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Kristen Stewart Does Vogue US February 2011

Looking for a way to insure the sales of its magazine, Anna Wintour brought Twilight sensation, serious actress wannabe Kristen Stewart for the Vogue US February 2011 issue.

I’m not certain there’s also a movie release to coincide with this cover, but as far as twiharders go, there’s no need for a special occasion to promote Kristen Stewart or any other twi – related personalities. Photographer: Mario Testino. (no word on the stylist yet). Also – we’ll try to pretend her arm isn’t aching and that this is a fashionable change from the tummy cramp posture. (photo via)

Kristen Stewart Vogue February 2011 cover


Alexander McQueen By Sarah Burton In Vogue US January 2011

There seems to be something interesting outside the celebrity must in the Vogue US January 2011 issue. A special Alexander McQueen feature with the house’s Spring Summer 2011 designs.

Imagined and created by Sarah Burton, the collection was so much in McQueen’s spirit, you’d say it’s almost a reinterpretation of past collections instead of a brand new one. However, looking at Lily Donaldson, Sasha Pivovarova, Caroline Trentini, Mirte Maas, Patricia van der Vliet wearing Sarah’s interpretation of Alexander McQueen doesn’t give me that déjà vu feeling it could, taking the above theory into consideration. No. They all look amazing and earthly beautiful and majestic. At least to me. What say you? (photo via)

Alexander McQueen SS 11 Vogue US January 2011


Natalie Portman’s Vogue US January 2011

Natalie Portman on the cover of Vogue? It’s a wonderful actress, very gifted (besides being really, really pretty) who was lucky enough to try on a vast portfolio of roles. And now she’s taking the Vogue US cover for January 2011 (as photograph by Peter Lindbergh and wearing a J Mendel dress).

I think it hit me why Anna Wintour goes for celebs for her covers. She only picks the celebs of the moment, those who are in high fashion during that print – month. And Natalie Portman owns the spotlight with that Darren Aronofski Black Swan movie! I wonder why they felt the need to plump her lips… Oh well. And what’s with that “Why we get fat” story? Wasn’t Natalie enough to sell the magazine? They had to go for such a cheesy cover line? (photo via)

Natalie Portman Vogue US January 2011 cover


Angelina Jolie’s Vogue US December 2010

Now let’s see – why would Angelina Jolie, the Saint, be on Vogue’s US December 2010 cover? Because of The Tourist, biensur!(her next movie, coming up in less than a month) And because, honestly, she could use some good press for her ongoing directorial project (her debut as a director is a particularly tricky one since it involves a Bosnian war love story).

I guess, however, that just like I love a good Converse pair, I’ll always love Angelina Jolie. So I’m helplessly positive about this cover and the associated pictorial. She’s looking like a lady, that’s something new for Angelina (and for us), she’s been photographed to look like a lady (maybe because she has to fit the marketing schemes for The Tourist?) by Mario Testino and she’s been interviewed to sound like a mom.

Angelina Jolie Vogue US December 2010 cover

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Anne Hathaway’s Vogue US November 2010

Anyone still doubts the indestructible powers of the “nation’s sweetheart” on a magazine cover? Especially if it was all orchestrated by Anna Wintour? Anne Hathaway does the November 2010 one of the one and only Vogue US as photographed by Mario Testino.

Sure, there’s a new movie premiere with Anne Hathaway so that and the cover makes it a double victory for her and a comprehensible marketing move for Anna Wintour. Is there really something else to say about the cover? She’s wearing Oscar de la Renta, she’s smiling, she was photographed by Testino. Flaws? Not many. Is it the ideal Vogue cover? No, by far. We’re just settled with what Anna’s feeding us with. Fashion, by Anna: non fat, non extra nothing cocktail of celeb and consecrated designers with a pinch of vintage class and glamour served chilled. A certified American success recipe, eh? (do click through, the best is yet to come! click here for the gallery!) (Vogue via)

Anne Hathaway Vogue US November 2010 cover

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Carey Mulligan Covers Vogue US October 2010

Now I couldn’t have brought you Vogue UK’s Cheryl Cole outrageousness without mentioning Carey Mulligan’s Vogue US October 2010, could I? The two main Vogue editions come out as disappointing for the October 2010 issues. At least in my books.

Two non-fashion ladies (Cheryl Cole and Carey Mulligan both have out – fashion careers and are in no official way related to any fash subjects) deserved a fashion magazine cover for reasons only known by the respective editors in chiefs. Well, maybe Carey has a movie coming up, but I still don’t see why the amazing Grace Coddington styled such a strange looking Lindbergh photographed pictorial.

I would normally like Carey’s fresh short hair and witty face, however, doesn’t oddly look so much older? (click through to see more images and a behind the scenes video; click here for the gallery!) Too bad for the splendid couture dresses! (Vogue via)

Carey Mulligan Vogue US October 2010 cover

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Kate Moss Vogue Paris Vs Lara Stone Vogue US September 2010

How can that be? Lara Stone not making it into the pages of Vogue Paris for the September 2010 issue? Lara, Carine’s weakness? Well, I tell you how: she made it into the pages of Vogue US September 2010, that’s why! Lara finally nailed it and got Anna Wintour’s attention!

Now about Kate Moss and her Vogue Paris: she’s looking odd, tired and un-fresh. Too bad for the Inez and Vinoodh shooting, I really love their photographic outcome, usually. This time, however, it’s dull and dusty. Let’s hit the jump and judge together! (click here for the gallery!)

Lara Stone Vogue US September 2010

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Marion Cotillard Vogue US July 2010

Marion Cotillard is on the cover of Vogue (US) July 2010. And she looks great while doing it. Despite her computer enhanced blue eyes.

I have no idea if she’s here because she’s got a new movie coming up, I simply like her beyond that vile marketing maneuver. Her Testino photographed pictorial is getting to me regardless of the new trends and fashion. Lady Marion has a time of her own: the time of Divas. How do you like her Vogue? (you can read her interview here, more images right after the jump, click here for the gallery and don’t miss the video, after the images!)

Marion Cotillard Vogue US July 2010 cover

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