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15 Must Have Items From Kate Moss Topshop 2014 Collection

A new Topshop collection designed in collaboration with Kate Moss is clearly any fashionista’s dream. Out of the many items presented, I narrowed down a selection of 15 pieces I would love to personally own and wear in more than one occasions!

This year’s collection seems to have more glamour than any other previous collaboration between the giant fashion retailer and the legendary British model. Many festival outfits can be mixed from the handful of design as I’m certain the Topshop team, Kate and well respected stylists and trendsetters were consulted in the early staging of the production. Ready? Let’s see what I’d want and then scroll down for all the pieces of the 2014 Topshop Kate Moss puzzle!

Kate Moss Topshop collection 2014 preview

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Kate Moss Topshop FW 2010 Collection Is Out

The last Kate Moss for Topshop Collection is already available in stores! Already have your mind set on what’s missing from your wardrobe? That pansy dress, really, give it another try even if the first time around the dress flew off the shelves in no time! Especially since Kate herself confessed it was her favorite piece from the collection. From all fourteen of them! It’s only the second day of the collection, maybe you’ll get lucky!

And even if you haven’t made up your mind, just give it a try, who knows when there’s going to be another Kate Moss (affordable) wardrobe project on the market? Sure, she still has her Longchamp bag deal going on, but you don’t get a Longchamp handbag for $25, now do you? (the prices for Kate Moss for Topshop Fall Winter 2010/2011 Collection range from $25 to $350) So what did you get for your fancy self from the uber fancy Kate Moss collection? Oh, and if you were going for that limited collection accessories / jewelry collection, it appears there’s no word in the stores when they’ll be getting it. How bizarre…(Topshop)

Kate Moss Topshop fall winter 2010

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Temperley London Spring Summer 2011 Via Kate Moss Topshop

You know I’ve been an admirer of Temperley London’s feminine creations (especially since they have so many dresses! It’s like whispering sweet words straight to my heart).

However, there’s something puzzling me in their latest Spring Summer 2011 collection – a particular dress design. Right from the moment I first laid eyes on that dress, I knew I saw it before. And no, it wasn’t just the animal print thing (which seems to be a big hit in the next year’s summer season, contrary to the usual fall usage of the leopard print). It was the very positioning of the print, the inspiration for the dress. Doesn’t it remind you of one of Kate Moss’ dresses? One she also had designed for her Topshop collections (the 2008 fall collection)? (you can see images from the entire collection here)

Temperley London Summer 2011 tiger dress Kate Moss Topshop

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Kate Moss Topshop Spring Summer 2010 Collection. Finally

Just when I was thinking that the overpriced Kate Moss Topshop Essentials were all we had from Kate Moss Topshop this summer, behold! Today is the big day when the new Topshop Spring Summer 2010 Kate Moss Collection opens in Topshop stores worldwide.

It’s actually not as bad as it could have been, it sheer, it’s vintage-y and it’s modeled by Kate Moss herself. You’ve got maxi dresses from $310 to $160, you’ve got mini dresses from $310 to $135, tops and shorts, jeans, jumpsuits, shirts and capes. Kate Moss SS 2010 Topshop Collection is everything we’d expected and more. Aren’t you curious when she’ll drop the all-silver number she had on for last year’s Met Gala: The Model as Muse? (Topshop via 1, 2)

Kate Moss Topshop Summer 2010 collection maxi dresses

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Kate Moss Topshop Essential Collection

Waiting for Kate Moss to drop her Spring Summer 2010 collection for Topshop, I was thinking we could use some essentials. Topshop essentials, in the Kate Moss collection still.

Aiming at every closet out there, Kate Moss Essential Topshop collection would almost nail that “essential” target if it wasn’t for the price. Paying $40 for a simple grey tee is a bit too much to call it “essential”. And those tank tops they’re slightly out of fashion lately. What are you doing, Kate? Losing your Topshop touch? (via Topshop)

Kate Moss Topshop Essential collection grey tee

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Kate Moss Topshop Fall Winter 2009 Collection

It seems black and white photography is the next fashion thing. That and wearing ripped black tights!

Kate Moss shows how to twist fashion disasters into fashion big hits while posing for her latest Topshop fall winter 2009/2010 collection, already in stores. Set for another worldwide retail success, Kate Moss black and white campaign makes a daring attempt to convince us wasted is the new chic. (the story continues right after the jump with more pictures)

Kate Moss Topshop fall winter 2009 collection kaftan

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Kate Moss For Topshop AW2010 Collection, The Last One

It’s more than your regular commercial fashspeculation of the day. Oh, no, it’s been said over and over, this Kate Moss Topshop Collection Fall Winter 2010 it’s going to be her last with the fast fashion retailer. And it will surely be a bestseller, even more than all others before it.

Kate herself designated one piece of the collection as her “favorite” – and it’s the… drum roll please! the pansy dress! One of the absolute sellouts of the previous collections – one of the ten such re-editions. So if you’re looking for that Kate-special thing, get your fashionable self to the nearest Topshop store on November 2nd. Kate Moss herself will be hosting a special party in the Oxford Circus Topshop the very launch day to celebrate her past and present collections with Topshop. Need more details? Try the video below! (and the official website here)


Kate Moss Christmas 2009 Topshop Collection

Thursday, October 29, 2009, the launch day of the new Kate Moss capsule collection for Topshop. And since Christmas is just around the corner, it makes a world of commercial sense to have a Christmas-y collection from Kate Moss!

Plus a nightwear and lingerie special from Kate la Moss! The pictures look very much the usual Moss – Bardot-ness and if you were wondering why the so dramatic cleavage, the answer lies in the new lingerie pieces. (the story continues right after the jump with more images!)

Kate Moss Topshop Christmas 2009

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