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Kim Kardashian Dresses, Vogue US April 2014 Most Controversial Issue

Let’s talk about this month’s most discussed-about Vogue magazine cover and associated pictorial. Because everyone is alarmed about it and because for some it may just be the last American Vogue they ever acquired.

Annie Leibovitz photographed the couple (and, literally, her mother) in their luxurious home, in Paris or in a private jet but the truth is plain and simple for all fashion passionate out there: wherever they may be, whoever may take their picture, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West won’t overcome the gossip aura that’s surrounding them.

Kim Kardashian Vogue cover dress Lanvin

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8 Classic Artworks Recreated By Jessica Chastain In Vogue US December 2013

Did you miss Jessica Chastain? Were you expecting her to land a Vogue cover any time soon? Well, here she is! Looking back at us from a very artistically photographed Vogue December 2013 cover!

Annie Leibovitz authored this stunning pictorial and, of course, Grace Coddington styled it. The wonderful makeup job belongs to Diane Kendall while the hair was shaped by – who else? – Julien D’Ys.

I mentioned something about fashion as an art, yesterday, when I talked about Claire Danes and her Interview. How about fashion in art? Reenacting classic art with a little help from the beautiful Jessica Chastain and the Vogue US team? Click through to see 9 classic paintings and photographs that were the source of inspiration for the American Vogue’s December 2013 cover story pictorial!

Jessica Chastain yellow dress Vogue US December 13 cover

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Vogue UK, Vogue US Focus On Hollywood For Their Fall 2013 Issues

Whether you’re a Homeland fan or rooting for Alfonso Cuaron’s latest project, Gravity, Vogue has it covered for you: the UK and US Vogue issues for November 2013 and October 2013 respectively are both built around a Hollywood movie star. What more reason do you need to turn your life from immediate reality to screen-fiction?

I am huge admirer of both actresses and while Homeland is one of my tv fixtures, I will definitely go watch Gravity now, knowing much more about it (without being a spoiler, I watched the movie trailer’s beginning and at 3 the seconds mark I was convinced it was just another ‘Solaris’ . Granted, George Clooney starring in Gravity was a big part of my ‘Solaris’ reasoning. ). But what I enjoy more, beyond the fashion of it – which is a bit irrelevant since both ladies are more famous for their acting career than their fashion value – is the return of the action hero au feminin. Lady she-roes – we needed that!

Sandra Bullock Vogue US Claire Danes Vogue UK similar covers

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Annie Leibovitz Photographed Katy Perry For Vogue US July 2013

Katy Perry, post divorce, is going through some kind of rebranding. Part of which, make no mistake, is this Vogue US July 2013 cover. In an on and off relationship with John Mayer, Katy Perry is going for a ‘fresh, romantic look’ as the cover title announces it.

Annie Leibovitz, as always, performs her epic photographic magic on Katy and, although to my eyes, her face looks half-sleepy, half-medicated, I’m certain that fashion amateurs and pop music fans alike will see some kind of Snow White beauty in this image. I like the overall composition of the cover, it’s clearly far from being the fashion/model cover work we’ve been expecting from an edition of Vogue magazine, but being lead by the steady celeb-hand of the one and only Anna Wintour, we can surely understand and accept this Vogue too. It’s not bad, it’s just playing it all on the fame capital of the cover personality.

Katy Perry romantic cover Vogue US July 2013


World’s Hottest Supermodel According To Vogue US June 2013: Kate Upton

That’s disputable, honestly. But if a fashion entity such as Vogue is claiming that not only they found the hottest model on Earth, but that she’s really the antithesis of everything and anything a model represented in our eyes previous to this cover! Kate Upton is clearly not your average girl-model. But then again, why should she be? We’re all different and diversity makes beauty.

Let’s dig deeper, though. What makes Kate Upton so different, so desirable and so ‘hot’ as to bring her on June’s cover of Vogue US as photographed by Testino before many girls/women whose curriculum goes way back in fashion and media in general? Could it be because her birthday is coming up, on June 10th? Nah, I have my birthday coming up in June and nobody asked me to be in Vogue! (modest much? wink) So: back to square one. Why Kate Upton? Why is she the American Dream Girl?

Kate Upton Vogue June 2013 cover

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Daisy Buchanan (Carey Mulligan) Bringing Gatsby In Vogue US May 2013

I really wanted to talk about the May 2013 issue of Vogue Paris before I struck the Gatsby chord in Vogue US May 2013. Because Baz Luhrmann’s outstanding cinematography brings Gatsby back on our big screens. And Cannes is where they’ll show it for the very first time, in a month from now.

Everybody is putting it all in this new mega Hollywood production, like the magic and the sparkle of Gatsby’s extravaganza will breathe new life and glamour into anything and everything. With a soundtrack produced by Jay Z and Leonardo diCaprio as the male leading star, Miuccia Prada costumes, a year long of postproduction and montage, the new Great Gatsby is full of promises.

And so is Carey Mulligan, the new Vogue US cover darling as photographed by Mario Testino: with every new movie, Carey delivers more and more from what seems to be an endless repertoire. She’s like a very gifted chameleon who just turned into a daisy. Into the Daisy! Daisy Buchanan, my dahlings, looking back at you from the newsstands!

Gatsby s Daisy Carey Mulligan Vogue May 2013 cover

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Vogue US Michelle Obama April 2013 Cover. Reality Vs Fashion

Michelle Obama. Covering Vogue USApril 2013 issue! An event in itself, without being fashion-related or style-imposed. It’s a fact. A reality. Thankfully!

I was really surprised to see, though, that it wasn’t a well-received cover. That the fash-population is judgmental. Everything pledges against The First Lady, should she stand on fashion-trial: the style jury is looking away in a profound and unanimous yawn. I’m flabbergasted. Appalled. And, finally, resigned. It’s a mom-thing! Do you know that one of the reasons why this cover look was deemed unworthy of fashion praise was Michelle Obama’s mom hair?

Michelle Obama Vogue US cover April 2013

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Elle Fanning Is Radiant In Vogue US March 2013

Two reasons pointed me towards this story and only one of them is the positive aesthetic of the overall pictorial. I will, however, talk briefly about the facts and the wonders of the Radiant Day story before anything else.

Impeccably photographed by the legendary Norman Jean Roy, Elle Fanning looks amazing in this two – pages spread from the March 2013 issue of Vogue US. Styled by Lawren Howell with hair by Holli Smith, makeup by Ozzy Salvatierra and nails by Emi Kudo, Elle’s look is a perfect balance between dream and reality. And rightfully so since she’s starring as Maleficent’s Princess Aurora: who would ever imagine a rock’n’roll Aurora?

Elle Fanning Vogue US March 2013 in Valentino dress

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