cancerkissed skin.

{5} Quick remedy for post-festival dreary day. Kate Moss recommends to fill you sink with ice and cucumber and just sink in. Kate Moss guarantees the instant result!

Sure, we could always add a footwear rule to the above as in do not wear something uncomfortable or something that would anchor you into the mud should the rain decide to make an impromptu appearance; an additional rule about the luggage you’ll want to carry either on your back or messenger-style so you’ll have the necessary freedom to dance and wave. Oh, and also something warm to cover yourself once the sun sets…

What are your summer festival tips?

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