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How To Wear Summer Outfit Essentials: Linen

Linen is my fabric of choice for Spring and Summer. Hopefully it will become yours too, after reading this story! While writing about my favorite pieces from Kate Moss & Topshop new collection, it occurred to me I never talked about something that’s of capital importance to me: linen.

For Spring and Summer, I could wear linen (and actually do wear it) 24/7. Because it’s natural, because it looks amazing and because it’s so versatile! How many fabrics have you seen worn in and out of office, on the bed or hanging at the windows with the same perfect elegance and easiness?

Summer essentials style guide Linen

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Latest Style News: Angelina’s Tux, Cara’s Mulberry Bags, Amber’s Esquire & More

Europe is the new black! Fashion Week is officially ongoing and Europe based for the next couple of weeks (London is on right now, we still have Milan and Paris to look forward to). The 2014 BAFTAs just happened. This news-snack fest rounds some of the biggest style&entertainment headlines of the past couple of days!

Kate Middleton Jogging Outfit

Looking just like any of us only classier and well, a princess, Kate Middleton took her sweet baby boy, Prince George, her dog, Lupo, for a jog in the park. And we can’t help but admire how normal yet gorgeous she looks!

Kate Middleton jogging outfit park

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Catwalk Czarina: Temperley London Fall 2012

Temperley London was always among my favorite catwalks and the Fall Winter 2012 2013 collection makes no exception. Although much more floral than I expected, less precious neckline embroidery and less flowy, simple lines, I still saw the same aristocratic beauty I loved. Only in a more folk, Slavic way. Like some time – travelling Czarina who landed at some Woodstock concert! (the entire collection here)

Temperley London Fall Winter 2012 2013 czarina


Naomi Campbell’s Clothing Collection With Ittierre

Naomi Campbell has inked a fashion deal. But not the photographic cum magazines one, like you would expect! Oh, no! It’s a clothing designer deal for a four – year designer job chez Fiorucci’s Ittierre.

A first collection with 15 pieces was introduced to the press, mainly jeans (just a little hint – Naomi’s i-D’s tee shirts were also signed Ittierre, so it’s no accident that she inked a fashion deal with the Italian brand that’s also responsible with the likes of D & G, Just Cavalli, GF Ferre, Versus). Either way, I doubt she will ever meet Kate Moss’ success, don’t you? (plus there’s little chance that she would be taken seriously wearing those furry Louboutins! Kitty cat much?) (via)

Naomi Campbell Clothing Collection


Scarlett Johansson’s Mango Fall Winter 2010

There’s that time of the year when design collaborations are piling up, ready for the Holidays season extravaganza. We’ve seen Kate Moss, we’ve seen H & M. Now let’s see Mango and their Scarlett Johansson Winter 2010 design moment.

The clothes look great in this advertorial moment, Scarlett herself looks gorgeous, there’s surely a pinch of glittery festive fabric in the mix. In terms of fashion, however, I’m having a hard time understanding what made Scarlett Johansson such an important item style-wise as to have chosen her to design / represent the fast fashion house. I should have asked the same question when we were talking about Penelope and Monica Cruz designing and representing Mango. Is it too late to start doubting the fashion power of the Mango celeb collections? Would it be – in the end – just a matter of cashing in their fame? (photos Mango)

Scarlett Johansson Mango Fall Winter 2010 collection

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Claudia Schiffer Designed Collection For Iris Von Arnim

It seems being a mother of three in addition of being a super super supermodel isn’t enough these days! You have to be the designer of your own fashion collection!

Claudia Schiffer recently announced she was launching a cashmere collection in collaboration with Iris von Arnim, a German knitwear brand. Because they share the same values and vision. Judging by how mesmerized Donna Karan cashmere collection left me, I expect nothing less from Claudia’s new project. Too bad there’s always a price tag issue to keep me away from that precious cashmere. That and the new vintage coordinate – how could I choose something new when old is the new new? (IvA via)

Claudia Schiffer Iris von Arnim


Rini By Irina Lazareanu Collection Out Soon

A while back I was convinced that Irina Lazareanu was the real style icon and I was sharing that noteworthy suspicion with you. Ever since, I haven’t heard much about Irina, much to my sadness (maybe once off Kate Moss’ radar, Irina was off everybody else’s too).

Until now: Rini by Irina Lazareanu is the name of her upcoming clothing collection. It’ll be launched this September, in Japan, under the Baroque Japan label. I’m sure it won’t be a disappointment and I can only hope at least images from her Rini by Irina collection will surface for our eyes delight. Would you rather by Rini by Irina or Kate Moss for Topshop? (ToE via R29)

Rini by Irina Lazareanu


Norma Kamali For Wal – Mart Collection

I’m looking at this tee for two days already and I’m telling you – it’s haunting! Besides being almost hypnotizing when you stare at it, it just sticks with you, in your head. It did so with me.

Sure, it’s Christopher Kane – similar, however, there’s something more you should be aware of when thinking about Norma Kamali’s Wal-Mart collection: it’s budget friendly (unlike other essentials we talked about) and gorgeous all at once! And really, that eagle tank top (which only retails for $8 and can be found more likely online than in store) is such a fine piece of garment! Say it isn’t (and bring some solid arguments to sustain that, otherwise I’m compelled to give in to the obvious: Norma Kamali’s Wal-Mart collection really rocks!) (via)

Norma Kamali Aigle tank top Wal Mart collection