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Gisele Bundchen’s Cosmo Australia January 2012 Cover Is Vogue’s April 2010 Cover

I have to end this Cosmo story once and for all! You know we talked about Carey Mulligan’s photos being on multiple magazines covers? Same goes for Gisele Bundchen’s Cosmopolitan Australia, the January 2012 issue.

Aren’t you having a big case of déjà vu? It’s because it’s the same picture as the one published on the cover of Vogue, the famous April 2010 issue, Gisele’s first cover after giving birth, in the mirror. Minus the background. And no, Cosmopolitan is not Conde Nast. It’s Hearst. And yes, editors do lack imagination. And funds. Will Cosmo’s regular buyers notice the picture? I doubt it. Gisele’s selling power is more important than who was first to publish this picture! And… it’s Cosmopolitan after all, people are used to seeing poor covers.

Gisele Bundchen identical magazine covers


Babies And Dogs Take Fashion Magazine December Covers. Vogue Spain Vs. Tatler Russia

As you well know me by now, I’m forever enchanted when it comes to wee babies. That’s the mother speaking in me. However, when it comes to highlighting babies for fashion purposes, you won’t see me jumping up and down with excitement!

When he’ll grow up, a wee one will get the chance to say he / she was on the cover of Vogue. (this reminds me of Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs – anyone experiencing the same déjà vu, in the very spirit of the baby Brent, the famous Sardines Baby). Well, at least part of him / her was distinctively visible on a Vogue cover! Ahem. Let’s fash-focus now: Dree Hemingway is holding a clothesless baby in her arms on the cover of Vogue Spain December 2011. How …. Fashionable is that? (oh, and allow me to introduce the contender cover: Monica Bellucci with a Dalmatian puppy in her arms on the cover of Tatler Russia December 2011).

Vogue Tatler December 2011 covers Dree Hemingway Monica Belluci

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Arizona Muse’s Vogue Paris November 2011

This is a beautiful cover! However, I cannot attribute its beauty to any particular styling or photographic maneuver. It’s all Arizona and her gorgeous smile (and you know how I love a smiling face)! Being one of the best models of the moment is completely understandable; Arizona Muse has that natural, healthy beauty we’d love to see more around. On the catwalk, in fashion magazines.

Photographed by Inez and Vinoodh, and, most certainly styled by Emmanuelle Alt, Arizona Muse’s 80s inspired look is lovely without referencing a particular season or weather. Does this cover smell like autumn to you? (we’ll soon have the chance to admire pictures from the inside pictorial also, hopefully it won’t disappoint the great cover)

Arizona Muse Vogue Paris November 2011 cover


Natasha Poly’s Vogue Russia September 2011

Over photoshopping and dubious styling must be the new it in Russia. From Heidi Klum’s HB to Natasha Poly’s Vogue Russia September 2011, awkward defines the Russian September magazines.

Can you actually believe that Hedi Slimane is the photographer? Natasha looks beautiful, true, unrecognizable (I thought it was Kate Moss in some of the images, not Natasha – check out the images after the jump) and unnatural. It’s a cover you will most certainly notice on the newsstand, so you may say that photoshop or not, Hedi Slimane’s magic has worked again! (photo via)

Natasha Poly Vogue Russia September 2011 cover

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Get Your Gucci Fix With Vogue China August 2011

I’ll start with a question: why do I always pick up my Vogue with no additional designer goodie inside other than the usual ad campaign inlays? Look at this wonderful edition of Vogue China August 2011 with a special freebie: A Gucci paper folder!

It’s not much, you’ll say. I’m well aware of that myself, however, it’s something you’re not used to find in a regular issue of a fashion magazine. Is it? It comes in either beige or black, with the GC monogram all over plus a special encryption mentioning the 90th anniversary of Gucci. Fancy, huh? What was your most special freebie up until now? I’ll start – I got a special key holder charm in the shape of a mariniere t-shirt, signed by Jean Paul Gaultier (with a French fashion magazine, eons ago). Loved it! (via)

Gucci Free Paper Fold brown

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Katie Holmes Does Vogue Spain August 2011

With rumors about Victoria Beckham (who, mind you, recently gave birth to her baby girl, Harper Seven) covering the upcoming issue of Elle magazine, it doesn’t surprise me the least to find Victoria’s frenemy, Katie Holmes, on the cover of Vogue Espana August 2011.

Vogue Spain but Vogue nonetheless. And not a reprint. She’s looking pretty as usual, for we all know and agree upon the fact that Katie Holmes has very beautiful physical features. What Vogue Spain promises on the very cover, is that they will deliver a Katie Holmes like we’ve never seen her before. Too bad their website doesn’t function when it comes to accessing the August cover story. There’s just the cover preview available and indeed, Katie looks different. Fetish – different. Doesn’t she?

UPDATE: Katie Holmes’ Vogue pictorial shot by Tom Munro is now available and you can find it after the jump – click here for the gallery! (Vogue via)

Katie Holmes Vogue Spain August 2011 Tom Munro cover

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Claudia Schiffer’s Vogue Germany August 2011

How amazing does Claudia Schiffer look on the cover of the new Vogue Germany August 2011! She’s flawless comme d’habitude, not a single hair out of place, not a single mismatched color or expression!

It’s an entire issue dedicated to German fashion so I suppose the photographer is also German. Will wait and see. Which August Vogue you like best? SJP’s Vogue US? Lara’s Vogue Paris or this one? (Vogue via)

Claudia Schiffer Vogue Germany August 11


Emma Watson’s Bottega Veneta Bronze Dress Is A SJP Vogue Must

As more pictures from Sarah Jessica Parker’s Vogue August 2011 feature emerge, I find myself both alarmed and amazed. I’ll start with explaining the latter which comes in the form of a dress.

A very special dress, as it cannot be pulled off decently but by a handful of people. Around the world. I do not count Emma Watson (as proved by her Harry Potter premiere moment) or Sarah Jessica Parker among them. However, as I suspect the Vogue people hired an interior decorator to work hard on their August SJP feature, they might have considered his / her advices for fashion styling also. There’s no way Sarah Jessica Parker would have look good in that Bottega Veneta bronze dress unless looked at from above, don’t you agree? (via)

bronze Bottega Veneta dress Emma Watson Sarah Jessica Parker

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