New Red Carpet Sensation: Cleavage Is The New Black

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7 fabulous ladies will show you how to put your cleavage in the spotlight for the new season! Summer endless tanned pins are no longer a show off on the Red Carpet. Dramatic décolletés have claimed the main spotlight as we’re approaching the Holiday Season.

Over the past couple of weeks I noticed a few daring ladies who illustrated the above while attending official events all around the world. Let’s get inspired from:

Anna Faris was edgy yet very demure in her white Herve Leger by Max Azria dress. She chose to highlight her cleavage through the fishnet panels of her bodyglove dress. Very chic, yet only suitable for perfect bodies as the stretchy white fabric is utterly unforgiving with one’s silhouette!

Anna Faris white dress Herve Leger Max Azria

Victoria Beckham attended the Harper’s Bazaar Women of the Year Awards with her son, Romeo (when did that happen? Romeo looks sooo grownup!) and so she chose a very subtle, elegant yet fancy black dress with spaghetti straps and a subtle cut underlining her cleavage (from -what else- her own collection). It’s the perfect example of safe edginess and controlled trendiness I’ve come across in a long time!

Victoria Beckham black maxidress Victoria Beckham

Stacy Keibler tries to convince us that white can be possible even after Labor Day. Unlike Anna Faris, she opted for a long white dress from Kaufman Franco. The kriss-krossed cleavage panels look rather awkward as you can easily mistake them with a pair of very wide suspenders worn crosswise, strangely cutting the breasts while the wrap skirt of the dress unfolds weirdly at the hem. But Stacy is wrestling (pun intended) against all that with her gorgeous smile and her phenomenal physical shape!

Stacy Keibler white dress Kaufman Franco

Jamie Alexander, although dressed from her thumbs down to her toes manages to be the least covered from all of our cleavage ladies. And the least tasteful in my opinion. She took the see-trough trend a leg too far and she pulled a Gwinnie front to back. Remember when Gwyneth Paltrow famously attended the Iron Man 3 premiere in a very photographed dress with panels held together by transparent side panels? Well, Jamie Alexander took that dress into the Dark World (as she was walking Thor’s Dark World premiere Red Carpet) and came out significantly less covered.

A pretty daring experience in itself, this black Azzaro Couture dress!

Jamie Alexander black see through Azzaro Couture black dress

Amber Valletta chose a very balanced Gucci ensemble only a model like her could’ve pulled off decently. The metallic pants continued upwards with what could’ve been the leftovers of a sweater who fell into the devilish paws of a dozen kittens eager to play.

Amber Valletta Gucci suit

Naomie Harris, also in Gucci, highlighted the sporty side of the fall fashion, like a real Bond Girl. Although wearing a significant cleavage, the spotlight is generously stolen by the silky print of her jumpsuit. Very eighties, Naomie!

Naomie Harris Gucci printed jumpsuit

Gisele Bundchen is the un-crowned queen of cleavage this time. As it should. Back in fashion and on the Red Carpet, the Brazilian stunner is teaching us how cleavage is done with her Atelier Versace dress while attending a WSJ Magazine event. The dress itself was a clearly a custom-made variation of the Atelier Versace outfit from WSJ November 2013 cover where she was photographed with the French electroduo Daft Punk.

Gisele Bundchen Versace custom made dress WSJ event

Luckily I have the cleavage issue to cover (wink) so I won’t start picking on that WSJ cover and its many wrongdoings! Bottom line, ladies: concentrate on the top of your outfits for the time being. It just seems like the fashionable way to do. (images courtesy getty, styledotcom)

Gisele Bundchen cleavage gorgeous WSJ event

Gisele Bundchen Daft Punk WSJ cover outfit

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