Carine Roitfeld’s Snobby Talk

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If Anna Wintour dug her own fashion-grave when politics took over her style & fashion self, the fashpopulation of the world turns to France for some quality style advice.

So it only comes naturally that a week after the prestigious Met Benefit Gala, a short how-to interview with Vogue Paris’ Carine Roitfeld floods the fashinternet. Not likely to see a crossover in American Vogue territory any soon: Carine is all pros for the French women! (don’t miss Carine’s French wisdom right after the jump!)

Carine Roitfeld Acne

French women are chic and stay fashionable because they have the culture:

“the culture of clothes (…) In France you cannot see what labels we are wearing. It is very snobby.

there is culture here in France that even if you are older you can stay beautiful.

(…) in New York (…) you have these huge places where hundreds of people are running together. This doesn’t exist in France. We don’t have the space and it’s really not in the French mentality.

In France we drink wine and eat cheese and bread and finally we stay slim.

Everyone tried to be this Gucci girl that we created. So I am sure we were part of this tendency.

We have a scale in the office because we travel a lot and sometimes you can’t bring more than 25 kilos a case.

The Parisian girl knows how to take care of herself and take advantage of what she has.

(…)the flirt is a very French specialty. The French consider la seduction to be one of the arts of living.”

So Carine Roitfeld chez American Vogue wouldn’t feel as chic as she feels in Paris… What are we to do, all those who don’t breathe the same Parisian chic-air? (via 1, 2, 3)

Carine Roitfeld faces Purple


#1 Adriana on 05.13.09 at 7:06 am

I’ve spent yet some time on this interview. Wasted time. What a snobbery! I wonder if this woman still knows what goes on the real world besides her fab très chic fashion world.

My French is very, very limited and I haven’t met many French who are willingly to help you out and try at least some English. I don’t mind that on the country side but in Paris? One of the important big cities in the world? Pfff, such arrogance. Of course there are exceptions to every rule…..At least on the country side the people are friendly and more helpful. Paris is a very beautiful and interesting city in certain area’s. I don’t like the population that much… shoot me.

Oh, only the French can flirt and seduce? And then it’s art of course.
I’ve noticed they like to flirt and their girls or wifes get angry! One has hit me with her bag! And older woman. I never forget that of course. So older women are more accepted? Right! They don’t need gyms? I hate it but what’s wrong with gyms now? Carine, the Netherlands have less room than France but we have gyms…..big ones….
They don’t eat? Gosh, France and Italy, THE countries where I can gain weight because of their fabulous yummy food! Do only tourists eat that? I’ve seen enough bigger and fat people in France. Oh sorry, this is Paris. It’s Vogue Paris after all.

I’m so annoyed that I’m afraid I’m going to say more wrong things so I quit with this: Carine is this a text for a snobbish cliché tourist folder for foreign fashionistas?

#2 Ellington on 05.13.09 at 5:04 pm

Well in order to keep the illusion you have to sustain it.
Utter poppycock and snobbish tripe I’d say.

#3 cc on 12.31.09 at 1:59 am

If a woman thinks she is chic, she is. If a woman thinks she is sexy, she is. How are you going to convince her otherwise? By telling her she’s a snob?
Carine is not a snob, she is something quite different, a rare breed: she is a confident woman.

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