Anniversary Playmate Kate Moss By Mert And Marcus

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Playboy marks its 60th anniversary with a tasteful cover featuring Kate Moss as photographed by Mert Allas and Marcus Piggot. A duo widely known and appreciated mainly in fashion circles. Not to mention the legendary British Model, Kate Moss, who, although used to posing more or less clothed, is the first time on the cover of the bunny-eared American Magazine for men.

Just as a throwback, below you have Kate’s cover and, at right, Playboy’s first-ever cover, from 1953, with none the other but America’s darling, Marilyn Monroe. Also dressed in black and looking fairly glamorous against a neutral black and white background, Marilyn’s cover is a hard act to follow for Moss.

Playboy magazine 60th anniversary issue cover first cover

But, with a little help from Mert and Marcus and their photo-retouching special ops team, just as involved and as famous in the duo’s photography, Kate Moss looks unbelievably tasteful and youthful. At least for my fashion amateur eyes.

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Thus I politely ask the men who may read these lines: what’s your take on Playmate Kate Moss? We’re so far judging based on a handful of teasing images from the pictorial, not the actual inside official pictorial. Is Moss relevant for the male population? Is it possible that Hugh Hefner, Playboy’s emblematic founder and owner, would want to expand his audience?

Although relatively unknown, this is not Kate Moss’s first appearance in Playboy. Her first happened in May 1997 (when Claudia Schiffer was holding the cover and there was a special ‘Super Models’ pictorial inside where Kate’s picture was actually from a Vivienne Westwood catwalk).

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However, this January/February 2014 issue is the first time Kate will be on the cover, also marking the celebration of Kate’s 40th anniversary (January 16). As a comparison, Cindy Crawford was on the cover of Playboy twice (Naomi Campbell once and Claudia Schiffer twice, just as Stephanie Seymour and many other fashion supermodels you may not have seen as playmates before).

Kate Moss first appearance in Playboy May 1997

Kate Moss first ‘appearance’ in Playboy in a Super Models story inside the May 1997 issue with Claudia Schiffer on the cover

Supermodels Playboy covers Cindy Crawford Naomi Campbell

more Super Models who doubled as Playmates: Cindy Crawford and Naomi Campbell

As the rest of the photos will surface in the next couple of days, I’ll update this story, in the measure of possible and honorable fashion sense. Kate’s level of exposure is of absolute no interest to me as there’s hardly any part left of miss Moss hidden from fashpeople’s eyes. However, I’m avidly curious about the blurred lines between fashion photography and adult photography and why should I protest any further to the sight of models like Emily Ratajkovski who looks more like play-material than model-material.

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