Dare To Wear Handmade Lace Jewelry By Epuu?

As I discovered my love for tassel earrings, I tried looking around for more options and as you know I love wandering etsy’s fantastic alleys, I came across EPUU.

Epuu is a handmade jewelry boutique founded by Ebru Cangazi, a young architect with such a strong passion for jewelry design that she decided to pursue this vocation after completing her architecture studies. Lace jewelry, tassel and fringes, chockers and collars, there’s so much handmade creativity in EPUU’s stock! And the photos are lovely and personal with the designer modeling her creations!

dare to wear Epuu jewelry

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The New It Bag: Crossbody Sling Bags from Marni & Celine

Going through the Fall Winter 2015 2016 collections, I synthesized the main style coordinates to help you paint a better picture of the season’s wardrobe.

As far as the accessories go, the absolute novelty of the Fall Winter 2015 2016 handbags arena is a design seen in Celine and Marni’s collections. Two Fashion Houses known for their iconic-level handbags and for being truly innovative in their approach. Coordinated with the general perspective, military & fur, these new sling/holster bags deserve the trend spotlight – but do they deserve a place in your wardrobe as well?

new bags trend marni celine sling crossbody

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Top Tennis Players And Their Watches

As the year’s last Grand Slam tournament opened its hard courts this weel, we’re all rooting for our favorite raquet maestros competing for the trophy. Will Rafael Nadal win this round of the 2015 US Open after missing last year because of his wrist injury? Maybe ATP’s no 1, Novak Djokovic recovered his fantastic shape as he struggled during the preparatory tournaments this year?

Will Roger Federer prove his legendary tennis art as he seems to be unstoppable on hard court lately? Or perhaps Andy Murray is going to win his second US Open trophy this year? Stanislas Wawrinka already has a Grand Slam win this year (Roland Garros, keeping Novak Djokovik yet again from adding La Coupe des Mousquetaires to his trophy wall) but he is a winner here at the US Open, why not a second win? Or perhaps Marin Cilic will defend his 2014 US Open title this year?

top tennis players and their watches stylefrizz

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DIY Flowers Headpieces For Summer Wedding & Party

I said something about helping a friend with a wedding a while back – remember the lace headpiece? I also told you that besides the bride’s veil, I handcrafted a special headpiece for the Godmother. She had this beautiful summery silk maxi dress in bright green and bright red blended together in a marbled fashion and I was supposed to accessorize that!

Since the dress was quite simple, only counting on the vivid colors play, I had to amp up the headpiece. And since my friend has a special weakness for some poppies I did for her a while back (these poppies here, only in blood red), I went for a poppies extravaganza headpiece with veil! Perfect for summer occasions: weddings, engagement parties, cocktails or fancy going-outs!

how to diy summer party wedding headpiece

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The New Must-Try Bralette: McQueen’s Leather Lace Harness Bralette

Fall is coming. Are you ready? I’m not. I’d like to hold on to summer. To hold on to summer clothes, to summer food, to summer vacations, to summer glow and summer hair.

I actually have a trick to help me get over the summer bathing suit blues – I focus on the lingerie drawer for the colder months. As the latest in lingerie is the ‘plain sight’ trick, we’ve seen so many undies embracing the aesthetic transformation of the once simple support function of intimate wear! Wearing your lingerie as an actual garment is a thing, people!

lace leather bralette mcqueen

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What Style This Fall: Bohemian Or Military?

Out of the many style suggestions and catwalk models proposed by the talented designers for the Fall/Winter 2015-2016, let’s narrow it to two timeless approaches: Bohemian and Military!

Of the two, what would you choose? Who knows, you may even have it in your closet and you’ll save yourself the splurge for something else! So far, you’ve received a fair share of emails with fall collections from your favorite stores and you may have you heart set on some items, but before you click on buy, read below, it may help you make your best decision:

fall fashion trends report stylefrizz

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Dare To Try Comfortable And Fashionable Shoes!

Audrey Hepburn, Jean Shrimpton – what do they have in common besides their excellent flair for style and an outstanding level of professionalism? (among others) they both loved and wore extensively the iconic original sandal created by Dr Scholl back in the sixties!

I’ve been a loyal fan of practical comfort – you’ve read my accolades for a new Birkenstock collection, now I’ll keep it grounded with a new story about comfortable shoes that are unbelievably comfortable: DrScholl’s, the iconic wood-soled footwear brand is adding amazing new designs to its classic original collection: scroll down to see why I’m so enthusiastic about!

stylish comfortable shoes Audrey Hepbrun Jean Shrimpton

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Eyelashes: Curlers Vs Extensions What To Choose?

As you’ve probably noticed already, I was born with naturally thin & short eyelashes. Cause for permanent sorrow since I always chose to accentuate my eyes when I was wearing makeup.

And that doesn’t happen too often nowadays, but that’s ok, I’m comfortable with who I naturally am. It took me a while, but that’s another episode we’ll (maybe) get into one day. After trying too many mascaras, too many castor oil masks and cosmetic regenerators on my eyelashes, I finally got to the big question: Should I get Lashes Extensions or stick only to my eyelashes curler? Since some of you are also contemplating the same question, scroll down to see the pros&cons and the eyelashes math!

eyelashes curlers vs extensions what to choose

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