Christina Aguilera for Stephen Webster Ad Campaign 2008

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Alfred Hitchcock made quite a comeback this year. 2008 is going to be glamorous or not at all.

Rear Window and Dial M for Murder are the two main themes of the Stephen Webster jewelry line two ad-prints to appear in this number of W. It seems she was pregnant when she shot these pictures (when coming back from her tour) but that doesn’t harm in any way the quality of the photo shoot.

Christina Aguilera for Stephen Webster Ad Campaign 2008

Maybe it’s a cliché, but I prefer this retro Christina than Xtina or whatever she was called before and during the “Dirrty” period of her life. I know someday I’ll grow tired of it, until that day, I’ll enjoy her pin up sparkling just for my eyes pleasure. So? She did a good job with this advertising campaign?

Christina Aguilera for Stephen Webster Ad Campaign


#1 Armine Abrahamyan on 03.05.08 at 10:47 pm

I think this jewelery is just gorgeous. I’d love to have the necklace on the photo.


#2 Linda on 03.05.08 at 11:17 pm

I think she did a good job, especially since she was pregnant during the photo shoot. The photographer did a great job with the angle so you can’t even tell she’s got a big belly! ;P

#3 kpriss on 03.06.08 at 3:32 am

Which one, Armine? The first picture is very old Hollywood but the second looks rather bizarre to me.

I doubt it’s all in the angle, Linda, my guess is that photoshop has a saying in that no-baby-bump thing ;)

#4 stacey on 08.07.08 at 3:08 am

They’re gorgeous photos..
but you can see photoshop took a big part in it, even her face, her face was huge when she was pregnant so he did a good job on the double chin and puffy cheeks.
her nose isnt the same in the first photo though, hes made it so small, structured and cute, unlike the second photo, which the bone is lumped forward instead in curved in.

#5 kpriss on 08.09.08 at 2:40 pm

You made some very good points there, Stacey! Indeed the nose is different in the two pictures but I think the shots were taken before her pregnancy or in the early stage so she wasn’t all that puffed up. You know for certain it was during the 9 months?

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