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Kate Moss Vogue Paris April 2013 Testino Pictorial: Cover Material

Remember we discussed Vogue Paris April 2013 and more specifically the wasted potential of what could’ve been a glorious cover&cover story: Isabeli Fontana photographed by Mario Testino in an issue about Peru and its wonders.

At the time, we also found out that Kate Moss was in the said issue, also photographed by Mario Testino, also highlighting the Peruvian treasures. I was so curious to see the inside goodies so when I finally got around to peak at the pictorials previews, I was stunned: Kate Moss is definitely cover-material. The only reason I can accept her not being on the cover of this issue is that the highly esteemed fashion people want to see ‘change’ at all costs, even if it means unconvincing covers like Isabeli’s here.

Kate Moss Vogue Paris April 2013 by Testino

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Sofia Vergara, Unrecognizable In Vogue’s Shape Issue

Sofia Vergara is one of my favorite actresses right now. She’s so funny, energetic and positive, I really like her vibe. I think she’s a valuable example and a plausible role model for both young and adult women all around the world.

Being featured in Vogue’s April 2013 issue, also dubbed ‘The Shape Issue’ comes as no real surprise – I just wonder what took them that long. What is surprising, though, is that Sofia doesn’t look much like herself in the Mikael Jansson shot. Intentional or not, her picture depicts an existential cliché for generations of Latin women who, beautiful or not, fit or not, would spend many hours of their life in this or that kitchen, dreaming, aspiring but mostly frowning. Like Sofia here.

Sofia Vergara in Vogue April 2013

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Milou Van Groesen Flawless Fashion: Vogue Netherlands April 2013

You asked me what mom-hair was. I thought I’d better show you the mom-hair rather than just talk about it, describing this or that cut. The ‘soccer mom hair’, as it was originally labeled by some hair stylists and compared to the haircut made popular by the entertainment mogul, Martha Stewart.

So when you think (soccer) mom hair, think of a medium haircut, right above the shoulders, layered and usually framing the face, with or without bangs. Straight, wavy or curly, the mom haircut is no more than a comfy haircut.

Low maintenance, chic, flattery and versatile, here’s the mom hair on yet another Vogue cover: Milou Van Groesen in Vogue Netherlands April 2013.

Milou van Groesen covers Vogue Netherlands April 2013

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Eva Mendes New Role In Vogue Eyewear 2013 Ad Campaign

Although I’m really looking forward to the premiere of her upcoming movie ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’, I’ll have to settle for another kind of role Eva Mendes is playing this year: Vogue Eyewear 2013 ambassador!

You may remember that the grand Kate Moss did their campaigns for the last couple of seasons and, although I only think the best of her, a change is more than welcome! Eva Mendes is – undoubtedly – one of the most gifted actors of her generation. Actually, her co – starring with real-life boyfriend Ryan Gosling and Oscar nominated Bradley Cooper in ‘The Place Beyond the Pines’ is what will make that movie so grand: a trio of incredibly talented young actors with such an amazing talent for both drama and comedy!

Eva Mendes Vogue Eyewear 2013

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Isabeli Fontana And Vogue Paris Take You To Peru With Testino, April 2013

Remember how enthusiastic I was about that special issue of Vogue Spain guest – edited by Mario Testino? It was truly a great example of what a fashion magazine can be, in my opinion. From the cover inwards, that was a flawless issue!

As opposed to that, Isabeli Fontana covering the Vogue Paris April 2013 issue, also photographed by Mario Testino and somewhat dedicated to Mario and his native Peru, isn’t all that appealing. But maybe it’s only meant to charm the French fashion eyes and not the outsiders fashion amateurs as it seems to be a very intimate issue in which Testino shares his personal favorite Peruvian spots and hangouts, treasures and hideaways.

Isabeli Fontana Vogue Paris April 2013 Testino cover

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Edie Campbell, The New Twiggy Doing Vogue UK April 2013

Vogue UK released its April 2013 cover for the fashion masses and, much to everyone’s surprise, on the cover is a close up portrait of bluntly hairstyled Edie Campbell. At just 22 years old, Edie is for the first time on the cover of Vogue magazine, an event which she described as ‘ridiculous’.

It’s not every day that you get to be on the cover of Vogue, so I can understand and appreciate the honesty of her reaction. But! She’s not the only one who finds this cover – although a step in the right direction – uninspired and unappealing. Edie Campbell was styled to look like 60s icon, Twiggy. Is there no other way to introduce a new face but by making it look like an icon of decades past?

Edie Campbell the new Twiggy Vogue UK April 2013

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Rosie Huntington Whiteley Vogue Spain March 2013, Loves Cher Coulter AG Jeans

Vogue Spain celebrates 25 years and as a special anniversary cover, they brought in one of the most sought – after models of seasons past: Rosie Huntington – Whiteley. And since the London Fashion Week just started today, talking about a British model is one of the most appropriate topics. Except the actual LFW shows, that is!

A very blond, wavy hair, pouty Rosie lovingly looking back at us from the Vogue Espana March 2013 cover was first released as a Valentine’s Day treat by the Vogue Spain’s editor, Yolanda Sacristan.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley Vogue Spain March 2013 cover

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Vogue Equality: Joan Smalls, Raquel Zimmermann Kiss And Make Out

Now that’s something you don’t get to see in every Vogue edition! It actually went further than Vogue Paris on some accounts! If we only consider the fact alone that France is struggling to pass the law of marriage equality, seeing Joan Smalls and Raquel Zimmermann kiss and make out in Vogue US’ latest issue is nothing short of sheer revolution!

Luckily, the fashion crowds know better than to take the streets and protest like some French people do.

The pictorial is called ‘To Rome with Love’, it was masterfully executed by Mario Testino and styled by Tonne Goodman with hair by Christiaan and makeup by Tom Pecheux.

Joan Smalls Raquel Zimmermann kiss make out Vogue

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