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Kate Moss Starlight T-Shirt For Charity

Knowing how it really works and how “personal” are the personal designs of celeb-turned-designers, what exactly does it mean that Kate Moss personally designed a t-shirt? Giving her signature on a predesigned theme?

All the profits from the Kate Moss Starlight T-Shirt go to the Starlight Children’s Foundation that just celebrated the 21st birthday this week: “Starlight offers a lot of hope to a lot of children at a difficult time in their life. I was really happy to help.” Does a charity involve you more when a celebrity is already in?

Kate Moss Topshop Starlight T shirt
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Kate Moss Trouble With Luggage – London’s Heathrow T5 Bags Twilight Zone

Not long after Naomi’s Heathrow luggage trouble, Kate Moss finds herself in a similar situation. Living England for US sunny shores with her daughter and 8 suitcases was all fine.

Coming back with her daughter and 10 suitcases wasn’t quite the same. The Heathrow Terminal 5 is a luggage twilight zone since 28,000 bags were lost in a month from the opening of the terminal.

Kate Moss Heathrow Luggage Incident

And that’s not the only thing I found out from the incident! It seems that, somewhere in the 10 Louis Vuitton was also the prototype collection of Kate Moss’s line for Topshop fall edition.

Naomi Campbell Heathrow Arrest

I really hoped this was coming to an end with the present flop. I guess it’s far from it. And plus – they appear to have located the luggage, hence the collection will be returned safe and sound.

Is someone famous more entitled to require special treatment? Naomi made a splash out her luggage problem at T5. Kate Moss chose a low profile but the news still made it to the media so it’s a big issue nonetheless.

How’s a “famous” bag more different than your bag for instance?

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Topshop Emma Cook Spring Summer 2008

And another designer for a fast-fashion chain. And it’s a returning collaboration, en plus! Emma Cook worked a capsule printed collection for Topshop available in UK since yesterday.

My problem with this print is that I rather see it suited for nighttime use. Like when in need for some sleep, you begin to count down the zebras, the white, the stripy.

Emma Cook T-shirt for Topshop Spring Summer 2008

I remember a song named “Born Sleepy” – this the right name for this exquisite creation.

Undoubtedly tainted with most fashionable colors and basic enough to make a perfect seduction out of this little summer number, however, I don’t feel convinced.

Would you Cook-up your wardrobe with these zebras for the summer?

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Will Broome Topshop Collection

After the Kate Moss fiasco, my heart trembled with joy awaiting the 20th of April when Will Broome Collection for Topshop gets officially launched.

Of course, Will not having such resonance as Kate, the announced capsule collection wasn’t, in fact, launched on the website in preview. No collateral website either (like in La Moss case) so I still have my hopes that the collection’s just beautiful.

Will Broome Topshop Collection
Otherwise they would have made a circus out of it like for Miss Kate.

For now just three pictures, one with a t-shirt, an official preview from the capsule collection and the others two with Will Broome’s illustrations (you may find it familiar because he has an ungoing collaboration with Marc Jacobs, the pictures representing Will Broome’s artistic work, courtesy of Murray Arthur).

I’ll keep you posted with the news on this collection, as soon as it will (finally) be launched.

How does the collection sound for you?

Will Broome Illustration
Will Broome Drawings
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Penelope Cruz Ads For Mango Summer 2009

Winning an Oscar doesn’t make Penelope Cruz forget her fashion gigs. She still has a line (with her sister) chez giant retailer Mango and now her Summer 2009 ad campaign pictures have surfaced.

With her heavy makeup on and her pretty clothes, Penelope Cruz could easily score a high street fashion Oscar too! Looking at her designs, I don’t have the intrusive feeling of going through her closet, like I do in Kate Moss Topshop case. And since I haven’t lost my taste for dresses and classic-like, timeless outfits, I find her designs most interesting! (but where’s her lil’sis?) (don’t miss the gallery with Penelope Cruz photos from her latest Mango campaign right after the jump!) (photos via)

Penelope Cruz Mango summer 2009

Penelope Cruz Mango summer 2009 1

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Lindsay Lohan Clothing Collection

Yes, your eyes are just fine! Lindsay Lohan’s clothing collection in the making these days (it’s the WWD-Bible who broke the wonderful news to the world!)

And that doesn’t mean I deemed her leggings line with the “clothing line” title! It means she’s really going for designing clothes! I suspect the designing will be really easy – skinny, leggings, white/gray/black t-shirts, cardis. (don’t miss the rest of the pictures right after the jump!)

Lindsay Lohan skinny black

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Spring Summer 2016 Festival Chic With Saint Laurent

Wellies may be in our permanent wardrobe rotation come fall, however, few of us actually see the rubber boots on Saint Laurent’s runway. Hedi Slimane came up with a collection torn from the Glastonbury landscape circa early 2000. Suspended in a the muddy temporal loop, Slimane’s Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2016 collection is an epic blast from the not so distant fashion past!

Looks we’d see Kate Moss wear or on the backs of some rock royalty offspring born and fed with the silver spoon who isn’t afraid of dirt trashing a silk sequined embroidered dress. Hedi Slimane’s collections are the perfect example for fashion snobs mimicking authenticity and taking uniqueness pre-styled right off the store rack.

Saint Laurent Spring Summer 2016 collection highlights

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Freja Beha Erichsen For Zadig & Voltaire Capsule Collection

After seeing Kate Moss for Topshop, finding out about Alexander Wang for H&M and Roland Mouret for Banana Republic, how about Freja Beha Erichsen for Zadig & Voltaire?

Before you go arching your eyebrows in a perfect ‘zadig-and-vol-what?’, just think that both Jared Leto and Julianne Hough were reportedly wearing items from Zadig&Voltaire at Coachella last weekend! The new collection which is currently only available on the original French website of the brand, is called ‘Freja meets Zadig & Voltaire’ and counts (so far, at least) 5 pieces!

Freja Beha Erichsen collection with Zadig and Voltaire

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