Carine Roitfeld Is Mademoiselle C In Her Own Movie!

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Did you know that Carine Roitfeld has her own movie-like documentary? An entire film about Carine Roitfeld and her fashion adventures. From her iconic Vogue Paris era to her CR Fashion Book days. I was really surprised by this move. The September Issue, anyone? Except it’s bigger. Better. And French. (wink)

Except… there’s something fishy here: not only does this new fashion film center around Carine’s life as a fashion magazine editor and fashion stylist but also around her life as a mother, grandmother, career woman and woman, in short. That hasn’t been done in the September Issue. Because Anna Wintour is a real professional and doesn’t expect nor desire that her personal private life to become public. Especially in fashion, where everyone is so judgmental.

Carine is a player. A high fashion teaser. Her fashion performance resembles so much to Miley’s VMAs act that I can hardly contain my amazement at the thought that nobody raised any eyebrows about Carine’s teasing until now. Not like they do with young Miley there…

Carine Roitfeld movie Mademoiselle C

Where the difference? In the high heels and the designer clothes? Oh, wait, is it because Carine Roitfeld is French and the French word for ‘bad taste’ is ‘chic’?

Did you know that Carine Roitfeld is living – like she confesses herself in the film – with the same man for over 30 years? And that her kids are now grownups and Carine herself is a grandmother? What? You weren’t aware that Carine is not a married woman? Never was (the French and their liberte)! Hence the ‘Mademoiselle C’ title of the documentary! There’s something about that title that’s bothering me, though. In France, there’s a highly esteemed fashion journalist named Agnes Boulard. She’s been reporting about fashion since the 90es. And she’s been doing it under the alias ‘Mademoiselle Agnes’. See what’s bothering me? Mademoiselle C – Mademoiselle Agnes

I’m certain that Carine wouldn’t offend Agnes Boulard in purpose. And she wouldn’t insult the fashion audience’s intelligence by pretending she was the first to put a ‘Mademoiselle’ label next to her name either. ‘Coco Mademoiselle’ has been around since 2001, ever since Carine took the helm of Vogue Paris. Coincidence? Perhaps. Perhaps it’s all about reinventing the past, like it’s always the case in fashion.

Carine Roitfeld Mademoiselle C documentary

Carine Roitfeld, at her fashion debut in Elle, was far from being a good stylist. But then something happened one day and when she met Mario Testino, she clicked! She felt that there was room for more in fashion and that she would make that ‘more’ her own. With more cigarettes and less clothes. With more high heels and less weight.

Carine Roitfeld grandmother stylist

From there on, it’s just a simple ride under the simple principle of one hand washes the other: highlight a designer, they’ll highlight you back. The grand Tom Ford said that Carine is the ideal woman for him: do you think she got there out of the fashion blue? Seriously? Do you think anyone gets pampered by fashion designers just because of their high heels and skinny frame? It’s all in the book of Charm&Rewards. The CR Fashion Book… and soon in a theater close to you!


#1 Madame A on 08.28.13 at 10:33 am

No, no one raise eyebrows when it comes to Carine’s styling like she did during her Vogue Paris days. (And so many other styling in fashion magazines or what we see so regular in Fashion.) Because it’s Fashion dahling, Fashion with a capital ‘F’.
What poor, young Miley did was living up to the rules and expectations as many other girls and young women set by this F-elite.
People should give it another thought than what I have read in bewildering on the internet the last days…..
I’m around for quite some time, it’s like the clock has been set back like fifty years ago? Think about it.

But nonetheless I want to see this film of course. Curious. I am Madame C(urious) ;)

[To me the September Issue is so very much about Grace Coddington . That’s why I bought the dvd. :) ]

#2 Appollonia on 09.04.13 at 11:58 am

That’s it!!! All over the web you probably did notice already. Kim Kardashian on the cover and a shoot in The CR Fashion Book. Now ain’t that uber chic? Pfff……

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