The New Nail Art Trend: Chanel Toe Rings As Nails Rings

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While reviewing the Haute Couture shows from the Fall 2013 season, I noticed something new proposed on the Chanel runway. Something rather intriguing as we’re used to a new nail polish color pouring down from Der Kaiser’s presentations!

So my dahlings, start saving on your nail polish budget only to throw yourself full speed on rings! Marcasite adjustable rings are the new nails do / must wear jewelry. Come to think of it, while the average Chanel nail polish comes with a $27 price tag and the average sterling silver simple toe ring comes with a $3 price tag. We’re in for a real accessories/beauty deal if we’re to bet on Chanel!

the new nail art trend Chanel Couture rings

It’s not the easiest way to wear your accessories, but you know you have to forget about comfort if you’re an avid fashion follower! Sure, you need to mix and match your rings, wear them on each nail and on the fingers as well, but the end result is quite catchy and an unusual blend of vintage rock and elegant sophistication.

the new jewelry must

As always, it will undoubtedly be a bestselling trend! You know fashionistas worldwide can’t wait for yet another trend from the undisputable master of fashion, Karl Lagerfeld! So what say you my dahlings? Stocking on toe rings already? (thanking styledotcom for the images)

Chanel Couture rings

new rings trend Chanel

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