25 Great Thanksgiving Nails Ideas!

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Do you have plans for Thanksgiving this year? Family feasts all the way, huh? How about your outfit: anything particular in mind for the occasion? I’m taking upon myself to inspire your nails for Thanksgiving!

With not one but 25 Thanksgiving manicure ideas to pick from. You’ve got turkeys, you’ve got glitter and shimmer, you’ve got feathers, you’ve got feasts and leaves, skittles and marbled, I’m sure you’ll find some useful ideas to paint on your nails for Thanksgiving!

An essentially fall festive day, the Thanksgiving tradition goes well beyond the borders of the United States of America (they celebrate Thanksgiving in Japan, did you know that?) or Canada. Slightly different dates (for instance, they celebrated Thanksgiving on October 14th in Canada this year) but still revolving around the same idea of giving thanks for the year’s fall harvest.

You’ll notice a great deal of Turkey manis as Turkey is the main dish of the traditional (American) Thanksgiving dinner. At such point that Thanksgiving is sometimes called ‘Turkey Day’, so let’s get inspired!

Thanksgiving nails yellow red orange turkey

Traditional colored Turkey Thanksgiving nails with or without feathers make for some funny manicures. Whether on just one nail (commonly referred to as ‘accent nail’) or on all 5/10, the turkey looks fairly funny and joyful. I’m guessing that’s the one turkey that’s getting the Presidential Pardon, all the others would only leave their feathers behind and not a jolly face…

Thanksgiving nails Thanksgiving dinner

Thanksgivin nails Turkey thumbs

Thanksgiving nails Turkey gold glitter

Thanksgiving nails Turkey fall colored feathers

Thanksgiving nails Turkey colorful feathers

Thanksgiving nails Turkey

Thanksgiving nails striped french turkey accent

Thanksgiving nails French pumpkin turkey accents

Thanksgiving nails cute turkey fall leaves

Thanksgiving nails colorful turkey accents

Thanksgiving nails Turkey feathers freehand

Thanksgiving French nails Turkey fall trees

Thanksgiving nails turkey fall colors

As far as the non Turkey Thanksgiving nails go, the specifics of these manicures reside in the colors palette used: orange, brown, black, yellow and a little gold here and there. A lot of creative freedom only bordered by one’s imagination. As demonstrated by the handful of manicures I gathered for the occasion, stripes and dots, graphic motifs and wavy strokes, it’s all permitted as long as the fall colors code is followed strictly.

Thanksgiving fall colors accent black nails

Thanksgiving fall colors skittles nails

Thanksgiving nails diagonal stripes fall colors

Thanksgiving nails graphic fall colors

Thanksgiving nails Harlequin fall colors

Thanksgiving nails orange brown holo stamped

Thanksgiving yellow dotted fall nails

You can always spice things up with a teeny teensy bit of glitter (glitter nails always make my day, be it rain or snow, spring or fall)!

Thanksgiving French glitter nails

Thanksgiving nails orange yellow glitter

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! May your nails be glittery and bright and may all your dinners be jolly and fraught!
(the images included in this story were carefully handpicked from pinterest and these are all the sources I could scoop out so far, in order of appearance: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15)

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