Kylie Minogue Furnishings

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From last night on, you can all imagine what’s it like to have “Kylie At Home”! It seems that celebrities want to expand their artistic domain and they all get into design.

If it was that easy, I’d try it too! After designing (sort of speak) a line of swimwear for the giant retailer H&M, Kylie’s getting into interiors. At least she doesn’t pretend all the credentials, having told the press that the home furnishing line was created with the help of her stylist, William Baker.

Kylie Minogue “Kylie at Home” launch Kylie Minogue Furnishing Launch

This exceeded my expectations. It was fantastic. I invited the design team to my home and took them around my house, showing them all the things I love, so many things that could give them an idea of what home meant to me – anything inspirational, from my wallpaper to my boxes of clothes. I don’t have it on my bed yet but I will do!

She declared last night while launching the luxury bed linens (to sell at House of Fraser and Debenhams)

After reading these lines I have to ask – what does it mean having your own collection? “showing around” a bunch of personal items and afterwards signing the sketches? And then preparing for the big launch of your collection (in whatever domain that would be)?

Do you think that big names only serve for marketing purposes? Or do you really value their designer talents? (in which case, I’d really love to see a working sketch designed by … let’s say Kate Moss?)


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#2 e.varden on 02.08.08 at 5:04 am

Oh dear. As much as I heart Kylie, these pictures of her in a chicken-costume on her undressed bed and in a black-and-blue tent with legs sticking out preclude any possibility of taking her seriously in “design”.

You can sing, sweetie. In all other arenas, shut up.


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