3 Ways To Wear Summer Dresses During The Cold Season

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I’m a girly girl. Every now and then. And as such, I’m always unprepared to leave my frilly girly summer dresses behind when the cold season arrives. For those of you who heard me praise summer frilly flowery dresses before, this sure is far from being a surprise: I still wear my summer dresses during the fall and winter cold seasons. Do you?

Some obvious changes to make in your outfits in order to ‘winterize’ are: adding boots to your everyday getup, making thighs and or/leggings a daily outfit routine, matching chunky scarves, mittens, gloves, legwarmers and or/hats to your look.

Beyond the minor personal details described above, here’s my simple 3-way how-to trick summer dresses into fall/winter outfits:

{1} Summer Dress with Leather Jacket

is a classic combo, a celebrity favorite but also a fashion-specialists wardrobe staple. Wearing a very feminine frilly dress (long or short) with a leather jacket is a stylish gesture that strengthens the apparently fragile outfit and shows off your rebel side, your inner punk.

how to wear long summer dress in winter leather jacket

how to wear short summer dress in winter leather jacket

Miranda Kerr knows her stylish leather jacket options

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{2} Summer Dress with Oversized Cardi

is a comfy, cozy outfit that will add a chunky dimension to your otherwise frilly, delicate summer dress. Just be careful about mixing and matching, choose a rather uni-color cardigan over a print dress or a print cardi over a delicate blush dress.

how to wear long summer dress in winter cardi

Anne Hathaway looks lovely with her long oversized cardi and maxi dress

how to wear short summer dress in winter cardi

Taylor Swift is a fan of the cardi&dress combo

{3} Summer Dress with Turtleneck

layering a frilly summer dress over a turtleneck or a long sleeved tshirt makes me feel like a school girl and I’ve always been partial to uniforms, not to mention an avid fan of layering.

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how to wear summer dress in winter layering turtleneck

Claudia Schiffer looks stunning while layering turtleneck and flowery dress

I personally like contrasts and layers and I wanted to share my personal experience with transitional wardrobe pieces. Can’t wait to read you on the matter and find out about your cold months wardrobe routines, tips and tricks and stylish bits of outfit wisdom! (the images included here were picked from the wide and generous alleys of the fashion interwebs and if you know the rightful owners, please let me know, I’d be more than happy to make the proper credit mentions!)


#1 Ellington on 12.14.13 at 2:03 pm

I do like the idea of this, but here in “Canadia” this can be done but with more layers of warmth and style underneath and above! ; )

#2 kpriss on 12.15.13 at 10:14 am

Ah! We should have you guest-post something like that once! I’d love to see your perspective on cold weather fashion and so many other topics I know you know like no other! ;)

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