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Rihanna’s White Tatoo Heart Campaign For Gucci And Unicef

There’s something strange about Rihanna and her ambassadorship for Unicef via Gucci… It’s like seeing a mother breastfeeding while wearing a studded leather combo… But I guess everything goes in the name of Good Will Fashion.

Gucci has signed up Rihanna for its annual Unicef campaign to benefit African HIV/AIDS infected children, orphans. The collection is called Tattoo Heart and it features the Gucci symbols (the horsebit and the web) in mostly Red and Green on White background, something we’re most used seeing chez Gucci. The design is highly cartoonish and contrasting, rather out of Rihanna’s usual fetish style. The collection will be available starting November 19th 2008 up until the end of January 2009. Besides being an obvious marketing-darling, what relates Rihanna and the Tattoo Heart Collection from Gucci for Unicef? Oh, and does anyone has a déjà vu feeling like I did when I saw the designed stars? Something strongly reminded me of the t-shirt Kate Moss did for Topshop… (via, justjared) (more images right after the jump and a video with a preview of the campaign)

Rihanna Guci Unicef Collection Tattoo Heart ad campaign

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Roberto Cavalli’s Philosopher Yacht

About three years ago I had an undeniable passion for everyclothes Cavalli. Since I have tamed myself into appreciating more quiet elegance and more subtle sexyness.

However, taking a respectful distance doesn’t mean I don’t listen to what the man has to say! And especially when he agrees with me! Let’s enjoy a serious dose of Cavalli-wisdom from a recent interview he gave on board of his yacht in Cannes during the Cannes Film Festival (right after the picture):

Roberto Cavalli Yacht

I love women in all their different incarnations.They are much more intelligent than men. I detest men – dressed or naked – but women… (…) I’m very much against all these celebrities doing diffusion lines. Do I suddenly get up in the morning and say that I am going to start a singing career, with the horrible voice that I have? That’s what these girls do when they show the world how horrible their fashion ranges are. (…) Kate Moss’s collection was badly made, stupid and bland; you see things like that everywhere.

You can’t say I didn’t warn you!
(via telegraph, photos via monacoeye)


Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Collection Fragrances

First of all, let’s get some things cleared up here – we all know who Gwen Stefani is (or at least that’s the presumption I’m taking off from), but maybe not everyone’s familiar with the “Harajuku” term meaning.

Harajuku (according to Wikipedia) has a geographical departure – it’s an area between Shinjuku and Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan and came to be known because of its youth style and fashion, the Harajuku street style being promoted as “Fruits”

Gwen Stefani Harajuku Lovers Perfume

Gwen Stefani’s clothes and accessories line have been strongly influenced by the Harajuku Girls style (a style she began showing off with her first solo album Love, Angel, Music, Baby).

Now when mostly at home due to her second pregnancy, she still has to keep her marketing self busy. She announced the Harajuku Lovers Fragrance line (for September).

Love is floral, Lil’Angel is fruity floral, Music is delicate floral, Baby is powdery musk, G is modern gourmand. So it’s all about flowers and fruits. And Harajuku.

The scents come in $45 for 30ml and $25 for 10ml (plus an upcoming version of the coffret with the solid perfume for $60). Continue reading →


Peaches Geldof Collection for PPQ

Peaches Geldof, the vegetarian, daughter of Sir Geldof is joining the celeb-designer wave.

Of course, she’s more of a fashionista than the others, her sense of style is far more educated so she’ll make a strikingly talented designer. Right? If I was the daughter of who knows what celebrity, or if I was more of a celebrity myself, I would have changed career in no time, making this year jewelry, next year clothes, then accessories, then fragrances, then cosmetics, then home decorations and that would have covered what? 6 years! Wow! Busy bees celebrities are!

Peaches Geldof Images

Not to overlook the official declarations from PPQ! Completely fascinating! Like everyone’s using the same PR agent:

It’s a natural progression that Peaches is designing with us (…)We have managed to provide her with everything a girl needs to party in, and now we have put our heads together and taken things to the next step.

If you could do a capsule collection for a high street fashion store, would you? Knowing it’s not actually your formation? And if you would, for which brand would you do it?
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Party Dress of The Day – Beaded Flapper Dress

Because in our latest post about The British Fashion Award 2007 we told you we were so disappointed in the black-trend for special occasions, we will begin a new series of posts named Party Dress of The Day. And hereby a promise: NO BLACK for our Party Dresses!

And not that there would be something wrong with black! Oh, no! But because that’s so unfair for all those beautiful colours out there just waiting to make your dress unforgettable!

Kate Moss Beaded Flapper Dress Topshop Swing Dress Kate Moss Kate Moss Swarovsky Fashion Rocks
Today we present you the TopShop Version of the dress Kate Moss wore for the Swarovsky event late this year (the dress is part of the Kate Moss Collection for Topshop and it costs $516). The original dress that was auctioned off and raised app. $10.000 for the Prince’s Trust was adorned with 60.000 crystals.