Dare To Wear Unique Steampunk Jewelry By Pete And Veronica?

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Would you describe yourself as a whimsical person? Would you rather go indie than splurge a month’s salary on the latest Vuitton bag? Gather round, you’re among friends!

These were just two of the questions that popped in my mind because I wanted to talk about something more offbeat and less cliché today. I wanted to ask you the ‘Dare to Wear’ question… Dare to Wear Steampunk jewelry? Because I came across a rather magical collection!

Pete and Veronica’s unique handmade jewelry have a strange appeal to them, a distinct magic and mysticism that’s pertinent to the steampunk jewelry kind.

steampunk zipper butterfly handmade necklace

Hailing back to the Victorian era, in the glory times of Jack the Ripper and the mighty Sherlock Holmes, steampunk has always been a mark of the intricate, the whimsical and the dedicated. Bits and pieces of time united in an industrially mechanic adventure by parts you never saw belonging together before, birthing a tiny scrap of history revisited, a symbol of undying mysticism and love for the unusual.

steampunk zipper necklace pete and veronica

Mother and daughter duo Pete and Veronica (these are actually just fictional names for Kate and her Mom who are really behind the P&V creations) joined their love for crafting and artistically visionary talents and spawned the unusual earrings, necklaces and brooches I came across just the other day.

handmade jewelry creators Pete Veronica

Knotted zippers, hem and beads, they’ve all been given new life as bugs, butterflies, birds and little one-of-a-kind whatnots. Little creatures emerged from the duo’s garden pond straight to the crafting table.

steampunk bracelet Pete and Veronica

Many have discovered the art of the steampunk jewelry and developed a true passion for those tiny works of industrial art, but my eyes flew in the direction of Pete And Veronica jewelry pond as it’s seasonal and feminine but also unique and original.

intricate steampunk bracelet Pete and Veronica

Metal, glass and hemp enchanted into such a surprising poetry of style and fashion, living in a time of their own, above years and ages. So, my friends, the question still lies ahead of you: dare to wear steampunk jewelry of the magical kind, lovingly created by Pete and Veronica? (and sold through their etsy store)

Handmade jewelry bugs Pete and Veronica

Handmade steampunk jewelry Pete and Veronica

knotted zipper bracelet Pete and Veronica

steampunk jewelry turtle necklace

whimsical handmade earrings steampunk Pete and Veronica

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