Tiana, The Black Princess And The Frog!

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We’re trying so hard to make racism du passé and stop the whitewashing, we just had to dig at the very source of things: education.

Disney felt it coming so it was only natural that they propose a story to the wide audience in high demand of something more relevant for the current skin reality: The Princess and The Frog features a Black Princess character: Tiana. (the story continues after the jump! Don’t miss the trailer and the gallery with pictures from the upcoming Disney The Princess and the Frog!)

Tiana The Princess and the Frog

Disney‘s Princess Tiana is black. Then there’s the wise of the story – Mama Odie – she’s black too. There’s also a trumpet singing Alligator named Louie (Armstrong, anyone?). Princess Tiana lives in New Orleans, in the Jazz Age and she’ll hit the big screen around Christmas, this year (2009). Tiana’s voice is Anika Noni Rose, Tiana’s mother’s voice is Oprah. Have to ask, though, why Tiana’s firefly is toothless? She’s surely not at that teething age so why does Disney have to bring that out?

Facilier Disney princess frog

We might as well ask ourselves why Black Princess were left so far behind (Alladin’s Jasmine was born in 1992, Pocahontas in 1995 and Mulan in 1998). Imagine if there was no President Obama this year!

Louie princess frog Disney

Mama Odie Disney princess frog

Naveen Disney frog Princess

Naveen Tiana frogs Disney

Ray Disney princess frog


#1 Adriana on 03.18.09 at 9:19 am

It was about time! Though I’m not really a fan of Disney movies to be honest they are too respectable for my taste. Too correct?
Anyway, Princess Tiana and her frog does look so adoreable in this teaser. I almost forget I’m not really a Disney fan. But that firefly? Why is he looking like a scary vampire?

#2 Ellington on 03.18.09 at 2:32 pm

I must say its about time, but here she is Princess Tiana. : )
I am sure that Disney will invite or have a special viewing of the film for Malia and Sacha.
I will see this film with my nephews, as I am a fan of animation.
Oh and I think that they are killing two birds with one stone in this film,the frog Prince is Hispanic.
As for the firefly he is suppose to be an Bayou Cajun firefly, the few teeth he has gives him “personality” I guess?

#3 Jill on 11.25.09 at 11:53 am

The firefly is toothless cause he’s swampy and hillbilly-ish (Every Disney movie has a grubby character, so let’s not take it personal).
Her prince isn’t officially Hispanic, he’s from a made-up country called Maldonia, though his voice actor is from Brazil.

#4 Jennifer on 09.15.10 at 8:09 pm

I think its great that not only did they FINALLY give us a BEAUTIFUL black princess, but they finally gave children a bi-racial relationship, and marriage in a Disney film!!! Love, love, love it!!! Long over due!!!

#5 Brie on 10.02.10 at 11:37 am

(1) Was this made before, during, or after Hurricane Katrina? (2) Why did the mother have to be Oprah? (3) Notice she’s the only princess to actually work her a*se off AND get paid for it. (4) Why does the so-called Hispanic prince have a lily for a buckle on his dress uniform? That’s just homosexual. (5) I want Odie’s snake! It’s so cute! XD

#6 Kushondra on 12.03.10 at 8:04 pm

I am very touched that Disney decided to make a movie with an interaccial relationship. I am a black woman and my husband is white. Our daughter loves the movie. I am very happy that she will see that mommy and daddy’s relationship is about love and not race at an early age. She is three and she said to me after the movie. They are in love mommy. Not she is black he is white. I was very touched.

#7 Ellington on 12.04.10 at 2:04 pm

That is really a lovely and timely story Kushondra. Thanks ever so much for sharing it with us! :)
My two nephews who are black and white also loved the film, and loved that the Princess was the same colour as their auntie and grandma! I love the film too. :)

#8 Sarai on 08.13.11 at 10:13 am

This is such a cute story. Great morals for kids and lots of catchy songs.

#9 Jaesyn on 01.09.12 at 5:17 pm

I love this movie!!!!!! im black toooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
=-D =-D =-D =-D =-D =-D

#10 Kendall on 11.17.20 at 4:44 pm

I’m just trying to figure out what the heck is up with the fact that the word black is in front of every time the word princess Tiana is said, believe me I love that it states that she’s black because as a black girl i grew up with the best princess out of the classics but I understand that she is BLACK the first time you said it, it dosen’t need to be said over and over again she’s a princess Tiana not “the black princess Tiana” period that’s all that needs to be said.

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