Casual Star Style: Chloe Sevigny White Shoes, Total Denim Look

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Today we’ll be briefly talking about Miss Indie Queen Chloe Sevigny, she who is so cool that she’s designing her own clothes thus chaining collections for Opening Ceremony season after season.

Clearly her style&panache target a special segment of the fashion population formerly known as hipsters who are highly mindful about what&where they’re shopping and less careful about how they’re wearing it. The proof below with Chloe Sevigny who was recently seen out and about in a casual denim on denim look finished with a pair of Opening Ceremony white Grunge Oxfords (priced at $390) worn with white socks.

After the jump, you’ll see a casual outfit inspired by Chloe Sevigny that you can either finish in fancy oxfords like miss fashionista here or in flatform sneakers. Your choice!

Chloe Sevigny casual denim look white shoes

If you’re willing to experiment, the sneakers go very well with this denim on denim outfit while the Oxfords make it classy and surprisingly trendy. Since Chloe’s jacket doesn’t hint as at what top she’s wearing underneath, we can either assume that she’s not wearing any or that we’re free to choose whatever top suits our fancy. Given that cropped tops are the fashion lately, I took the liberty of choosing a cropped white bralette to match the ensemble.

Chloe Sevigny shoes Opening Ceremony Grunge Oxfords

How do you like this denim on denim avant-garde fashion outfit? (images courtesy FameFlynet, more outfit inspiration on StyleFrizz Polyvore page here)

casual denim outfit inspired by Chloe Sevigny

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