5 Nails Essential Kits From The New Black With Demi Lovato

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Do you count Demi Lovato between your go-to-references when it comes to fashion and style? Since she took the X Factor judge position, Demi Lovato has grown into our hearts and now she’s slowly sneaking into our beauty case.

Through her 20 Million Twitter followers (Mother of All Tweets! 20 Million!), Demi has made her nails famous by tweeting off her new fancy manicures during the taping of the TV shows. Naturally, from wearing nail polish, the next logical step is creating nail polish. Well, sort of.

The New Black and Demi Lovato partnered for a special edition of essentially fashionable nail polish kits. Curious? Hit the jump to get inspired!

Demi Lovato manicure nail polish The New Black

Stephanie Stone is responsible for Demi’s nails but while she has the help of a professional, Demi thought of us nail amateurs at home and she concocted a few kits of carefully matched nail polishes ready to deliver straight to hipster manicure heaven!

Demi Lovato The New Black nail polish sets

Packed with just the right set of nails appliqués, The New Black’s kits with Demi Lovato can help deepen your love for fancy manicures through the available sets of either 5 or 3 items.

Demi Lovato The New Black nail polish glam set

Nail polish and appliqués alike are now available for purchase ($22 for the 5-piece-sets and $14 for the 3-piece-sets) and ready to adapt to your nails personality. For those concerned with the content of the wee bottles, The New Black formulas are free of toluene, DBP (dibutyl phtalate), camphor and formaldehyde. They weren’t tested on animals and rumor has it that they’re long lasting as well (I haven’t tried them personally).

Demi Lovato The New Black purple nail polish set

Demi Lovato herself was really happy with the results of this collaboration as she’s seeing statement nails as the trademark of a strong woman. The dark shades make these sets season appropriate regardless of any nails trends currently in place for fall and winter. Adding the sparkling accessories prepare your nails for the upcoming party Holiday season.

Demi Lovato nails black silver stripes

It’s all in the marketing move: if you have the right marketing pitch, it doesn’t even matter what you’re selling, it will be a sellout just because of the pitch in question. The New Black is a young company betting it all on the ‘free-of’ contents and the mix and match game by not selling individual nail polish bottles but sets of two or more bottles ready to use on each and all of your pretty nails.

Demi Lovato nails foils

For those of us out there who are self proclaimed nail polish addicts, these sets can limit our always vivid polish imagination. But for Demi Lovato fans, these sets can really help them reenact fancy manicures worn by the songbird for her X Factor appearances.

Demi Lovato glamorous nails

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