Dare To Wear Handmade Lace Jewelry By Epuu?

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As I discovered my love for tassel earrings, I tried looking around for more options and as you know I love wandering etsy’s fantastic alleys, I came across EPUU.

Epuu is a handmade jewelry boutique founded by Ebru Cangazi, a young architect with such a strong passion for jewelry design that she decided to pursue this vocation after completing her architecture studies. Lace jewelry, tassel and fringes, chockers and collars, there’s so much handmade creativity in EPUU’s stock! And the photos are lovely and personal with the designer modeling her creations!

dare to wear Epuu jewelry

lace handmade jewelry Epuu

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To my greatest surprise, I came across some lace headpieces that were similar to the wedding veil I created not long ago! Sure, my small diy project is far from being perfect, like Ebru Cangazi’s designs&crafts, but I comfort myself with the thought that great creative minds think alike.(I wish! Wink)

handmade tassel necklaces Epuu

Back to EPUU: if you’re into tassels, you’ll find loads of them here! Earrings and necklaces alike, in bouquets or one-layer moving wonders, Ebru loves playing with the versatile tassels, creating colorful, happy jewelry I would love to wear!

colorful tassel earrings handmade Epuu

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Statement necklaces in colorful lace hanging from the neck down to the waist in a cascade of delicate crocheted jewelry and cool chockers in vivid colors definitely brighten up one’s day and outfit! I find these jewels particularly interesting as I spend my days dressed in uniform-like colors – black-grey-denim. Colorful pieces such as EPUU’s spark my imagination and fuel my creative needs beyond the daily greige.

handmade lace jewelry Epuu etsy

I love looking out for new, interesting and unique handmade items and jewelry are my faiblesse among all of them. High contrasts inspire me, just like they do EPUU’s Ebru:

‘… I decided to go to school to study architecture. I loved creating with my hands and tools, and my design approach began to take shape. Bold structures always impressed me, and I loved creating contrast, like a highly geometric mass cut with a curvy wall (which is now the main approach I use in my jewelry).’

handmade lace jewelry Epuu etsy

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So here comes the title-question – Do you Dare to Wear EPUU’s jewelry? Because I would, definitely! Young, passionate, creative – the designing energy behind EPUU is visible through every thread, through every hoop and lace curve. It may be a personal approach, but I love things that were made with love. I keeps the positivity flow and helps build a better person, a better future.

Like they say: find something you really love to do and you won’t have to work a single day in your life – or in EPUU’s Ebru Cangazi words:

‘ By the time I graduated [architecture], I had to make a decision about my career. It was a difficult one, but I wanted to move forward with my jewelry line instead of architecture. I now love every aspect of my job: shopping, designing, modeling, being a photographer, and marketing. But most of all, I love engaging with customers and hearing feedback from people who love and respect what I do.’

Epuu lace handmade jewelry

You can find EPUU, the boutique here and you can also connect with EPUU via social media on the shop’s Facebook page here!

lace jewelry Epuu

lace necklaces handmade Epuu

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#1 Ana on 09.27.15 at 11:42 am

I love the necklaces. The bolder the better .

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