Rihanna’s Puma Fenty Creepers Sold Out In Hours

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Rihanna may seem on a slower pace, musically speaking, but nothing stops that pretty head from banking every chance she gets! Her latest fashion foray with Puma seems to be making quite the waves worldwide as her recently released Puma Fenty sneakers sold out in more or less 3 hours after the launch!

Part of what is believed to be a more extensive range, the Puma Fenty Creepers were released in three colors, all suede, with a thick crèpe sole on September 25th with a price tag of (only -_-) $120. Three hours later, all online stocks were sold out and the shoes were overpriced-ly ($180)available on eBay.

Rihanna Fenty Puma Creepers sold out  online

Back in 2014 when Puma announced that Rihanna was their new Creative Director for the Women’s section, I thought a smirk was appropriate. As long as the big name is riding the high fame waves, big $ will quickly enter the brand’s accounts. Rihanna took her mission seriously and released a new line of products with the label Fenty by Rihanna as she declared:

‘I… wanted to dig into their archive and give classic silhouettes my own spin. […] It’s great to find a brand that celebrates strength and individuality.’

Rihanna Creeper Puma sneakers campaign

Not all sneakers aficionados may agree, but the new sneakers do have quite a magic appeal – the simple design, the suede uppers, the creeper pumped-up soles, everything works lovely for this interpretation of the classic Puma Original sneakers. As a fan of the latter (my Adored Husband has a pair he wears for years now, gum soles with burgundy suede uppers) I can’t stop but dream of all Rihanna’s Fenty Creepers in my closet!

Puma Suede sneakers creeper

They’re simple, they go with everything, they have this amazing minimalist design to them – the only downside is the price a bit over-the-top for a pair of suede Puma sneakers and the fact that they’re pretty much sold out worldwide. Unless you want to pay double for a pair should you find a reseller who still stocks it… I’m not going to willingly encourage this type of commerce. Just yet (loosely translates through ‘I don’t want the Creepers that badly. yet.’)

Rihanna Fader magazine cover Puma Furry slippers

See also: Why I lost my faith in Converse sneakers!

Despair not, though! Surely there will be more in the near future as Rihanna has been seen wearing a white pair and a gray one of what we now know to be ‘Fenty Creepers’ and a furry slipper on the cover of Fader October 2015. What do you think about the new redesign of the Puma original suede sneakers? Would you wear the Fenty Creeper sneakers? (images kicksonfire, puma, fader)

Rihanna Puma Creepers white grey suede


#1 Ana on 10.02.15 at 7:37 am

I will pass, thank you.
Her name ( as Beyonce’s and her husband’s, Kanye’s and KK’s ) only serves as a deterrent to me for any product she may eventually endorse, even Dior nowadays.
I love Pumas, I own one bright red, even the soles are red, from that Mihara Yasuhiro collaboration.

#2 kpriss on 10.02.15 at 12:14 pm

I know! That bugs me too! That I’ll have to pay unreasonably much for a collection I only appreciate the end product and not the label! Although I really love Pumas and I was searching for a past McQ model.. One day I’ll make a story with all the sneakers I love or I would love to own. Now I realize I’m more interested in sneakers & such than I am in stilettos and high heels designer shoes (hides faces) – is it bad, Doc? ^_^

(isn’t it fabulous to have the soles a different color than white? )

#3 Ellington on 10.03.15 at 12:04 pm

I say good for Rhianna and her Pumas.
They are cute shoes but I will stick to my Converse, albeit I do own one pair of bubble gum pink and black Pumas and they are a bit of fun.
Now the price point does not bother me nor does the fact that Rhianna’s name is attached to them.
I will say this though that your outrage over this seems to be aimed at people of colour, not one white person is mentioned in your disdain and they all do this stuff be it clothes, shoes or perfume.

#4 Ana on 10.03.15 at 4:17 pm

Crying wolf much ??

KK is Armenian. White caucasian.
The term “white” in Genetics doesn’t end at pale skin.

please a bit of research before gratuitously spitting venon. You know nothing about me to be that judgemental.

and last, but not least, there was no “outrage” in my instances. I’ll just not give my money for talenteless fame who*es.

#5 Ellington on 10.03.15 at 5:21 pm

Yes KK is Armenian, and American but she is tied to Kanye but she is in the African American community she does not present her self as a white woman. As for research I am a bastion of that And I spat no venom, but I see that I touched a nerve..
Why am I crying wolf because I pointed out something that is obvious to me a woman of colour? The people you listed are people of colour who you deemed as fame wh*res, if you had mentioned others who were white I would have said nothing. Like I said they all do this product designer stuff but yet no one rags on the white fame wh*res as you call them.
To end this Ana I will not be policed by you, you spat venom and me, I pointed out in your post that you seem to be put off by Beyonce, Jay Z ,Kayne and Kim and Rhianna. I pointed out something yet you tried to insult me. I was not judging you but your comment, I know nothing of you.

To Kpriss sorry for the fracas but I will not let JANK of any type slide.

#6 Ana on 10.03.15 at 11:51 pm

You can act as the angry black woman as long as you want. It doesn’t affect me. You are the one looking for conspiracy behind each stone. I said nothing about black people. I said about TALENTELESS people who sell themselves as multi talented. If they happen to be black, I won’t hold my opinion. Or do you think black people are above criticism because their skin tone ?
You didn’t touch any nerve. You don’t know me, and I am glad for that. But dont try to put your uninformed words in my mouth.
If you don’t like my comments, just ignore them or throw them to the garbage bin…. Ohhh wait, it is already full with you hat# …

#7 kpriss on 10.04.15 at 8:13 am

I love you both ladies and I have thought long and hard about this comments-situation – I decided to leave the comments where they are. I won’t delete them, I only added some stars to alleviate the harshness on some. I’m a bit saddened by the fact that my choice of publishing this story has ignited a conflict. I know Ellington, just as Ana or myself, or Adriana – to name my dearest and closest efriends I made along the Stylefrizz-road are consensual about brands adding more $value to a certain item just because of the associated star. It is all but marketing and whoever the celebrity endorsing, some products are simply better off with a moderate price – I love Puma’s original suede $60 sneakers and I really, really have a crush on Rihanna’s spin on the classic model. But paying double the money, I don’t feel like it’s the right thing… So that’s my perspective and that’s all my discourse on this story.

#8 Ana on 10.04.15 at 9:46 am

Kpriss : Thanks for standing apart from the mob mentality. You dont have to be sorry about anything my darling. There was no malice in your post neither in my comment. It was beyond ludicrous that somebody could even venture in that way.


Instead of calling me a racist it would be more sensitive just to say : ” what about the white ones ?” but even that would be just to ignore reality when I clearly included a white person in my comment. And I did it involuntarily, there was nothing about race there. It was about the most annoying of the celebrities, in my point of view.


I love your blog Kpriss, When I start to follow you,many years ago, it served me as a piece of inspiration , distraction and stress release when I was facing a very strenuous situation in my life. Unfortunately I don’t come here to be offended online. I will keep following your posts but for while I decline to make any more comments. Hope you enjoy the rest of the fashion week. Keep your beautiful work.

#9 Ellington on 10.04.15 at 12:08 pm

Ana, I never called you a racist.
And I did mention that you did not list white people in your disdain. I say disdain because that is what it is.
your outrage over this seems to be aimed at people of colour, not one white person is mentioned in your disdain and they all do this stuff be it clothes, shoes or perfume. I guess you would have preferred me to say “what about the white ones?” Oh and your mentioning Kim K as just one out of 4 is just not sound,
I think that you disliked that I was not sweet and kind with my words, I will not bow down.

Angry black woman… really that lame trope that is often tossed around by white people because a black woman says something that you do not agree with or wish to see? If I am an angry black woman then I am in good company. Michelle Obama, Nicki Minaj, bell hooks, Rhianna, Eartha Kitt and so many more.
I am not full of hate, I am not a “hater” nor do I hate you.


No I do not think that black people are above critique, but when you list mostly and only black people as fame wh*res and disdain them for doing what all celebrities seem to do fashion wise and marketing wise I will say something.


Oh and to paraphrase another “angry black woman”
Ana, “What’s good?”

Have a good rest of the week.

Best wishes

Ellington ( the “angry black woman”)

#10 kpriss on 10.04.15 at 1:02 pm

My dear friends!
The two comments above will be visible (just as any part of my comment making reference to them) for 12 hours only. I think it’s fair to allow both of you the liberty of speech and to allow this conflict the space and time to consume itself. However, as I said before, I’m saddened by this, especially because two intelligent women I hold dearly in my thoughts in heart seem to be so strong minded in fighting each – other. I know these are not light issues, au contraire, and every little bit helps in clearing things out. But, ever so often Ellington reaffirms her disdain for the K family, Ana as well, so do I and Adriana – we’re on common grounds here. I know you feel just as I do and that keeps me motivated in writing and sharing my opinions with you – because we’re kinda’ like the last dinos, immune to the media virus.

We should be on the same side of the barricade, all the time, fighting next to each-other will only make our voice stronger and valuable. I love your comments, each one of them! I read them over and over, I cherish the priceless information you’re sometimes providing in your comments, pondering on your perspectives has always been therapeutic to me, teaching me about diversity, equality, universality.

I know it may sound childish – but the other day I was so mad and strong-headed about not ever going out on my bicycle ever again and I used some pretty big words to describe how decisive I was… I love my bicycle and I love cycling so much, but I was blinded by my (dark) emotions at that particular moment and instead of being positive about something I love so much, I was being hateful and resentful.
…of course I did go out on my bike again (duuuh!) and while I was frenetically biking my way around cars, I ran my bike in a hole and got a full flat tire. I didn’t have time to properly asses the damage, I was so torn about my negativity and what it had done to something I really like, it got me thinking about you two, about this conflict – I may not believe in religious stuff per se, but I do believe in cause and effect. I do believe in balance and in positive thinking. And I will continue to believe that love is the strongest power in the Universe.

And that love will bring us back together again :-)

#11 Adriana V on 10.04.15 at 3:25 pm

So, you leave the comments here for only 12 hours? So, you can not handle this all, you can not handle a fierce discussion on your blog? You can not handle anything that’s not in your comfort zone, you can not handle the truth? Since you mentioned my name although I just read the piece and was commenting on another article before I read this article and the comments I really begin to question you since I wrote some fierce and not really popular visions here. Have they all been deleted too then?

Back to the topic then. Ellington is right, she replied in decent manners, I see where she’s coming from. I agree. Black people still has to fight twice as hard recognition. The racism in the US of A has been increased since Barrack Obama is president. The black community in the US of A is angry and therefore I hail Dior for hiring Rihanna as the face of the brand. She was a striking in the pink coat at the Dior show as was the campaign she featured in. The PR of Dior are not exactly idiots since this white company wants to cash in as big time. So they hire the most influential face around and that’s Rihanna who can pull off anything and everything. Sometimes I am really jealous, which makes no sense since I also much older than her.
Also, the reason why Puma hired Rihanna and I don’t see what’s wrong with that? White people do it all the time. So Penélope Cruz is fame wh*re as well? I love her, it’s just an example.

Ana, I have read every word here carefully it is you who started to call Ellington names to defend yourself and even got a step further and brought it to an even more offensive level. You could have reacted another way. And have the guts to see your mistake. In today’s Europe I have to correct myself often. I am not a saint! Maybe you are stressed as well Ana and that’s why you even took things a step further. That was not necessary. Where does that come from Ana? And why? At night I often follow discussions on Facebook of the US and Canada. Another world than Europe, different discussions. Yes, Ellington has good points. Black people have the right to be angry on so many levels. One of them is that what you did. Sometimes we do not recognize the racist or xenophobe thoughts and ideas in ourselves. As I said and I repeat, I have to correct myself of late sometimes in today’s Europe.

Every celebrity that works with labels/brands wants to cash in. Period! White and black and any other color or nationality!

Kpriss, Cecilia, do not remove the comments even it’s your blog. You know why I ask you to do so. I am sure there’s a lot to learn of this discussion even if there’s anger in these comments. Geez….. I saw the cute Rihanna Puma’s on Facebook and thought let’s take a peek or comment. But now I feel what’s the use of my effort to comment after all? :(((

#12 kpriss on 10.04.15 at 11:10 pm

I wanted to delete them because it’s not the voice we usually have around here. Around each other. And as much as I loved the topic I initiated with my story, I would hate it to upset any of you, anyone with my words or the fire burning under one of my stories. Yes, I have a lot to learn from that. From you. Always had, always will. But I thought it was reasonable to delete comments that were taken to a very personal level and had no point in being so. As Ellington noticed with sadness, I stand by my non-meddling point. No comments are deleted unless I made it clear the discussion shouldn’t go in a particular direction beforehand. It may not be the best way to handle the heat, and yes, I do treasure my comfort zone, as everyone else’s.
I see now it has come to me, who I am and why I won’t partake and how I handle the situation. I can leave it to conflict, if that’s how you want it, but I feel sad about it and I think we can all do better than that. My life has been plagued by negativity and by silly conflicts, I wanted to close the door on that by avoiding the conflict and the firecrackers. Now I have to figure out a way to get you all back together again as I naively hope it to be possible. How?

#13 kpriss on 10.06.15 at 1:01 am

….obviously the 12 hours are up and so are the comments still
would you want something removed, please let me know!

#14 angry black woman on 10.07.15 at 6:20 pm

it is definitely in your place to intervene Kpriss. when you set up a public site where views and opinions are allowed from readers, u bring upon yourself a wealth of responsibility the least of which being in the protection and respect of everyone who patronizes the site regardless of whether u know them or not.
I understand u can’t control the diverse views of your readers but when
one goes rogue and begins to take personal jabs at another, it is uour sole RESPONSIBILITY to admonish him/her respectively.
You have clearly stated on stylefrizz that, it was founded on Love, love for fashion, entertainment etc
i do believe anything contrary to the goals of the blog should be called out, reminded of how and where the blog is headed.


i am well aware u don’t like confrontations but then again who does? it’s certainly not anyone’s hobby but avoiding it is like avoiding the sun and gravity. that is impossible!!!!
As we move through life, some situations would definitely call for for confrontation. heck, our fellow women had to move through series of such situations to fight for our rights as women to respected and recognized.


As a fellow lover of most things fashion and entertainment, and a black woman or may i say an “ANGRY BLACK WOMAN” i express my utter disgust and disappointment on how things were handled.
if you don’t call out Ana and others like her, you just might be creating a fertile ground to plant seeds of hate and racially induced disdain on what was supposed to be a site for love and great communication among fashion lovers and YES, it is totally your responsibility to do so.
if someone publishes an article and says inappropriate things about race or worse a sexist thing on Vogue for example, would u say Anna wintour should keep mum on things? surely as Editor-in -chief she will be blamed and she will be expected to deal with it accordingly. you might not be the one that passed the comments , as u rightly said ” i am not Ana” but u through your blog has given Ana that platform to write that comment. that platform being Stylefrizz.


Let it be known i, just like u loathe fights, the unnecessary ones. i have been an avid yogi for years and i am one of the least aggressive beings that exist but i refuse to be downgraded or disrespected on account of who i am, race, sex, color etc. namaste!!!🙏🏽

#15 kpriss on 10.08.15 at 11:51 pm

Thank you for this comment! It has been unbelievably touching and useful to me! Your voice, the way you built your discourse – brilliant!

I’m sorry for all the upset I may have caused, intentional and unintentional! Indeed, not taking action sometimes may be just as harmful as stepping right in the middle of the hotzone. Perhaps thinking too much about principles tied my hands behind my back. I would like you to know that I tried to contact Ana using the email she included in her comment form, trying to sort things out and to review her comments. I took a couple of days ‘off’ so to speak , to wait for an answer which I didn’t have until this day.

So I’m sifting through the comments, taking out the big words where they were personal and not addressing the article’s topic.
Again, please know I’m not doing this to take any sides – I’ve waited and meditated long enough to know that not taking any action and trying to remain ‘neutral’ is, in fact, rendering me powerless and it has deeply affected my daily feelings, mood and actions. I was perpetually conflicted inside and I cannot tolerate this any more. I’m wiping the slate clean. I hope you all find it reasonable and understandable – both the process so far, and my current actions. Although I’m sorry it has taken so long and it has undoubtedly saddened you, I want you ALL to know (yes, Ana too) that I acted only with the best intentions, trying hard not to upset anyone or to be unfair.

I ended up being what I feared most and it has brought me deep suffering. I do not want the balance to go off in anyone’s head or heart!
Thank you again ‘angry black woman’, Adriana, Ellington and Ana! You each taught me a valuable lesson and I will treasure that forever.

#16 age of nonsense on 10.09.15 at 6:41 am

I’m a black gay man, original from Nigeria , living in Germany. Maybe I know a thing about the subject of this tread
What I can say is there is a lot of nonsense here. God forbid we express our minds…ever. Good grief, PC-ness has become nauseating.
That “Ana” didn’t say anything racist., It was clear to me she didn’t like that people. No relation with ethnic groups.
That “Ellington” took a few words out of context and decided to create controversy from nothing. When a white person was included in the group it clearly invalidated her arguments. . 100% nonsense. It gave me the impression that the only thing she knows about racial issues is what she read at the comforf of her room, behind the computer.
This kind of things makes me really upset. ” Crying wolf ” as it was named here only deflects importance from our cause.
Team Ana, 100%.

#17 kpriss on 10.09.15 at 9:10 am

Thank you for your feedback! I edited the comments some 10 hours ago, so if you read them since, most of the inflammatory comments were removed (I hope)…

#18 Adriana V on 10.13.15 at 11:22 am

Yes, and that’s exactly what you shouldn’t have done Kpriss, editing Ana’s comments! Now the ‘age of nonsense’ insult Ellington for a second time just because you have no back bone Ms Kpriss/Cecila and don’t have the guts to call Ana out.
I leave it to this because I feel anger coming up and I’m not in the mood to destroy a nice day.

#19 keiko on 10.14.15 at 3:45 am

What a storm in a teacup!
Both view points are valid – equally right & wrong depending on your own life’s experiences; culture; nationality; gender; race etc.
Personally it is the term fame wh*re that is offensive – the rest are opinions that people have the right to – no matter how different from our own.
Pop culture has become so irritating to say the least!

#20 Cate on 10.14.15 at 1:20 pm

“Yes KK is Armenian, and American but she is tied to Kanye but she is in the African American community she does not present her self as a white woman. ”
Does this mean that Kayne is tied to the Anglo WASP community & he does not present himself as a black man?

#21 Adriana V on 10.18.15 at 5:22 pm

How ironic……….some people seems to love riot! I see an old familiar name again and a few new commenter’s. Interesting. Now I wonder if you have read the original comment of Ana that angered Ellington? I usually love Ana’s comments but if I had been Ellington in this case I would have been angry as well. This was a personal attack.

Yes keiko, indeed pop culture has become so irritating to say the least! And that’s an understatement to me since racism and xenophobia has extremely increased on social media. It’s a dirty, stinking sewer! D*mn, I live in Europe so I can tell you lots about it. And Ana as well. I say it again, I have to correct myself sometimes these days………:O

#22 regina on 12.27.15 at 11:24 pm

late to the party just discovered the blog and the shoe. love Rhianna and she earned her chance to endorse/create in entertainment with chart topping music, and grueling concert tours, etc. I’m happy for her and don’t think she should be called a wh*re. Many celebs take advantage of this new stream of revenue, don’t buy if you don’t like but whore is a bit of a stretch to call anyone who benefits from corporate entities willing to pay them, As regards, KK I have never understood her appeal or what exactly is her talent but people love her, so that’s that. She’s not my cup of tea and I wouldn’t buy her products. As for her being white, I guess she has white DNA but I guess most forget she’s white because her physical appearance seems more ethnic and she seems to minimize or at least de-emphasize her “whiteness”. In fact, I’m not a huge fan but from the saturation of her image and interviews in media I can’t ever remember her referencing her white ancestry. Of course, this doesn’t mean she’s not white but I can definitely see why a significant amount of people do not think of her as white, I guess she’s bi racial and like many bi racial people, she seems to have made a choice to be more closely related to the side of the gene pool that she most resembles – her body type presents more voluptuous and bottom heavy than is normally associated with white women so that probably informed her choice.

#23 Adriana V on 12.30.15 at 12:22 pm

The year is almost over, a horrible year for the world and even here on StyleFrizz, especially the comments to the post. I’d like to apologize for my intervention. It’s indeed a storm in a cup of tea. D^mn I hate to read my own comments now, what was I thinking? As if the world isn’t rotten enough. In those days I was very angry about racism of the American police against black people as we all know it does still happen. Also the increasing racism due to the humanitarian refugee crisis in Europe is something I can hardly abide as well as the fear of attacks since the brutal useless attacks although I am not afraid. Not to forget the horrid wars that going, the cause of the humanitarian crisis, on and won’t stop soon.

So in fact, I apologize to all of you who have replied here. Keiko has a valid point, it’s indeed a bit a storm in a tea cup. There’s sh^t enough in this world, lets have some peace here and stop to blow up things out of proportion, yep, including me. Of course!

Wishing you all who read this a good New Year’s Eve and for the sake of us all peace and blessings in 2016. Although I’m afraid human kind don’t want peace, but we can dream can we? I still dream on that we don’t be to harsh to one another………

#24 kpriss on 01.04.16 at 5:07 am

All I can think of right now is ‘Imagine’. Those words resonate in my head ever since I read your comment, Adriana, and felt tears in my eyes. Thank you!
You may say I’m a dreamer
but I’m not the only one <3
Happy New Year! May peace and love be in your heart every day!

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