Red Carpet Nails 2013 AMAs

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Care for some beauty inspiration? Or just admire what out famous love for their nails? Many of you already know I’m really passionate about nails and nail polish, so it was only natural I had an eye out for the lovely manis on the 2013 American Music Awards Red Carpet!

Much like the dresses, the 2013 AMAs nails were all about dark shades. The long or the short version of the nails needed serious dark glam to match the evening’s code. There wasn’t too much nail art to begin with, but I did select a couple of fancy manicures to drool over:

Kesha’s AMAs nails

she had some seriously sparkly digits there! Clearly not her natural nails, Kesha’s stiletto nails had several accent features on her black nails: the square studded line on the little finger nail, the gold shimmer on the index finger and the heavy glitter and rhinestones on the ring finger nail.

During her performance, Kesha switched the black nails with red nails, keeping the sparkling accents.

Kesha nails 2013 AMAs

How to replicate Kesha’s AMAs nails: the easiest would be to just go ahead and buy a set of falsies (on etsy, amazon or specialty stores) with that design and just glue them on your nails whenever you feel like going glam. Both the length and the nail art involved in this manicure are hard to pull off for daily chores and office routines (even if you work in a bar).

Kelly Osbourne’s AMAs nails

she got us used to some fancy nails, lovely Kelly, huh? I think this time, her braided hair was the star, not the nails.. Although they were very fashionable, the stiletto tips French nails worn by Kelly Osbourne have no particular accent, outside the dark tips.

Kelly Osbourne nails 2013 AMAs

How to replicate Kelly Osbourne’s AMAs nails: you need clear nail polish and black nail polish (or the color of your choice) for the tips. If you’re not sure of how steady your hands are, just use (regular scotch) tape and paint a parted French that creates the illusion of a very pointy ‘stiletto’ nail.

Jenna Ushkovitz had a very similar mani at the 2013 AMAs, except her black French tipped nails had the conventional square-oval classic French shape, the only extravagance being the dark color.

Jenna Ushkovitz nails 2013 AMAs

How to replicate Jenna Ushkovitz’s AMAs nails: you need clear polish or French base polish, black polish and a steady hand to paint the ‘smile line’ like for any classic French mani.

Katy Perry’s AMAs nails

just like Kesha, Katy Perry had one set of nails for the Red Carpet arrivals and another for her AMAs Show performance. While the set of dotted falsies she had on the Red Carpet matched her OdlRenta dress, her neutral beige short nails shown for her performance had a special accessory. A chain with stones attached to her pinky finger nail, matching her ear bud.

Katy Perry nails 2013 AMAs

How to replicate Katy Perry’s AMAs nails: just like Kesha’s nails, you can find fake nails to buy in the exact same dotted pattern in black and white and for the show nails you need an equally fake nail with piercing where you can attach any jewelry that flights your fancy, including one of your own earrings.

Grey Nails: both Alicia Silverstone and Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Stone were wearing short, dark grey nails.

Red Carpet nails 2013 AMAs grey nails

Heidi Klum’s gunmetal grey nails looked natural and gorgeous, all simple and healthy. Too bad her Marchesa dress didn’t flatter her that much…

Heidi Klum nails 2013 AMAs

Red Nails: Emma Roberts, Nicole Richie (below, with the fringed clutch) and Daisy Fuentes had short, red nails to match the Red Carpet at the 2013 AMAs.

Red Carpet nails 2013 AMAs red nails

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