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Kate Moss Leather Bag By Rock Angel Wings

Kate Moss is one to never fade her influence over the fashion/commerce world. Not only her Topshop collection lives a long, successful life, she also added bags to her designer resume by teaming up with Longchamp.

Now it’s yet another bag to line up in her iconic’s name shadow. Signed by Rock Angel Wings, it’s more inspired by Kate than made by her. With an anchor tattoo on the front flapper (Kate’s wrist anchor tattoo, anyone?) and lyrics from the Kills song “Cheap and Cheerful”, this is the first official product celebrating Kate Moss and Jamie Hince style togetherness. So with a satchel normally priced from $925 to $1,125, Rock Angel Wings gives yet more commercial credit to Kate Moss. Is there anything she can’t sell? (via)

Kate Moss leather bag Rock Angel Wings


Kate Moss For Longchamp Fall 2010 Bags Collection

Kate Moss is my favorite serial collection “designer” – there she goes with her second collection for Longchamp. Which is perfectly fine with us, as long as she looks civilized and put together (and the bags are affordable – that’s another story altogether, so let’s leave it to the first for now). She must be really busy, with all that Topshop collections work piling up season after season, now Longchamp!

The Longchamp bags as designed by Kate Moss for the Fall Winter 2010/2011 collection look ready to use, pretty comfy and lasting. I wouldn’t mind trying few models myself (blushing). Would you? (via)

Kate Moss Longchamp Fall Winter 2010 shoulder bags

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Kate Moss For Longchamp. The Bags. The Ads

You may remember Kate Moss from the Longchamp ads. And you may also have heard that Kate Moss went from model to designer for Longchamp this season!

Kate Moss for Longchamp is Kate Moss’ new design adventure into bagland, her first of the kind. To keep it real and coherent, she’s using the same logo/characters as for her Topshop designed line and she’s also going for a recurrent back seat ad theme (remember Parisienne?) (the story continues right after the jump with more images and a behind the scenes video!)

Kate Moss for Longchamp Summer 2010

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Christopher Kane’s Topshop Collection

Techno edgy, substantially glamorous and irresistible, Christopher Kane’s collection for Topshop hits stores Friday, September 18th. You have almost 10 days to get ready for the psychedelic funky fashion adventure that is the Scottish designer Christopher Kane.

It’s like the fresh air you needed after Kate Moss doing that vintage-y, grannie’s closet collection of hers. Oh, and yes, there will be replicas of that Gorilla print you saw on Rihanna a while back! Already marked your calendar? Friday, September 18th it’s Christopher Kane and Topshop time!


Kate Moss New Haircut: The Rachel!

If you doubted the nineties power and influence on today’s times and fashion, Kate Moss brings you more proof to sustain the above.

She just chopped off her locks in a most 90s shape and style: The Rachel! Remember the first, very first season of Friends? Then you’ll remember how everyone (and their dog) wanted the waitress Rachel Green’s haircut! (the story continues right after the jump! You can see larger pictures with the original Rachel haircut and compare it with Kate Moss new do)

Kate Moss new haircut The Rachel

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Kate Moss And Her YSL Muse Bag

When you’re the lucky owner of an original Yves Saint Laurent, chances are you wear it to exhaustion. Especially if that YSL piece is a handbag!

Now maybe things could be different if you had that YSL bag and you were Kate Moss! Maybe (just maybe!) you could buy yourself that YSL bag over and over again, at least one every month. In every shade and texture possible! But that’s not what Kate Moss would actually do! No-no! She’d take her YSL Muse tote and carry it allover, at that point that the bag ends up looking all trashed up! I really liked that Muse Bag and dreamed about for quite some time but I moved on and changed for a messenger bag, more suited for my active life. But not Kate! Kate is a faithful girl! Faithfull to skinny jeans, faithful to fur coats, faithful to her bags, faithful to her boots, faithful to her Topshop collection. She was renewed for another three years. Maybe, along the way, we’ll even get the chance to buy our very own trashed up YSL-Muse lookalike from Topshop Kate Moss. Or one of those worn-out boots she’s so fond of! Would you buy one if given the collection-chance? (via wwd, popsugar)

Kate Moss Yves Saint Laurent Muse bag


Kate Moss In London Sunday Times Style Magazine October 2008

Kate Moss on the cover of a magazine. Nothing new, nothing blue, just a black and white picture by Mert and Marcus.

Word for every fashionista out there: work on that open mouth pose. That pose where you’re trying to show your lips like you were Angelina Jolie and in the same time mimic some words so it’ll all work out naturally for a cheap sidewalk-suited expression! (more after the jump)

Kate Moss Times Style Magazine October 2008 Cover

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Kate Moss US Vogue August 2008

When the rumors about a new Vogue with Kate Moss promised a Brigitte Bardot look for her I felt disappointed. The eternal lack of originality disappointment.

Then again we’re talking a vacation issue somehow, clichés are the assured success. Or not. US Vogue is stubbornly committed to shred everyone’s conception about age and looks into photoshop pieces and throw them to the crowds. They’ve done before, they’ll do it again. And again.(two more images follow after the jump)

Kate Moss US Vogue August 2008 Cover
Kate Moss Party Look
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