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Ralph Lauren $19,000 Ricky Bag

So I wake up this morning, calmly eat my breakfast and read my emails, the dream I had last night still haunts me but I’m sending it away and then I come across this article.

Ralph Lauren issued a $19, 000 Handbag. Eyebrows high up, I’m looking again at the title and ask myself why it’s so shocking. Then it hit me – last night I dreamed how I found my car all banged up in the parking space. So in my dream, thinking that I should just change it (especially to get a bigger one for the kids), I stuck the idea in my head and still found it there after waking up.

Ralph Lauren Ricky Bag

Now reading that a handbag actually can cost as much as another car, I can’t help myself but wondering what income does she has, the girl who spends $20,000 over a handbag?

Looking at this Ralph Lauren bag and reading it’s made of goatskin and this “exclusive” Grey Anthracite one is available at Harrods, I draw the following conclusions – goats are very expensive. Especially the Grey ones (they must be rare!) and they only come in awful designs for outrageously high prices.

Tell me – is this bag rightfully costing $19,000?
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Temperley Rides the Babyboom Wave

One of my favorites designers, Alice Temperley ( I’m a convinced dress-girl!) has just announced her pregnancy.

You already know that baby bump is the hottest trend around, so I warmly wish the fresh mother-to-be the best of luck and a very inspiring pregnancy! It seems she wanted this for a long time now “I’ve been begging Lars for years so I am delighted.”.

Alice Temperley Picture

Since when one has to get approval for a pregnancy, it completely eludes me! However, she’s reportedly just passed her first trimester and feeling active (still! Until her due term in September she has all the time in the world to get used to it and feel overwhelmed by her pregnancy).

After watching Stella McCartney’s pregnancy in plain season, I’m not surprised with anything! Well done, girls!

You show them how babies are done in hard work and dedication!

Did you have an active pregnancy?

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No Gisele Bundchen Collection for Dolce and Gabbana

There is still hope! The rumors about a possible fashion collaboration between Gisele Bundchen and D & G, other than her catwalk-ing for them are completely untrue.

She issued a statement expressing her joy at the thought of a launching party for her collection at Dolce and Gabbana even if there was no collection to celebrate:
“I have been so grateful to participate in their campaigns and runway shows and look forward to a continued relationship with them in this capacity.”

Gisele Bundchen Ipanema Ad
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Yves-Saint Laurent Manifesto Spring-Summer 2008 with Kate Moss

When initiating a move, you’re forced to follow. Everyone’s waiting for your next step, everyone has the highest expectations.

Word of YSL Manifesto circulates for over few weeks now. Well here is the teaser, a so-called “making of” or “behind the scenes” of the Manifesto (along with pictures from the actual YSL Manifesto) that was distributed in selected locations.

What is YSL Manifesto, after all? It’s a booklet signed Stefano Pilati, first created in the fall-winter 07-08 campaign (and featuring Gisele Bundchen) and distributed during Fashion Week. Now we’re talking about 24 pages (printed on recycled paper) of campaign shot by Ines van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin featuring Kate Moss.

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Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell Mentors for the New Models Generation

Supermodels era is long gone. The good old times when Cindy, Christy, Linda, Naomi, Tatjana, rocked the runways. Now it’s a fashion industry spawning hundred of new faces per season.

Good or bad it’s for those who have the time to judge. Since we live at light speed, we only have a moment to see the fresh faces and pass on to the next show.

Harold Tillman, chairman of the British Fashion CouncilThe British Fashion Council, however, took things to the next level, stating via its chairman, Harold Tillman: “These are women that younger models admire. We should get these original supermodels on board and get them more involved. Many girls are looking after themselves but there is unfortunately a minority that isn’t. We need the rest of Europe and the rest of the world on board.”

Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Tatjana Patitz, Christy Turlington, Naomi Campbell

Without starting a rhetorical debate on model’s health (or related topics) I wonder why in the world we complain so much and don’t do something about education? It’s clearly there that all starts. Not on the runway, not with every passing fashion season. Girls don’t need a commission over their heads, or the public opinion putting the finger on them. They need good education.

Role models that run their life just like every other human being does and make mistakes like every one of us don’t make much of an education (or maybe it’s each her specialty – like Naomi is in abusive conduct).

What do you think? Is the British Fashion Council’s initiative to board the world on a hunting party against all evil on the runway bliss from heaven? Or it’s just another move to paint the surface and keep the roots rotten?