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Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vogue US May 2010

I’ve been waiting for a better quality image (an unofficial, low quality capture was already circulating for over a week now) to judge freely on May 2010 Vogue’s cover.

Sarah Jessica Parker is the star of this month’s cover. Good or bad? Good – after all, everyone loves Carrie…umm Sarah Jessica Parker. Bad – it’s a commercial move (SATC 2 is coming up soon) and a highly photoshop-altered one. Not to mention it’s Vogue, the “Bible” of fashion and it’s featuring an actress, not a professional fashion – something? (the story continues right after the jump with more images and a behind-the-scenes video!)

Sarah Jessica Parker Vogue US May 2010 cover

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Gisele Bundchen’s Vogue US April 2010

Curious about what Anna comes up with for Vogue’s next cover, I discovered, much to my surprise, that it was a model! And that’s a noble, yet rare thing to do, Anna!

However, there’s still to debate whether Gisele falls into the models category or is she just being transplanted to the “starland”! Why? All you have to do is read fragments of the web article to see the dream life she’s leading with a perfectly fit athlete and her perfectly harmonious spirit. Gisele Bundchen covers (and so much more) Vogue US April 2010! (the story continues right after the jump with more images! Click here for the gallery!)

Gisele Bundchen Vogue US April 2010 cover

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Vogue US Brings On The Bloggers. March 2010

Bryanboy Magazine modelAfter having seen the windows, now it’ll be in print. Anna’s shooting the notorious bloggers for the upcoming March 2010 Issue: Garance and the Sartorialist, Bryanboy, the Face Hunter, Jak & Jil. They’re all very careful and try to tone down while keeping the secret. Designers don’t like the blogginghood, but Anna Wintour approves! (WWD)


Cate Blanchett Covers Vogue US December 2009. For Real?

Speculations about Cate Blachett doing the December 2009 cover of Vogue US still have us holding our fashbreath and ask. Really, is that it?

Cate Blachett, again, on the cover of Vogue magazine, the US edition, this time it’s the oh-so-special December cover. Supposedly photographed by Annie Leibovitz (is there no stopping her, lately!), Cate’s bronze silhouette looks distantly upon mortals with her superior glaze.Yes, Cate, we’re all experiencing that odd déjà vu feeling… Aren’t we? Regardless of your timeless beauty and ageless figure, I’m living Vanity Fair’s January 2009 all over again! (the story continues right after the jump with more images!) (photo via)

Cate Blanchett cover Vogue US December 2009

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Charlize Theron For Vogue US September 2009

The highly anticipated and speculated Vogue US September Issue (not that September issue!) is officially introduced to the masses! With Charlize Theron on the cover!

Bringing a celeb for a fashion issue cover is sooo Anna! And even if I like Charlize and the Testino photos look beautiful plus the amazing nature landscape from the background, there’s such a Hollywood feeling to this editorial, I can’t convince myself to forgive and forget the non model cover. (the story continues right after the jump with more images and a video)

Charlize Theron Vogue US September 2009 cover

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Daria, The Quick Change Artist From Vogue US May 2009

Daria Werbowy, everybody’s darling model turns into a quick-change artist for a quick David Sims pictorial in May’s issue of Vogue US. It’s supposed to be a models-issue, it would be natural they include every model (and their dogs. They did introduce the boyfriends, so why stop there?) in at least one picture, no matter how tiny (Naomi has a picture! Just ONE!)

Now getting back to Daria, she goes from elegant to sporty, from bride-ish to garçonne, everything in the same photo shoot though the photos may seem worlds apart. (the story continues after the jump, don’t miss the gallery with Daria Werbowy’s pictures from Vogue May 2009)

Daria Werbowy Vogue US May 09

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Steven Meisel, The Godfather From Vogue US May 2009

I told you there was more to come from this models special Vogue US May 2009 issue! It’s a Steven Meisel-issue, Anna’s photographe du moment.

The Godfather, as this Vogue US May 2009 issue calls Steven Meisel chose his absolute favorite models for the cover. But he didn’t pass on the change of having his picture taken with even more gorgeous models. Inside. The Godfather, Steven Meisel, inside. (the story continues right after the jump with more images)

Cover models Meisel Godfather Vogue May 09

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Meet The Models Boyfriends In Vogue US May 2009!

Patrick Demarchelier photographed six models with their boyfriends for the special May models issue of Vogue US. (it has grown into a full-sized obsession, this May issue! at least for me, so expect more of those beautiful pictorials in the following days!)

Doutzen Kroes and Greg Andrews, music producer and D.J also known by the alias Ruckus (also photographed by Lenny Kravitz for Vogue Russia April 2009) is not the only model-musician couple from this issue! (the story continues right after the jump, don’t miss the gallery with all the pictures from this Vogue US pictorial!)

Doutzen Kroes boyfriend Greg Andrews Vogue May09

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