Steven Meisel, The Godfather From Vogue US May 2009

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I told you there was more to come from this models special Vogue US May 2009 issue! It’s a Steven Meisel-issue, Anna’s photographe du moment.

The Godfather, as this Vogue US May 2009 issue calls Steven Meisel chose his absolute favorite models for the cover. But he didn’t pass on the change of having his picture taken with even more gorgeous models. Inside. The Godfather, Steven Meisel, inside. (the story continues right after the jump with more images)

Cover models Meisel Godfather Vogue May 09

Besides re-loading the cover styling, as scary and spartan as it gets, there’s just one more picture to this Godfather story. And who do we have in the big picture? Past and future, supers and present glories of the worldwide modelling. But why, oh why is Amber resting her hand on Steven Meisel’s head? (photos via tfs)

Models Meisel Godfather Vogue May 09

Models Meisel Godfather Vogue May 09 clippings


#1 Arnoldo Valerio on 04.16.09 at 12:28 pm

Yes he’s a Godfather not only to Vogue US but also to Vogue Italy, I only dont understand why is Agyness Deyn in the overall pic, he put this overrated model on the same level as Amber Valetta, Jessica Stam, Gisele Bundchen and Christy Turlington etc. That’s a thing I’m shocked about, the choice of Karen Elson as an English lady/model is understandeble, despite the fact that she isn’t modeling very often anymore. But to choose Agyness or better said Peter Pan for this shooting is really a disappointing thing. As long as Anna W. is happy with it I also have to be happy with the choice the master made.

#2 Ellington on 04.17.09 at 10:05 am

Just another reason to get this May issue!

#3 Adriana on 04.17.09 at 2:01 pm

Yes this US May issue is really great for a change.

#4 Trey on 04.18.09 at 5:11 pm

and why did they forget about kate moss? maybe she is overrated. but come on, agyness?

#5 Maria on 05.25.09 at 3:32 pm

I think Agyness is WAY better than Amber or Christy, but Meisel’s all time favorite model was the GORGEOUS Shana Zadrick. Where’s she?

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